Rajat Khare observes that at this point of time, entrepreneurs have newfound respect for investors

The growth rate of technologies and companies working in various sectors has been great at the moment. This has pulled the investors towards direct funding in various organizations rather than waiting for their listing in the market. Once there was the industrial revolution now it’s the 4th Industrial revolution that has brought AI, IoT, and Deeptech companies into the limelight.

As the international market is growing it brings new possibilities for more investors, they are looking for the right companies to partner with. However, there have been a set number of challenges before moving ahead with any kind of partnership. We need to understand that when working together we need to share a common perspective.

The investor’s key dilemma is the growth of his funds whereas an entrepreneur wants the right implementation of his vision. It is can be observed that the relationship between the two has grown to not limit themselves by a single opinion. What has been the conclusion is that growth in the technology sector has been exponential. Entrepreneurs want their babies to grow rather than just seek valuation in the market.

“Entrepreneurs and investors, both have realized the fact that to move in the right trajectory, one needs to have faith in one another. No business venture can be successful without equal rights or sharing common ideas,” Rajat Khare, CEO of Boundary Holding, a venture capitalist firm based in Luxembourg.

Although the common notion built in the market was that investors only seek their return on investment. This has changed to a large extent after various investors started showing more confidence in the entrepreneurs. As more investors started gaining knowledge of the tech industry they were sure enough that they are moving in the right direction.

AI, deep tech, machine learning, and IoT are the kind of field that requires people to be more aware of the technology. Rajat Khare himself is an engineer and feels that more business organizations working in these sectors need recognition and support and this is not possible without prior knowledge.

The wise person foresees and preempts future actions, whereas the fool responds to events as they happen. Founders need to understand that once they bring in outside funding, they lose all control over strategic choices. It is better to take charge of the strings one does own to prevent becoming driftwood that is tossed by the stronger winds. Are you a pioneer? Then, make an investment in your subject-matter expertise to position yourself as the repository of top knowledge.

People have started to understand that balance needs to be created by either of them thus stronger bonds are created. Sincere businesspeople are aware that when you refuse to compromise the truth, doing business is frequently difficult. Things go wrong, tolerance wanes, and pressure to achieve outcomes increases. To regulate expectations and conflicts with the truth and facts as power weapons, both investors and entrepreneurs need to be more open to new ideas.

There can be multiple reasons for a partnership to fail but being aware of priorities and goals has now led to stronger partnerships. Despite many differences, people are now open to changes with new investments coming into the organizations. Moreover, investors have also shown more confidence in the leadership and the growth path of many founders. Now we can see that the role of the individuals is more defined which has created more clarity between the two.