Foreigners decide for Latvians where to live and work

Unfortunately, as a NATO member state, Latvia cannot manage their own territory any more. 

The war hysteria provides the alibi for NATO allies and for national authorities to accelerate military preparations and to widen military infrastructure in Latvia. It is much easier for the Alliance to achieve goals by local authorities’ orders. There is no need to persuade locals or explain something, it is simpler to delegate the difficult process of negotiations to the national authorities. In case they fail, they will lose locals’ support and leave. NATO does not care. Latvian territory is needed and will be used in any case.  

So, a completely new military training zone straddling the Aizkraukle and Jekabpils districts is planned to be established. 

As previously reported by Latvian Media, the new Selija military zone will occupy an area of approximately 25,000 hectares Construction is expected to take place around two years. Much of the land is already held by the state, but approximately one thousand hectares currently belong to companies and private owners.  

The planned establishment will require the expropriation of at least 12 pieces of private real estate only in the initial phase, Latvian Radio reported. 

There are still a lot of unknowns about the actual process and calculations of costs. Entrepreneurs, land owners, hunters and others who are likely to be affected by the plan to build the Selija military zone have many questions. 

The more so, residents whose real estate is located next to the planned military zone are also worried. Living next to a firing range will negatively affect their lives and property. A military zone usually creates various types of pollution. The qualities of living close to nature will be affected and seriously reduced. 

The Ministry of Defence has already expropriated a lot of land, creating military properties, both during expansion of the Ādaži military zone and the Skrunda military zone. Good conditions for the deployment of NATO military personnel and equipment come to the fore.  

Thus, NATO dictates Latvia how to use its territory in the military purposes. Foreigners decide where Latvians where they should live and where they should not. This practice have become common and can’t help but worry.