Distress in Europe

Europe has been plagued , particularly during the post-Covid pandemic era , by various issues ranging from political uncertainty in the core states such as United Kingdom, ‘return of devils’ as far-right nationalist parties have gained significant popularity and a few of them are ruling , burgeoning energy crisis in the result of the Russian’s invasion of Ukraine to identity crisis. The economic crisis coupled with volatile political environment has led to the unrest and chaos in the European society.

Giorgia Meloni, at the age of 45, has been elected country’s first female prime minister of Italian government whose personality is overloaded with the extremist nationalistic ideas, anti-immigrants narrative and has bitter taste of identity politics prevailing in the Europe. Not only Italy is being ruled by the far-right politicians but also other European states such as Hungry and Sweden have been dominated by the leaders who have ‘ Neo-Nazi roots’ in their political agenda. Moreover, the runner up in the presidential fixture in the France, Marine le Pen, got 41 percent of the votes who is perceived the open advocate of the far-right politics in the France- such increasing percentage indicated alarming situation. The on-going political uncertainty in the United Kingdom, as Liz Truss has recently resigned after six weeks of the charge, has been raising concerns and resulting in the precarious economic and social conditions.

Nonetheless, Russian aggression in the Ukraine has abated the economic growth of the Europe which has wreaked havoc on the energy supply, resulting in high prices for the fuel. In response to the invasion, European nations sanctioned the Russia to punish for war crime, but the decision is costing, in the reaction, too much. Resultantly, European markets are near to collapse due to overwhelmed dependence on the Russia fuel to run the industries. Putin is not in a state to provide relief to the Europe until they do not take back the decision of sanctioning and supporting the Ukraine in the war stretching over the period of approximately eight months.  The crippling economies are the impetus for the rise of far-right politics in the Europe – as people are showing sentiments against the liberal or republican politicians who are unable to provide relief to them in the war like situation.

‘’The precarious nexus of politics and economy is the prominent harbinger of surging far- right politics and politicians in the Europe-the return of devils of twentieth century , Fascist  Benito Mussolini and Nazi Hitler. ’’

The problem has been diagnosed extensively; solution lies in improving economic conditions, to impede the way of far-right politics in the Europe. There are several ways to come out of the hot waters, but it requires political will to do so. First of all, European needs to activate the diplomatic channels to bring Putin on the negotiation table to end the catastrophe of Ukrainian war, other than sanctions. The dirty politics of US in the European affairs ought to be set aside to safeguard the future of Europeans. Secondly, to protect the liberal democratic values from the wrath of economic and political instability, European leaders must congregate to find the solutions of the problems. Last but not the least; neo-liberal economic policies need to be revised to circumvent the novice challenges of the globalization.

Tahir Abbas
Tahir Abbas
International Relations National Defence University Islamabad