Gaslighting the Globe

Is the populace of the world now already under gaslighting? Gaslighting is about continuous psychological manipulation games. Is this something like when the ghosts of technology, pretending their loyal obedience to artificial intelligence, systematically create social media and fake media to create self-doubts and guilt amongst populations, submerge masses into low-confidence, anger and chaos? Is this why constant revival of history is needed, to twist and change cultures, erase monuments, customize history and accept masses in deep mental crisis as daily normalcy?

Currently, across the free world, the goal to divide and conquer and split internal citizenry into arch enemies is charging full steam ahead. No further proof required, as 99% of the narratives on election podiums are about mostly expanding such issues to split right and lefts, while visible absence of constructive or collaborative dialogue to lead grassroots prosperity is only a sign of lack of competency unable to tackle real hardcore challenges.

Leadership talents exposed in living colors; moving to a more mature discussions; Covid-19 started with daily parades of the top leaderships across the world, some displayed dramatically choreographed acts some chaotically random circuses, some fearful, some thoughtful, but all was available for the world to watch, measure, judge, learn and advance, every hour a different, tune, different dance, different tempo. No need to dig this any deeper, no need for any further self-injury. The point is made; digital exposure to personal performance is now a new frontier on national and global stages. Global economy of today is now about entrapments of global citizenry, on productivity, performance and profitability while ignorance on national mobilization of national talents and gaslighting about currency printing issues and crypto-nirvanas deployed.  

Gaslighting on global digital platforms: Once truth is abolished, there only exists one pre-selected single lie. When applied on a large global scale, humankind has no place to ask questions, as only Animalkind has better controls. Screaming is not enough as lies have larger amplifiers. Divide and conquer assures perpetuity. Enemies in cheerful friendly customized disguises direct the traffic.

The serious question of today; what is an economy or what is a war? Forbidden, as out of reach topics for the populace, branded commonly insane, Are we fooled again and again, reminded how we have squatted in some foolish paradise, on important and intricate narratives, or on complex affairs, ignored and left alone to wander in chaos, as the survivors of the zombie lands, for being not important enough.  

Therefore, can we now move to current hot topics like ‘inflation’ to ‘recessions’ or ‘depressions’ and raise our voices. Even better, are we mature enough to understand gaslighting to move to even other taboo topics like ‘wars’ gradually leading us to the ultimate ‘flashlight’ anticipated to take us back into dark ages where eventually each assigned a ‘wheel’ as a remaining symbol of industrialization. Should we scream or best we stay quiet as jolly-good spectators with a flag in one hand getting ready for a  “Che sera” moment, hit the high note, dear Doris.

This very second, all over the globe it is all about the economic crisis, the fiscal calamities that drowning all the other political mumbo-jumbo narrative of sorts, the question is what is openly visible on the economic fronts, what is the hidden, what about the magical disappearances of any remains of wealthy-dreams from the working classes, leaving variety of which nations doing any good or on the cliff, and lastly those, without parachutes. Flying high “Over the rainbows” kindly, one more time dear Israel.

Why is the world now gaslighted on digital platforms to swallow fakery; notice when common sense narrative sounds like Celestine prophecies. Just listen to a common person talking about common sense logic. George Carlin will provide you a great test; just listen to his legendary comments and how perfectly they fit today’s shenanigans.

No other time in the history of civilization, so many globally connected will hold responsible the so few in power for destroying the remains of world financial order and bringing the world closer to a nuclear war. Therefore, “Self Mastery” urgently needed to differentiate between mesmerized minds with the enlightened one, the critical thinkers, bold enough to face the truth.  

Unless we debate and deliver clarity on government actions struggling to keep balance and create constructive collaborative discussions on their economic developments, unless well defined and articulated the restless citizenry continue to rise. Elections across the world are visibly losing the art of leading a country and now transforming into the exclusive art of just winning votes at any costs. Elections are now like anticipated seasonal changes and across the world creating great concerns on any serious outcome from such changes.

Three difficult challenges: The new world order is no order, so how can a national leadership plan and execute any real value creation economic strategy, therefore resort to value-manipulations? Political science is now becoming economic science? Power of a nation NOT measured by their hard or soft power but by their levels of skilled citizenry capable of standing up to global age competitiveness. This is all about real mastery, but not an amateur paint by number art-class.

Any fast-track effort to save small medium business economy sectors via national mobilization of entrepreneurialism will only be meaningful if and when there is a blend with the entrepreneurial job creator mindset as simply job seeker mindsets cannot do this alone. Unless teams have expertise on digitization and mobilization, open to up-skilling to uplift-exporters and re-skill manufacturers, and confidence levels to save small medium business economies to save the national finances. Study more on Google how Expothon tabling blueprints on saving SME economies.

Digital exposure is also a double edged sword, one side, it openly identifies nation-by-nation, city-by-city the exposed economic activities, their drivers and their direct experiences and skills as shown on their LinkedIn profiles on the other highlights potentials of growth on their core competencies. It also opens great opportunities, on what is needed to get them up-skilled on digital platforms and what other channels can be created for fast up-skilling for such teams to become better contributors to the current economic changes. The economic administration across the free world is simply doomed if ‘wars’ remain the only options; as it is only the ‘meritocracy’ factors that will save nations.

Conclusion: Seek clarity at each step forward, at each game plan and only well articulated ideas as just rhetoric is dead. Strive for new thinking; otherwise any new thought or narrative only becomes offensive, dialogues threatening. Create opportunities for discussions for improvements on mindsets, regarding openly displayed performance levels, like the Olympic athletes trained based on split second filming on their physical capabilities. Hiding under the desk or washrooms are old fashioned routines of the dimly lit offices; today 50% remote and 50% digital. It is about facing harsh challenges and bringing all heads together to solve bigger problems and develop mighty solutions.

Is this time to “climb every mountain“, please Jamie and Barbara, one more time, and let us build a well adjusted future of diversity and tolerance but NOT gaslighted to end-up like an NFT on cancelled-Wokeism. Best focus on proving that you are not already gaslighted. Study more on Google. 

The rest is easy. 

Naseem Javed
Naseem Javed
Naseem Javed, a Canadian born in a printing publishing family of small merchants, settled over two centuries surrounding the Red Fort in Chandni Chowk, Delhi, India. Educated and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, and arrived in Canada fifty years ago. He spent years at the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics and learned how to create and develop global-stature organizations and events. Acquired global experiences, serviced dozens of Fortune 500 companies as a senior advisor over 25 years, and learned how to commercialize, monetize, and popularize complex ideas globally. Later, in 2000, Naseem took a sabbatical when he noticed markets lost the art of value creation and adopted value manipulation when one million dollar turnover factories traded as 100 million dollar operations in stock exchanges. He took all his high-value knowledge and experiences, placed them in a shoe box, and almost free for the world's 100 million Small and Medium Enterprises. He developed The National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols. The rest is history. Now highlighted as a corporate philosopher, the Chair of Expothon Worldwide, and recognized authority on new economic thinking, where the mobilization of small and medium business entrepreneurialism is tabled as the savior of already struggling economies. Expothon has been sharing weekly information with some 2,000 senior officials at the Cabinet level in around 100 countries for the last 50 to 100 weeks. The narratives are an open challenge to current economic development and offer pragmatic solutions and new thinking on mobilizing the untapped talents of the national citizenry. He is a world-class speaker and author, gaining global attention.