Darya Dugina: The Martyr of Eurasia


Last Saturday was the moment of shock and mourning for all the Eurasians as the news about the cold-blooded murder of Daria Dugina came out. Daria Dugina, a young political scientist in her late 20s was an emerging intellectual, academician, philosopher, and media star. She was the daughter of renowned Russian philosopher, politician, and theorist Alexander Dugin, a name offered referred to as “Putin’s brain” by the west. Both in Russia and around the world Alexander Dugin is a famous name due to his controversial views about the liberal west and distinctive geopolitical view. From an early age, Daria became a follower of her father and was immensely inspired by his philosophical and geopolitical work. Hence, just like her father, Daria Dugina was a real Russian patriot who contributed both academically and geopolitically to defend the fatherland.

Unfortunately, on Saturday around 9 o clock Moscow time, she became the victim of the coward neo-Nazi Azov assassination. The reason was her brave coverage and reporting about the ongoing Special Military Operation (SMO) in Ukraine. In her public talks and news commentaries, she was a bulwark against the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine and defended Russia’s Special Military Operation. Recently, weeks before her assassination she visited the Azovstal Plant, which was the last stronghold of the Neo-Nazi Azov battalion during the liberation of the city of Mariupol. At the Azovstal Plant alongside the Russian military forces, she celebrated the victory of Russia against the Neo-Nazis.

Due to her brave and outspoken commentaries, Daria Dugina was a popular figure in Russia and Europe. She was loved and respected by both the people in Kremlin and within the Russian military forces. That is why her brutal assassination sent out shockwaves across Russia and around the world. The Russian Special Military Operation forces pledged to take revenge for the murder of Daria. As a professional, Daria Dugina was working as a journalist and political commentator with Tsargrad TV, which is closely covering the Special Military Operation in Ukraine.

The news of her death surprised us all because for us Eurasians her death is an agonizing injury, which is beyond repair. According to sources, Darya along with his father went to attend the cultural festival on the outskirts of Moscow and she became the victim of brutal murder while returning home. According to FSB (Russian Intelligence Service), the real target was Alexander Dugin himself, who at the last minute decided to travel by another vehicle. The video footage from the blast scene shows Alexander Dugin holding hands on his head watching the blast on the other side of the road.

It was an excruciatingly painful moment for the 60 years old father to watch her young daughter die from a car blast. The brutal assassination was condemned by all high officials in the Kremlin including President Putin, who called the killing of Daria a ‘vile crime’. President Putin declared Daria as the martyr of Russia and to pay tribute to her services to the fatherland, he signed an executive order awarding the Order of Courage to Daria Dugina. To be honest, Daria’s rendered services for the fatherland are remarkable because on every platform she defended Russia’s position with audacity. As a young political scientist, she was an opinion maker concerning geopolitics and the Russian world. Just like her father, Daria admired Eurasianist philosophy and was one of the forerunners of the Russian school of geopolitics.

For us Eurasianists, her death is unforgettable and unforgivable because we have not only lost a political scientist rather a legacy. We Eurasians will never deride and forget the great services she rendered to the development of Eurasianist philosophy along with her father. Therefore, as Eurasians, we condemned the western mainstream media coverage of her assassination and the funded propaganda maligning Daria’s personality. The so-called neo-liberal and corporate-funded commentators are personally attacking Daria Dugina for her conservative views, which are beyond logic and truth. Daria never called for the extermination of Ukrainian, she always defended Russian strategic interests in the face of growing NATO’s influence in Ukraine. Therefore, the western media pundits must refrain from spreading malicious and illogical propaganda about Daria Dugina.

For us, Daria will forever remain in our memories as a hero, who martyred herself for the fatherland and the Eurasian cause. Her intellectual and philosophical contributions will guide us in our cause for generations to come. Her loss is irreplaceable—our Eurasian martyr.

Shahzada Rahim
Shahzada Rahim
Shahzada Rahim is a dedicated Global Affairs Analyst with extensive experience in international relations, political analysis, and strategic planning. He is an author, literary critic, and Geopolitical Analyst. He writes extensively about geopolitics.


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