Pakistan Military Establishment in collaboration with Afghan Taliban launched Sting-Operation on Pak-Afghan Territories


Based on intelligence information, Yasir Waziristan, who was on the list of the leading commanders of TTP who opposed the creation of political vacuum and security gap in Waziristan and all Pashtun areas and peace talks with the Pakistani army. As the peace talks between the TTP and the Pakistani army started in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan on July 26, some leading members of the TTP opposed these talks.  Because some of the conditions offered, by the Pakistani army during the peace, negotiations were not acceptable to the TTP and some of the prerequisites of the TTP were also not acceptable to the Pakistani army. That is why several leading leaders of TTP, including Khalid Umar Khursani and Yasir Waziristani, have expressed their opposition to peace talks with the Pakistani army.

 Therefore, they were continuously killed in various secret attacks in different areas of Afghanistan such as Khaled Omar Khorsani, Hafiz Doulat and Mufti Hassan were murdered in an airstrike in Paktika province, nonetheless the Afghan Taliban cited the roadside mine explosion as the cause for their death. The death of TTP’s Waziristan intelligence chief Aqabi Maulvi in ​​Kunar was due to an airstrike in Kunar province, but still the Afghan Taliban mentioned the roadside mine explosion as the motive for killing of Aqabi Maulvi.

In addition, on August 23, Yasir Waziristani was mysteriously slaughtered in Kandahar province, in the southwestern zone of Afghanistan, including three of his colleagues, but the Afghan Taliban are still silent. However, currently Mufti Noor Wali Mehsud’s relations with the army and intelligence network in Waziristan have been wired and security meetings are held every Wednesday in Waziristan in the regions near Khost province on the bordering areas of Afghanistan.

Hence, leading members of the Haqqani network representing the Afghan Taliban, representatives of Kashmiri fighters supported by the Pakistani intelligence network, representatives of jihadist groups of Bangladesh, and representatives of jihadist groups from Gulf countries and Middle Eastern countries are participating in these meetings, without any obstacle. Having said, there is a political vacuum and security gap in Waziristan and according to the potential plan of the ISI and the Pakistani army, there will be such kind of a political vacuum in the whole of Pakhtunkhwa that the Pakistani army and intelligence network could operate accordingly.

Moreover, if any government political party or any civil society groups intervene in Pakhtunkhwa and tribal areas, then they will be targeted thru terrorist attacks by Hafiz Gul Bahadur and TTP fighters. Especially, Mahmoud Khan Achakzai and Manzoor Pashtun who are, currently planning to unite their political parties against this gap to save the Pashtun region from being victimized for the advantage of the military and intelligence networks of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Afghan Taliban on their part has started house-to-house searches in the northern parts of Afghanistan to smoke out all those elements, who could pose threat to the Taliban’s establishment. Among others Taliban whipped out several members of security bodies of the former regime. Furthermore, they widened and expanded the operation-Sting, while arresting, torturing and murdering majority of those, who are not aligned to violent extremist ideology.

Ajmal Sohail
Ajmal Sohail
Ajmal Sohail is a graduate in terrorism and extremism studies from both Leiden University in the Netherlands and Maryland University in the United States; he works in the meantime as an intelligence analyst and Counter-terrorism expert. He does remain well connected with the political players in his country, both those physically in Afghanistan and those working from outside, allowing him to gain insights into the extremely complex geopolitical situation in Afghanistan and in the South Asia region. He is the co-founder and co-president of the Counter Narco-Terrorism Alliance Germany, directing its intelligence and counter-terrorism portfolios. His analysis is regularly featured in various international news outlets, print and television and he even runs his own sources to get the most classified Intel. His analysis and other content can be accessed at his personal website:


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