About The Freedom of Lula Da Silva

The former president of Brazil Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, has been released from prison on Thursday, November 8, 2019, after a Supreme Court ruling declared  prison unconstitutional in the second instance. Lula da Silva has been in jail for a year and seven months on charges of passive corruption and money laundering.

The 74-year-old former president had been imprisoned since April 7, 2018 and was planning to serve  a sentence of eight years and ten months in prison, after being convicted of passive corruption and money laundering accused of receiving as a bribe a triplex apartment facing the sea in the Guarujá spa of the construction company OAS in exchange for benefits for the award of contracts with Petrobras, in Sao Paulo.
The defense questions the complaint based on allegations and assures that the apartment never belonged to the former president, against whom six other judicial processes are being processed.

The release of the former president of Brazil Lula Da Silva is correct since so far he has not been proven guilty in the accusation for passive corruption, Lula’s defense presents the argument that the judge who sentenced him has used lies and falsehoods and the former president himself maintains that the current officials and the government of Brazil headed by President Bolsonaro are allies who are surrendered to the interests of the United States and jointly seek to end his political career.

It is important to bear in mind that corruption prosecutions must be neutral and be judged impartially and with hard evidence, which has not yet been achieved in the case of Lula da Silva.

Mateo Rojas Samper
Mateo Rojas Samper
Higher School of Economics, Master student Politics Economics and philosophy Moscow Russian Federation