The solidarity of the Arab defense ministries with China


After my study on the ground, the real situations of the Chinese Judaizers from Kaifeng Province in China, I have exposed to many risks, such as attacking me in the “Chabad House of Beijing for the Jewish prayers”. But, after my official complaint, I have received an official Israeli letter of apology addressed to me after the attack on me in the Chinese capital, “Beijing”, to prevent me from studying the file of Judaization and conscription for the Chinese in the Israel Defense Forces… As an important document that I leave to the Arabs and to the Arab military and defense institutions in the face of Israel.

  The danger of my practical study of the conditions of the Judaizers of the Chinese Kaifeng region, and their tracking by Israel after the process of Judaizing them, leading to their transfer to Tel Aviv, their recruitment into the Israel Defense Forces, and then playing them with the Chinese government and its military, defense and security authorities. And as a practical and even global academic experience – as the first Egyptian and international academy to be allowed by the Chinese to study the conditions of the Chinese Kaifeng Judaists in practice – so, I decided to transfer my experience to the military, defense and international academic research community, documented with all the evidence and proofs that prove everything I studied and experienced on the ground, to the stage of following me by the Israeli Mossad intelligence service, and the exposure to me, up to the stage of my protest and the presentation of the Israeli embassy in Beijing to an official apology addressed to me, after a number of Jewish and Israeli worshipers attempted to attack me inside the “Chabad House of Beijing”, to prevent me from studying the file of Judaization of the Chinese by Israel and its organizations operating in China, especially “Shavei Israel Organization”, and its director, “Michael Freund” who is constantly in China, “Stand With Us and Support Us” organizations, and other such organizations, claiming that they were trying to discover the roots of the Jews in the world, and then invited them to Tel Aviv, and recruited a number of their youth, such as the youth of the Chinese Kaifeng region, into the Israeli Defense Forces, as well as the role of a number of Jewish and Israeli Zionist organizations, permanently residing in China.                                                              

After studying this file on the conversion and recruitment of the Chinese in the IDF, and the intimidation and intimidation that happened to me after that, my whole life changed completely from just an ordinary girl, to a brilliant international academic, after whom the world came to understand the dimensions of her case, from studying the file of Kaifeng Jews and their recruitment in the Israeli Defense Army, and the dramatic changes that occurred in my entire life, and Israeli and American intelligence pressures, to force me to overlook several points, and not to shed light on them, so that neither the Arabs nor their ministries of defense and defense, military, intelligence and security institutions would understand all the circumstances of my case with evidence, and the reasons for those pressures  Which I suffer from, to force me to muzzle and close my mouth, and not to be exposed to the pictures and recruitment points of the Chinese Judaizers from the Chinese Kaifeng region in the Israel Defense Forces, to the point of spreading madness, so that no one understands my case with them specifically, and so that no one, Egyptian, Arab and international, listens to me, to understand well the circumstances of the case and what Israel and its Zionist organizations are doing in China, in terms of recruiting Chinese, especially young people from the Chinese Kaifeng region, then transferring them to Tel Aviv, training and enrolling them  The Israeli Ministry of Defense, to use them in the future to fight the Arabs and our sons in the Gaza Strip in Palestine.                    

  The Comments came to me from the whole world on my book, about: “Chinese Judaizers from the Chinese Kaifeng Province in the Israel Defense Forces”… of which I bought copies of major American and international universities, led by Harvard University, which is ranked number one around the world, as well as universities, such as: (New York, Washington, Stanford, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio) Universities, and others. Therefore, I decided to devote myself completely in the coming period to developing my book on the file of conversion and recruitment of the Chinese into the IDF, God willing, because the whole world asked about it in an unprecedented manner internationally to understand the analyzes of the future, and what can be relied upon to confront the transgressions of the Israeli military establishment in the face of China, the Arabs and the people of the Gaza Strip at Palestinian.             

I have decided to develop my book referred to about the Chinese Kaifeng Judaists, so that I focus on future plans, and how the Chinese and Arab defense ministries and military institutions are uniting together to demand the expulsion of the Chinese Judaizers in the Israel Defense Forces, along with 6,000 other mercenaries recruited in the Israeli army, due to the illegality of this internationally.  According to the Geneva Conventions relating to treaties on prisoners of war and prisoners of war in 1977.  For those reasons mentioned, Israel and its intelligence services are waging a fierce war against me, for my demand of the Chinese Ministry of Defense to address its Israeli counterpart to expel the Judaizers of the Chinese Kaifeng region from the IDF, due to the danger of this to the future of Sino-Arab relations.                                           

The most dangerous thing to me, and what I have already warned the Chinese about, is that the Chinese Judaizers in the Israel Defense Forces will be a real cause of the crisis in the future Chinese-Arab relations, due to the Israeli army pushing them to the forefront of the fighting fronts… Therefore, the Arabs and peoples will wonder, about:                                

With whom do we fight? Are we fighting Israel or China?

In addition, Israel will actually sacrifice foreign mercenaries, led by the Chinese Judaizers from the Chinese Kaifeng region, on the front lines of the fighting fronts, especially in the (Gaza Strip, the Syrian Golan Heights and southern Lebanon), and others.                                          

Hence, I make an important international appeal, and consider that it has become an obligation on all international human rights organizations (by inviting them from all countries whose nationality holders serve in the ranks of the Israeli military establishment and the Israel Defense Forces, to hasten to withdraw them after the Israeli army registered horrific human rights violations and war massacres in the attacks it launched on the Gaza Strip in Palestine), given the possibility that these mercenary soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces are “Israeli military exploitation of them to commit war crimes”.                                          

The Egyptian researcher discovered, “The presence of many mercenaries, holding nationalities of other countries, including China, who “volunteer” for military service as foreign mercenaries – international criminals – in the ranks of the Israeli army, within the Israeli special forces, which participated in the killing of Palestinian civilians.  especially in the Gaza Strip”.  Bearing in mind, that there is a program in Israel that allows any Jewish person “not necessarily Israeli” to serve in the IDF. However, the Egyptian researcher, after an extensive analytical reading of the general Israeli military scene in this regard, concluded that: “there are mainly non-Jewish mercenaries serving in the IDF, despite this being internationally criminalized, due to the illegality of using foreign mercenaries in any international military institution”. Perhaps the thing that made me laugh a lot was Israel and the United States of America’s demand for Turkish President “Erdogan” to expel the Syrian mercenaries in the Turkish Defense Army, in order to exploit and sacrifice them quickly at the forefront of the fighting and war fronts in Syria, Libya, and others. This confirms the principle of “double standards held by Israel and America with regard to the files of foreign mercenaries in the  Israeli and Turkish defense armies”.                                                                                      

The estimates reached by the Egyptian researcher from various sources, mainly related to research and studies centers of the relevant Israeli and American defense ministries, indicate that (the Israeli army uses more than 6000 foreign mercenaries, who hold different nationalities), including: Chinese and American citizenships as well. And Israel put them at the forefront of the war and fighting fronts, in order to racistly preserve the element of Jewish blood from Israel and the leaders of its armies and soldiers from the danger of death and fighting in the foreground, and put them in the back rows and fronts of war, on the front of the Gaza Strip in Palestine, the Syrian Golan Heights, and southern Lebanon, where the elements of “Hezbollah in Lebanon” are concentrated, near the Shebaa Farms areas and others, close to Iran.                                            

This reminds me to remember what the Egyptian researcher has been looking at very carefully a few years ago, from the data of the US Department of Defense “Pentagon”, as well as other data of the US State Department, announcing the killing of two American mercenary soldiers in the clashes in the “Gaza Strip”, most of whom were fighting as mercenaries within an army  The Israeli defense in the “Golani Military Brigade”.                     

After highlighting all these previous points, which perhaps no one paid attention to, the Egyptian researcher studied them intelligence, militarily, and practically on Chinese lands for several years, and got acquainted fully so far with all the Jewish and Israeli Zionist organizations operating in China, and all their activities and movements there. Accordingly, Israel and its military intelligence services have been waging the worst retaliatory war against me in the heart of Cairo, to thwart all its future military plans with China and the Arabs. And because I studied it and analyzed it from within China itself… Therefore, Israel and the United States of America with it, or more precisely the Jewish lobby in America, are waging the fiercest and fiercest confrontation against me, causing me to thwart their military plans with China for another 30 years.                                                  

Despite the enormous suffering and pain due to the great dangers that the Israelis were exposed to, I considered that what happened was the real beginning for all of us, as long as we have known new, real and innovative weaknesses in confronting Israel… Hence, it is necessary to play against them all militarily to aachieve a brilliant military victory over them. Which I greatly welcome being taught in all Egyptian, Arab and even international military institutions and colleges, which I welcome all of them communicating with me, to make a series of real lectures, to explain all the real, new and innovative loopholes, to penetrate the heart of the Israeli army with the help of China. And achieving a military victory over them, as I discovered by experience how easy it is in practice, and the possibility of penetrating the heart of the Israeli army itself. This was the real beginning of embarrassing Israel and its military institution internationally and in the Arab world, with the help of our military institution and the leaders of our Arab army and armies.                        

I have decided to make for my beloved country “Egypt” and its defense and military institutions, and for all our researchers and academics, something new, something I present to the Arabs and the world, because of my strong and absolute belief that I was the beginning, I was the spark that bore on your behalf all those atrocities and painful strikes by the Israeli Mossad and the Military Intelligence Service  The Israeli and the American CIA… They came after me in Cairo after tracing my provocative trip to them in Beijing, and the Beijing authorities – according to their perception – overlooked my exposure to prevent me from following their network of interests.  While the truth lies in China’s enormous anger at what is happening to it, Israeli and American, through their Zionist organizations and permanent residence in China, and making its ultimate task is to recruit the Chinese, and send their Judaizer youth to the heart of Tel Aviv, to complete the procedures and tactics of their Judaization, that is, their introduction to the Jewish religion, after completing  The procedures and actions of Judaization, which are called “high” and in Hebrew, mean: the stage of elevation and escalation to change their previous religion from non-Jewish to the stage of elevation and transcendence and jumping them to a higher rank, which is the stage of the Jewish religion.  

So, my exciting start was to study the conditions of the Chinese Kaifeng Judaists, and my severe beating by the Israeli embassy guards in Beijing, who were hired from inside the “Chabad House of Beijing Jewish Prayers”, which is a synagogue for Jewish prayers, and then my protest and my loud cry in Beijing, and my threat to escalate the matter internationally unless an official apology is presented to me, until the former Israeli ambassador in Beijing “Matan Vilnai” presented an official written apology to me in Beijing for what happened to me of the severe assault and racist abuse by Jewish and Israeli worshipers, according to a well-thought-out plan, by making me a tool to take revenge on me in the hands of everyone, for causing confusion and dispersal of all Israeli and American interests, especially the military ones, in the heart of Beijing. Therefore, the process of revenge against me has become complex and extreme, in order to make me a public objection to beating and bullying everyone.                               

Knowing that Ambassador “Matan Vilnai”, who gave me the official written apology after the scandal of the attack on the (Chabad House of Beijing for Jewish prayers), was the Deputy Israeli Defense Minister, and the first Israeli ambassador ever to come from a military and not a diplomatic background to hold a diplomatic position in China and the world, which indicates and confirms the seriousness and dimensions of his military position with his country’s government in Beijing at that time, and I may go further, given the military background of General “Matan Vilnai”, and his first military use in foreign missions in Israel, by linking the incident of my beating the attack on the (Chabad house in Beijing), and the role of General “Matan Vilnai” and his military background in this context.  Which made me, in 2016, write a full intelligence analysis that I published at the time, entitled: “Matan Vilnai: A Professional General Managing the File of Relations between Beijing and Tel Aviv”… After my careful research on the background of General “Matan Vilnai”, I realized the seriousness of his precise location in Beijing, especially militarily, and linked this at the time to the Chinese, with the fact that Matan Vilnai’s military background is the biggest bet for Tel Aviv, and its military, security and defense institutions, to pass a number of Israeli military plans to Beijing, and then to study the file of Judaization and recruitment for the Chinese Judaized youth from the Chinese Kaifeng region, until the stage of their transfer to Tel Aviv.                                                                    

                                                                                                                   On the hand, I followed up on the file of confusion and disagreement between the former Israeli general ambassador to China, “Matan Vilnai”, with a number of Israeli security and military personnel, in response to this growing relationship with China, as it resembles the relationship of a “full dwarf with a threatening giant”, and they believe that China is not a friend. It is not a substitute for urgent American support for Israel, and it is as if Israel gave the Soviet Union control over its strategic positions prior to the 1967 and 1973 wars.                                 

  Here, a number of Israeli academics and military personnel analyze the danger of Chinese projects in Israel on their national security. In an analysis of both the retired Admiral, General Shabtai Levy, and the head of the Center for Naval Policy and Strategic Research in Israel, Professor “Shaul Horev”, his assertion was that:                                                  

  “Chinese economic projects in Israel – especially in the field of strategic infrastructure – are not desirable, as China is trying to use the Jewish mind”

  As for the former head of the Mossad, “Ephraim Halevy”, he links between “Chinese investments in Tel Aviv and the danger of this to China’s strategic rapprochement with Iran as an ally of China”, and his warning came as follows:

 “Chinese control of strategic investments may weaken Israeli sovereignty, and weaken its ability to deal with the escalation of the conflict against Iran”

 In the same direction, the head of the Shin Bet security service, General “Nadav Argaman”, went on to explain the danger of the Chinese presence in all Israeli infrastructure projects, due to its easy access to all our military and defense secrets, and the threat to our security, emphasizing:

 “Chinese influence in Israel has become dangerous, especially when it comes to strategic infrastructure and investments by major economic companies”

 There is almost an agreement between the Israeli and American militaries, that “China’s political positions and goals can conflict with Israeli and American interests”, and the two parties may find themselves on opposite sides in international forums such as the United Nations, which is what happened during China’s presidency of the Security Council’s periodic session during the year  2021, by voting against the Israeli violations in the Gaza Strip, and the strong Chinese opposition to the Israeli approach to the Palestinians.

 The American assertion has also become clear, that (Chinese companies building and operating Israeli facilities may enable China to spy on land and in the digital world on the United States of America and its Israeli technology). In addition, the Chinese presence represents a real threat to the technological security of Israel and its American counterpart, and to the future prospects of their economy, such as:

(China’s handling of intellectual rights, the acquisition of major Israeli companies, and China’s ability to penetrate the Israeli market)

 This is what the Israeli young man “Shane”, who held the position of “President of the Likud Party Youth League”, and who in 2016 headed a large delegation to visit China made up of young Israeli parties, came to his analysis, by going to:

 “Israel has a lot that can be offered to China to achieve its declared goals in the commercial and economic fields, while the Chinese view it as a leading commercial station and an important economic source, especially in the fields of advanced technology, as the Chinese have a historical legacy that considers the world”. We find that “Albert Einstein”, as a model for the successful Jew in his field of study and work, and his images appear in textbooks and universities in China.

 Even for the Chinese side, they admit that “Israel is the easiest way to access the key and secrets of American advanced technology”, which is what the professor of international relations at Beijing University of Studies “Liu Qing” went to, explaining that:

 “Israel is known to have a competitive power in the field of technology, especially information technology, artificial intelligence, modern agricultural techniques and others, and there is no doubt that China is looking forward to strengthening cooperation with it in these areas”

  • My plan is for the Chinese to exploit their converts from the Chinese Kaifeng region in the IDF, through:

 1) Training them to obtain (the Israeli military secrets) that it obtained from Washington, such as: advanced American bombs capable of penetrating Iranian shelters deep in the ground, and the (military planes that refuel Israeli fighters in the air).

 2) China will also be able, through its citizens in the Israel Defense Forces, to (penetrate the “Israeli depth command”, which was announced by the Israeli army, and which was assigned to carry out operations in the strategic depth of the enemy).  We find that the Israeli General, “Shai Abital”, was the first person chosen to establish and preside over this command, immediately after he retired, and he previously held the position of commander of the Israeli staff command unit. Here, we find that the new command of the Israeli depth will be focused, meaning: it will not be large in size, as it will include only 100 soldiers, but (the role assigned to it in all Israeli wars is central, as it will initiate campaigns that are complex in the strategic depth of the enemy, directing and activating the forces in these  Operations), and the Israeli depth command was established, against the background of the various vibrations that the Arab world has experienced after the Arab Spring revolutions, as well as the overall situations that may arise from them in the future.

 3) Simply put, China will be able, through its Jewish citizens in the Israel Defense Forces after their recruitment and training, to approach the depth of the “Israeli Depth Command”, and will understand its mission and the timing of the opportunities through which it can inflict powerful blows into the strategic depth of the enemy at (distances exceeding more than  100 km from the Israeli border) and out of balance, by a complex operation of relatively large Israeli land, air and naval forces.

4) China will make the task of the Chinese recruits in the Israel Defense Forces, in tracking the missions of the leaders, orders and instructions of the Israeli strategic depth, to know the timings (planning and making suggestions to the Israeli chief of staff, as he is directly responsible for them, as well as planning tactics for all Israeli military operations), in the event that  It was approved by the Israeli Joint Chiefs of Staff and the senior generals of staff in Israel, to bring these military operations to Israel into effect.

 5) By exploiting its converts from the Chinese Kaifeng region in the Israel Defense Forces, China can penetrate all the Israeli military colleges and its important military offices, especially:

  • Tactical Command College
  • Command and Staff College
  • College of National Security
  • Government Coordination Office in Israeli Territories and Settlements
  • Financial Adviser to the Israeli Chief of Staff
  • Military Secretary to the Israeli Prime Minister

 6) China, through its citizens in the Israel Defense Forces, will be able to penetrate the Israeli military institutions, especially the civilian ones, in particular:

  • The Israeli Arms Development and Technology Industry Department
  • The Engineering and Construction Department of the Israeli Ministry of Defense

7) What stopped me the most for a long time as an intelligence analyst with a penetrating eye, and alerted the Chinese to him, was the data issued by the (Manpower Department of the Israeli Occupation Army), according to what was confirmed by the Hebrew Channel Two in a report, which was that (one out of every four  Israeli soldiers are suffering from economic and financial distress, and it has been found that tens of thousands of them suffer from poverty and seek aid within the Israeli military and defense institutions). In light of the inability of the Israeli army leadership to deal with this phenomenon, the (financial aid associations for the poor Israeli soldiers) provided aid to them, and this led to a reflection of the extent of the economic situation experienced by the Israeli society and the inability of its budget to cover all the departments of the Israeli army.  Especially if we know that approximately 30,000 Israeli soldiers, officially and militarily, are classified as suffering from financial hardship, and the amounts provided as aid to poor Israeli soldiers amount to more than half a billion shekels in Israeli currency.

 8) From my insightful intelligence point of view, and my deep analytical vision, I realized that the immediate previous point, regarding the poverty of more than 30,000 Israeli soldiers, and their subsistence on poverty grants, support and government social services, is (the real beginning of the Chinese military penetration in the heart of Tel Aviv and its military institutions). The defense, security and intelligence services, by trying to recruit them for its benefit and benefit from them after addressing the issues of their financial deficit, to respond to that Israeli slap in the recruitment of a number of Chinese citizens in the IDF, and sacrifice them in the front and front ranks to fight in the Israeli wars on several fronts, in (the Gaza Strip, the Syrian Golan Heights, and southern Lebanon).                      

  Hence, through the intelligence and military analysis referred to, the Arab military and defense institutions can cooperate with their Chinese counterparts to penetrate the Israeli military, security and intelligence institutions with ease and ease, whether through (the Judaizers of the Chinese Kaifeng region within the IDF, or through the Israeli recruits themselves of the poor and needy within the Israeli Ministry of Defense, whose number, as I mentioned, is estimated at more than 30,000 Israeli soldiers). In my opinion, this is the real beginning of penetrating the depth of the Israeli army and achieving a brilliant Egyptian and Arab military victory over them, with the help of China and its Jewish citizens recruited in the Israel Defense Forces. From here, I think that the picture is now more clearly visible.

Dr.Nadia Helmy
Dr.Nadia Helmy
Associate Professor of Political Science, Faculty of Politics and Economics / Beni Suef University- Egypt. An Expert in Chinese Politics, Sino-Israeli relationships, and Asian affairs- Visiting Senior Researcher at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES)/ Lund University, Sweden- Director of the South and East Asia Studies Unit


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