Political stability to economic stability


Political stability is a very important variable for a country’s economic growth to induce consistent development in all sectors. Unless there is political stability in the country, there can be no economic stability and despite this awareness, the country seems to be failing to bring political and economic stability. Have we ever considered the reason why our beloved country has always been in a state of instability and uncertainty in terms of politics and economy? A few wondrous years passed by and then another such accident or tragedy appears that all good hopes are shattered to dust and the country begins the journey backward.

There is no doubt that only a few years have passed since the formation of Pakistan when the clouds of despair and hopelessness have dissipated and we have seen the sun shining on our land embracing the spectrum of progress and prosperity. Our political system seems to be the driving force behind all the failures and decline, which for one reason or another is always in a state of instability and uncertainty. This is sometimes due to the actions of undemocratic astrologers and occasionally due to the mutual animosity of our politicians or may be an incompetent and ignorant government who is bent on uprooting and canceling all the actions and plans of their predecessors because of their stubbornness and arrogance. No matter how much work has been done in the national interest because of these attitudes of ours, in spite of the bountiful blessings of Allah Almighty, Pakistan has not been able to achieve development and prosperity nor have we been able to bring political and economic stability to the country.

There has been an outcry for political and economic stability in every government but in practice, no progress has been made. The first political priority of every incoming government here has been blaming opponents and obtaining loans financially. Political and economic stability permanently has not been a priority in any government in this country. This is why the country is indebted to the outside world instead of being self-sufficient in every field. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif also continues to claim the Charter of Economy and Grand Dialogue, but no practical steps have been taken so far. Until the government reaches the root of all crises and ensures practical steps, it is not possible to get rid of successive crises.

It is no secret that the country’s economy does not belong to any one party or government but is directly linked to the internal political stability, which is why there is always a national consensus on such issues in developed countries and it does not matter if there is a change of government while the nations that put their differences ahead of national interests have lagged far behind in the race for development. It seems that the present government instead of dealing with economic problems per established methods and laws is trying to resolve complex issues in unconventional ways, even though the current situation is enough to mirror all political parties, including the government which is not ready to look in the mirror.

It has been a tragedy of our political leadership that first, they blame each other for coming to power and then they resort to accusations to save power. In this country sometimes dictators and sometimes political leadership have sabotaged democracy. If fortunately, a government completes its term, the newcomer must consider all its actions to be rolled back even if it is not in the interest of this country and nation. Our leaders sporadically give many examples of China and Turkey but they forget how much time their nation and institutions have given them to work to cross this milestone of success and prosperity, unlike here when some signs of political and economic improvement begin to appear then some astrologers turn the whole system upside down. Political stability is very important for economic stability in the country. Both of these are necessary and inseparable. Let the nation know that unless political stability is possible in our country, there will be no economic stability.

 We as a nation have to think about where we are heading and what our destiny is? These are the questions that the political leadership along with the Pakistani people have to think about, because the lack of rights across the country, the storm of inflation, and the unjust distribution, are pushing the people towards despair and uncertainty. It breeds unrest in the society, then the same unrest drives the society towards genocide by inciting hatred. Thus, we have to think that Pakistan has to be taken towards genocide and civil war or move from political stability to economic stability.

Attiya Munawer
Attiya Munawer
The writer is a freelance columnist, essayist and blogger, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Lahore college for Women University (LCWU). She’s interested in environmental issues and the need for political change.Twitter:@Attiya Munawer


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