Business on Instagram: the secrets


A business Instagram account is a tool designed to promote projects.

And people go to Instagram for relaxation, to chat with friends, to read news. They don’t want to research or buy anything.

Page Name in Instagram

Your profile should have a name (nickname) that reflects the essence of your blog. At the same time it should be short and memorable.

It’s logical enough, a good name serves as a promotional element. When your subscriber wants to share a link but doesn’t have a phone to hand, they can use your nickname. Or not, if you’ve put too complicated a combination.

The profile description is the text under the header.

If this text doesn’t catch on with the newcomer within 5 seconds, they are unlikely to subscribe to you. It must be something unique and original.

How to design Instagram for business

Let’s start with your avatar – it’s the rounded photo on the top left. It must be taken by or for you and not downloaded. It has to be a beautiful and captivating photo.

And the content has to be original. If you sell a product, it should be a photo taken by you, not someone on a search engine. Now, products are being photoshopped to show them at their best.

Only live photos and videos are well-received in storis. People can find pictures themselves. And you show the product in your own hand, in your own shop. Show details, think up an interesting rubric in your posts with the product.

A profile along the lines of eBay is only suitable for those subscribers who already know exactly what they need and are ready to buy. But more often than not, people come in without a desire to buy, they just explore.

Business accounts need sales posts and posts with discounts. But it is important to “warm up” the audience first. If all the posts are “buy” posts, it will scare people away. If the subscriber is not yet in the mood to buy, then “buy” it definitely will not encourage him to take action.

Talk about yourself, share your tips, play with your audience, and give them gifts. Alternate types of posts so your subscribers don’t lose interest. And remember, people value the truth. Don’t lie, smart people will spot a lie and you will lose some of your audience.

Posts must be unique and natural. You have to write your own text…. but sometimes you can copy “like an artist” so no one will guess that it’s not your idea.

Promotion and sales on Instagram

The field of promotion has practically flipped over the last year. Entrepreneurs have begun to embrace Instagram en masse. And this is, of course, justified.

The days when you could promote your Instagram profile for free are long gone. Now it is difficult to do, it will take a lot of time, and the results will be small, and you can just buy real instagram followers. Now, you need to invest the advertising budget and promote the channel constantly, not just once. Only then will the audience grow and profits grow.

Advertisements can only be launched after the profile has been fully set up. A subscriber should see a finished page, not a blueprint. Otherwise, advertising will be expensive and ineffective.

But at the start, try not to fall into the trap of perfectionism. It’s wiser to communicate with your audience rather than create professional profile photos. Understand what your audience likes, what their needs and wishes are.

Understanding who your target audience is very important.

Communicating with subscribers

No matter how cool your product is, without the right level of trust, a subscriber won’t buy anything from you.

And what level of trust a new subscriber comes to you with? Either zero, or medium. But they don’t trust you 100% for sure. The average level will be if they already know something about you or if someone has recommended you.

You need to constantly work with your audience. Talk about yourself, your product, everything about it. Communicate with your audience, share useful content, come up with games.

If you don’t feel comfortable creating content every day, make yourself a scheduled weekend. That way you won’t be missing out, and the audience will know which days you are resting.


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