Leaders Around the World to Focus on Sustainability and Economic Stability

The New Champion Dialogues of the World Economic Forum will bring together entrepreneurial leaders from business, government and civil society at a virtual summit on 18-19 July 2022. They will share first-hand experiences and solutions to stay resilient despite ongoing global uncertainty. Under the meeting theme, Navigating Uncertainty, over 1,100 participants from over 90 countries will join the meeting.

The event takes place as people worldwide face deepening crises. Economic and geopolitical systems, already weakened by the pandemic, have been further shaken by armed conflict. High commodity prices, inflation and the disruption of international trade and supply chains have severely impacted governments and industries. In the face of this, there is still extraordinary entrepreneurship and resilience across sectors.

This timely virtual meeting, in the form of New Champion Dialogues, will gather insights from leaders and experts. Key topics on the agenda include:

  • Maintaining economic stability amid global and domestic uncertainty
  • Transforming industries for long-term sustainable growth
  • Scaling up technological innovation for impact
  • Developing climate and nature-based solutions and business opportunities
  • Leading organizations through crisis towards long-term resilience

“The New Champions concept emphasizes the pivotal role of entrepreneurialism in emerging and developed economies alike to advance economic, environmental and technological progress. This virtual meeting, in the form of New Champion Dialogues, will gather insights from leaders and experts in China and around the world on how to successfully navigate uncertainty and contribute collectively to more sustainable and resilient societies,” said Jeremy Jurgens, Managing Director, World Economic Forum.