How to fight a wage garnishment in Georgia

Days are getting hard and most people are living in debt. However, when you are trying to get out of this situation the worst that can happen is an advancing procedure of wage garnishment. This can make you feel insecure and intimidated. There is a way to fight wage garnishment in Georgia and here is how to do it.

What is wage garnishment?

Wage garnishment is a very standard procedure. If you have unpaid debt, this is the procedure that legally allows creditor institutions to get a part of your paycheck automatically each month. This does not happen through the means of your banking institution but through your employer’s records.

How much can they take away from the paycheck?

According to the law system, creditors cannot take more than about a quarter of your income. This might be calculated as the money you earn for one week of work.

How to stop garnishment?

It is a procedure that takes some time to prepare for but once you head it off, it works quickly. You have to apply for bankruptcy. You file your petition according to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Once you file your documents it only takes a while for the institution to put a restriction on creditors to collect any of your earnings or belongings.

How to apply for bankruptcy in Georgia?

You have to collect all the data required. You have to gather a report of your income and expenses from the bank for the last six months to one year, as well as the record of your tax return for the past two months, including the month you file in.

The next step is to fill in the Chapter 13 forms and add them to your general documentation. At the end of this data-gathering process, you must print all your files on a hardcopy, one-sided on regular-sized letter paper in black ink only. Do not forget to prepare a second hard copy just in case something gets missing in the first. You have to sign all the blank spaces left for this purpose and the last step is to submit all the paper and pay the filing tax of about 350$.

In a few days, you shall receive a form 309A from the court. There you shall find the name and contact of your trustee and the date and time of your meeting 341. The meeting is nothing to worry about. It has only the purpose of verifying your identity and it goes for a few minutes.

After all these steps, you are just waiting for the decision of the court to stop the wage garnishment and restrict the creditors from collecting your earnings and belongings.