Achieving Peace Through The Supply of Heavy Weapons

Peace, the most frequently used term in the chambers that lack the understanding of this five-alphabet word. Being Asian, am more concerned about my region, following the on-going situation in the region, I concluded that to America, Peace is ‘to Promote Enmity and Conflict in East’. Hence, use of any and every unjust mean to disturb the political environment in the region is key priority. The colonial mindset of such administrations was and is still a threat to the world. These powers consider themselves as vanguards and hence assisting other states is the top priority, but in assisting others, they have hidden agendas and political interests. Russia-Ukraine war, is a hot topic and major concern of every humanitarian office in the west. But the west, usually works on, build the narrative and disseminate the information based on the half-truth.

The intent to bring to an end to this months’ long war is a noble intention and obviously it will serve the humanity. Nicely articulated thesis, ‘using unjust ways of peace to end a just war’, it seems gallant and yes, they have all the rights to think like that. But, I wonder how these peace lovers overlooked the human lose and tragedy in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Palestine, and Indian Occupied Kashmir.  Now this weapon industry is to provide heavy weapons to achieve peace and to bring to an end this Russia-Ukraine war. I wonder, how sincere they are to the globe? Violence to end violence is the last resort, instead of engaging  both Russia and Ukraine in negotiations and to facilitate the peace accord, West is providing more fire, means adding fuel to fire.

The world peace advocators through their irresponsible attitude towards regional peace are at a verge to turn this Russia – Ukraine war into nuclear. As per the latest reports, the weapons manufacturers are pushing the USA (Pentagon and Congress) to approve the export not only other heavy weapons but also ‘Hunter-Killer’ MQ-9 Reaper drones armed with Hellfire missiles to Ukraine, in violation of an international agreement limiting the spread of weapons of mass destruction. Moreover, supplying long range missiles to Ukraine would play a role of catalyst and would escalate the chances of a war far more lethal than conceived. In addition, as per the reports, USA might also export the unmanned fighter planes to Ukraine that were lately used in Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Yemen, and other countries around the world. However, according to the Missile Technology Control Regime – an international agreement USA are not supposed to widely supply these killer drones. These weapons of mass destruction can escalate war to an advanced level.  

Earlier in 2020, the Reaper export doors were opened to UAE, and Taiwan under former President Donald Trump administration which received maximum criticism by Democratic members but in case of Ukraine, they are all gone mute. This is not a worrisome issue for the regional stability but also for USA as it might call on USA-Russia direct confrontation.

Furthermore, the USA and Germany assured to provide advanced weapons to Ukraine for shooting down Russian aircraft and knocking out artillery. These weapons include latest anti-aircraft missiles, radar systems, medium range rocket systems and ammunition. It is believed that these new arms could help Ukraine to set-up and hold the new lines of defence in east.

NATO instead of providing humanitarian aid, more interested in supplying weapons to test the Russian limits.  Trained troops and USA latest weapons on ground is in no way means end to conflict, rather an intense war. The west is hoping to achieve peace through the supply of heavy weapons, putting millions at risk and massive destruction. Without even giving a second thought, USA is only concerned about its ‘war economy’, no matter what it brings. In these dire times, instead of food, Ukraine is being flood with arms from USA and its allies.

What humanity demands and what is being sent is a big question for the sane western policy makers. After two decades long deadly war in Afghanistan, USA and its allies realized that the only way out to face-safe is negotiations. So, they opted for peace talk and we all witnessed the Doha Agreement and withdrawal of US from Afghanistan. Hence, quoting the recent example, it is clear that “no peace can be achieved through investing 2 trillion in weapons and war”, the so-called sole superpower, got defeated at the hands of a few guerilla fighters. To resolve the conflict, accommodate Russia and Ukraine to sit and end the war in an amicable manner.

Sabah Aslam
Sabah Aslam
Sabah Aslam is the Founder & Executive Director of Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution (IICR), and member visiting faculty Dept. of Peace & Conflict Studies, NUML, and School of Politics & IR, Quaid-I- Azam University, Islamabad.