Want to Study Close to Zero? Find it in 6 Steps

Does your desire to study seem to have reached its due date? Let’s understand together why and what you can do to turn it back on in the next few minutes.

But first let me tell you: the motivation (fortunately!) has no expiration. Only in the long career of a student, there are many moments for which you can feel that you have exhausted all propulsion to study and there can be many reasons that can lead to this state of mind.

If you find yourself in this phase where you should study but you can’t because you lack the desire, here, this article is for you!

Let’s start by understanding “why” you can find yourself without the desire to study.

Too Many Goals to Achieve Soon

It can happen. Many students find themselves in this situation when they have to face several tests in a short time. Having such important goals as exams to hit shortly can be really stressful and send even the most skilled people into crisis.

The pressure, the tiredness, and why not even the long study sessions (“But when will it end?!?!) Can lead to the same result: apparent “brain death” of the desire to study.

In these cases, there are techniques you can try to apply. We will see them shortly, but an important thing to do right away is to understand that all this is physiological! That’s right, there’s nothing wrong with that and you don’t have to point too hard at yourself. We often hear about successful people who never give up and who are still ultra motivated; only to discover that it is not quite so…

Have you ever read the biography of Andre Agassi, one of the most famous tennis players of all time? Well, reading it I discovered that even a legend like him has had a number of “low” moments. Andre has lost many games, often withdrew from tournaments due to lack of motivation, and has always said, even, “I hate tennis”… yet he has become a legend!

How did he do? Accepting his problems and looking for smart solutions from time to time (some of which I will show you in this article).

There is Too Much “Pressure” in Your Life

It takes a great character to let the small/big problems of every day slip on, without letting oneself be scratched.

  • a hostile professor
  • a bad grade
  • a particularly difficult exam
  • a personal problem that distracts you from studying

All situations that, immediately, can affect your motivation a little!

These moments, or others like them, can never disappear from your Life. But by learning to use the right techniques you will see that you will be able to be influenced less and less and get over it in a short time.

People Change

But it can also happen that you realize that something is changing inside you. The choice of the path you have taken no longer convinces you as before and you prefer to cultivate other interests instead of spending hours and hours on books.

Or, if you’ve started working alongside your studies, having income may prompt you to reconsider the importance of graduating quickly. Especially in these times when, very often, the fact of having a degree does not give you the certainty of finding a job soon.

In these cases, a moment of reflection is needed to understand if it is a momentary sensation or if the time has come to change course. In any case, if you feel that you are in this situation, give yourself some time to reflect. “The answer” you will not find in a book but it must emerge from within you!

I will talk about this topic in a future article because it deserves special attention.

So How Do I Find the Desire to Study?

Now let’s see some practical tips that can help you regain the desire to study.

Start trying them in your days to understand which technique to use in certain situations; you will find that every day is a little different in itself because you are a little different every day and maybe even the subject you study is different.

Developing a certain sensitivity to understand “what you need” will make you use the right technique at the right time and from this, your Motivation can only benefit!

Surround Yourself with Students Who Are Serious!

If you have a friend who, when he studies, does it seriously, join him: his concentration will help you too because you will be tempted to imitate him and to be as productive as he is. But I recommend, he tries not to mislead him otherwise then you will be two to have a problem!

If you and your friends have to prepare for the same exam, it’s also okay to organize yourself in a study group (as long as you don’t take too many coffee breaks away from the books, smart guys!). By studying together you will be able to motivate each other and help you by filling each other’s gaps.

Bed and Sofa… let’s Leave Them for Breaks

I agree that to study you have to be comfortable, but it is not the case to fall asleep! Mattresses induce laziness and sleepiness, so give up the idea of ​​lying comfortably on the soft, also because it is important that you assume a correct posture.

You must know that, precisely for a neurological issue, it is always better to choose austerity over luxury. A luxurious environment, in fact, comfortable and with every comfort, unconsciously induces us to relax and it follows that we are not inclined to make any effort! Not for anything else Daniel Coyle in his Little Talent Handbook defines luxury as a “motivational narcotic”.

Which is why you’d better go back to your good old desk, freed of everything you don’t need to study, and tidy up your room before you start. Doing so will best influence your motivation to stay on the books.

Of course, put your phone and tablet aside if you don’t need them and, needless to say, turn off the TV!

In the End

Lastly, if you really want to minimize the amount of effort you’re putting in, consider getting an essay helper to do assignments for you. This way, you won’t have to spread out yourself too thin when it comes to college responsibilities.