Taliban are running-in a 3 Front War

Taliban fighters have been engaged in fighting in three parts of Afghanistan, as hostility was amplified on the Afghan-Iranian border by Iranian troops as Iranian border guards’ vehicles drove off near the Afghan border in pursuit of smugglers.

Subsequently, military forces from both countries (Afghanistan & Iran) are stationed near the Iran-Afghanistan border and are on high alert.  Iranian Zahedan forces have arrived in the region with armored tanks, which are heavily equipped with heavy weapons.

 Iranian military officials, through their representative in Kabul, have informed the Taliban’s defense ministry to stop fighting.  In accordance with Iran’s intelligence service secret information Pakistan, at the request of the West, wants to engage the Taliban regime in a constant war with neighboring countries.

 In this regard, Iranian officials accuse Mullah Mohammad Hassan and his supporters, including the Haqqani network. In addition, Iranian political officials have telephoned the office of acting Prime Minister Mullah Baradar to urge him to take “serious action” and stop Maulvi Yaqub and his forces engaging with Iran in military conflict.

 According to the Iranian officials, this war is a foreign plan implemented by a number of groups within the Taliban. Troops on both sides of the border are now ready for battle and heavy weapons have been dispatched to the area by Iranian forces, but Iranian officials are still urging the Taliban to resolve the issue through talks.

The second fierce battle took place in the deep border area of ​​Garbiz district of Khost province when Pakistani troops tried to re-enter the house in search of TTP fighters. Garbiz is a district very close to North Waziristan and is often equipped and supplied TTP fighters from this place, and this is the home to many of the leaders of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

An intelligence source from the same area reported, last Thursday that Pakistani SSG Special Forces, with the help of Haqqani network-linked fighters within the Afghan Taliban, raided civilian homes and sought to capture TTP leaders and supporters. The Haqqani network-linked fighters were then sent from that area to Baghlan province for military operations, and a special unit from the Sangin district of Helmand province was sent to the area, to prevent the entry of Pakistani troops.

Because the Pakistani military plans to use the Haqqani network to prevent the Afghan Taliban from setting up checkpoints on the Afghan-Pakistani border.

The third battle took place at 10 pm in Kapisa province. A rebel group was being formed in Kapisa province on the orders of former police chief Gen. Farid Ahmad Mashal, but was stopped by the Taliban.

 The group, which has been formed but was not yet completed, now engaged in a fierce campaign to attract fighters. However, local GDI spies received a report about the group and started to crack it down.

Moreover, because the top military leaders of the previous republican government were not encouraged to form anti-Taliban groups to weaken the Taliban, the Taliban linked the group to the resistance, but in reality, the group had nothing to do with the resistance and wanted to launch anti-Taliban military operations in 34 Afghan provinces under the guise of freedom fighters.

Ajmal Sohail
Ajmal Sohail
Ajmal Sohail is a graduate in terrorism and extremism studies from both Leiden University in the Netherlands and Maryland University in the United States; he works in the meantime as an intelligence analyst and Counter-terrorism expert. He does remain well connected with the political players in his country, both those physically in Afghanistan and those working from outside, allowing him to gain insights into the extremely complex geopolitical situation in Afghanistan and in the South Asia region. He is the co-founder and co-president of the Counter Narco-Terrorism Alliance Germany, directing its intelligence and counter-terrorism portfolios. His analysis is regularly featured in various international news outlets, print and television and he even runs his own sources to get the most classified Intel. His analysis and other content can be accessed at his personal website: http://www.ajmalsohail.com