How to sell non-running cars

It often seems to drivers that if the car is not running, then it is impossible to sell it. Therefore, such vehicles sit idle for years in parking lots or in the backyards of the houses. You may not even think that some companies are hunting for such cars, and they are ready to help you sell your non-runner today!

Today is more than possible, you can sell your junk car and get some money for it! Such services as JunkCarsUs provide you the possibility to do it. They are ready to buy your car despite its condition. Flooded, damaged, old, non-running, burned, wrecked and totaled cars are accepted!

We need to be ready that it can happen, a car that has faithfully served you for a long time suddenly falls into the category of broken. Moreover, it can be broken so much that there is only one option – to sell the car for spare parts.

Another situation is also possible, the car expired and it literally started to “fall apart”. It does not mean that you just need to leave it to rot in the garage or on the street.  Fortunately, even a very damaged car can be sold with the help of junk car removal services.

What is the procedure of selling junk vehicles?

Today it is easier than ever! If you decide to use the service of JunkCarsUs, which has been successfully working with clients from all over the States for more than a year, the procedure will be extremely rewarding.

 The sales scheme has several steps:

  •  Fill out a simple form online;
  •  Consultation with a specialist about the price;
  •  Specialist car inspection;
  •  Price fixing;
  •  Evacuation of the car.

Firstly you need to call a company representative or fill out a simple questionnaire on the site and in just a couple of minutes you will receive information about the estimated value of the car.

However, you must understand that one of our specialists will come to the specified place and time for the final decision of the vehicle’s price.  After inspecting the car, we will be ready to announce the amount of miles you can get from the company for the car. If the amount suits you, the deal will be concluded within a few hours. At the same time, the company will cover all the costs of transporting the car.

Of course, you can try to sell a junk car yourself.  But, as practice shows, this can be quite problematic, as usually only companies buy cars for spare parts and individuals or service stations buy one or two parts only “to order”.

Selling spare parts of a car, of course, is more profitable than selling a car after an accident completely. However, in this case you will need to either give the car “for dismantling” to the service station or try to disassemble it yourself.

For taking apart of the car by the service station specialist you will have to pay considerable costs. In addition, you will have to pay for the delivery of the car to the service station, for its “disassembly” and for the delivery of spare parts to your garage. And if there is no garage, then rent a place at the service station.

On average, you will try to find a buyer for several months. All this time the seller answers calls and messages from potential buyers and organizes reviews. Financial costs are added to the time spent: for diagnostics and pre-sale preparation.

If you are going to do it yourself, all these expenses can be avoided. It is possible if you are an owner of a garage and a car disassembly professional. Of course, you can earn a little more by selling spare parts than by selling a damaged car. However, be prepared for the fact that it will take much more time and effort.

What cars are unprofitable to restore?

Today there are a lot of situations when it is more expensive to repair a vehicle than to buy a new one, but most often it happens for the following reasons:

  1. The car was a participant in the accident, as a result, the body was severely damaged and the geometry cannot be restored to normal.
  2. The car burned down after lightning, a garage fire or a short circuit. The interior of such a car will not be restored, but under the hood there are parts that can be sold.
  3. The vehicle was affected by prolonged exposure of moisture. There are situations when a driver, overcoming a water obstacle, did not calculate his/her capabilities and drowned the car. In this case, even if the car can be started after drying and minor repairs, the remaining moisture will continue its destructive activities in hard-to-reach places. As a result, the car will be really problematic.

Cars have to be sold if they did not receive the necessary service. In such cars, the thresholds, the body quickly rot, it is almost impossible to sell such a car to another owner. And in some cases, the car can deteriorate due to old age.

In any case, if the car can not be repaired, do not rush to take it to the landfill. It is always possible to sell it profitably, just contact JunkCarsUs.


If your car is in poor condition, then it will be quite difficult to sell it to a new owner. In this case, junk car removal service is a great solution. The service works with all models of cars, with any kind of damage. In addition, the process of paperwork is very simple and fast. A team of professionals will support you every step of the way.

The sale is officially formalized with the participation of the company’s lawyers. The guarantee of reliability is experience; JunkCarsUs has already earned an excellent reputation. Thus, you can get rid of garbage in the garage, as well as earn some money. Now is the high time to fill out the online form.