Start a Healthy Life by Controlling Junk Food

In this modern era, it is undeniable that technological developments affect all lines of life in various fields. Like education, health, agriculture, business, economics, arts, food etc. The development of this technology has had many positive impacts, including easier communication, faster industrial processes, widely open sources of information that can be accessed anywhere at any time, shopping activities and transactions that can be done through gadgets and no less important is the wider knowledge in the health sector that can help treat various diseases. With increasingly advanced technology, it is also possible to make various activities that were once complicated or difficult and now become easier, making activities that were previously impossible to do and now become possible. Because that’s how big the influence of technological developments on human life. However, there are always 2 sides, if there is a positive side, of course there is also a negative side from the development of this technology, among others is the use of gadgets that continuously cause various side effects such as eye disease and radiation exposure, lack of socialization between humans with each other and the emergence of various new diseases because unhealthy lifestyle. This unhealthy lifestyle occurs due to several factors, including lack of exercise, this happens because most of us are too complacent with all the things that can be done instantly so that there is less space for movement, besides the types of unhealthy instant foods that are consumed every day.

It is undeniable that technological developments make many new types of food appear all the time. Although not all of these new foods have a negative impact on the body, most of the new foods consumed by people in excess and continuously are unhealthy foods or junk food so that they have an unhealthy impact on the body. Junk food itself has a meaning as food that is high in calories with low nutritional content. Foods which fall under the umbrella of “junk food” vary, depending on a number of factors. Snack foods like chips, candies, and so forth are generally universally agreed upon as fitting in this category, and some people also lump fast food like hamburgers, pizza, and fries into the group. In some communities, ethnic takeaway food like gyros, Indian curries, tacos,(Mary McMahon, 2022). Junk food is very close to us and can be found anywhere, almost everywhere there is always junk food. The price of this junk food also varies, some can be categorized as cheap food and some are expensive food. Although it is undeniable that the taste is very delicious and the appearance is mostly appetizing, for the sake of a healthy body and away from various diseases, it is better to start controlling the consumption of junk food from now on.

The effects of excessive consumption of junk food can lead to junk food addiction or a sense of wanting to eat continuously because they are used to eating junk food in their daily lives. In addition, junk food also causes various kinds of diseases in the body. This happens because consuming junk food can increase the intake of fat, carbohydrates and sugar which can lead to the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other chronic health problems, besides that fat that accumulates in the body due to excessive consumption of junk food can also clog blood vessels. arteries and cause a heart attack (Nia Lara Sari, nd). Usually the disease caused by excessive consumption of junk food does not appear immediately in a short time, but it will take several years to detect or it can be faster depending on each person’s immune system and the proportion of junk food consumed daily. And because of this, many people don’t care about their health because they feel they are still healthy and fit without knowing that the side effects of an unhealthy lifestyle by consuming excessive junk food can only be felt in the next few years.

Consumption of junk food is actually allowed and will not be harmful to the body if we consume it in appropriate proportions, not excessive and balanced by consuming vegetables and fruit as well as exercise. Sports that can be done actually do not need heavy exercise, you can start with light exercise such as walking, running, stretching and yoga. So what if someone is already used to eating junk food in their daily life? So what can be done is to try to reduce it by slowly replacing junk food consumption with processed healthy foods derived from fruit, vegetables, protein, milk, nuts, etc. By following technological developments today, it is certainly not too difficult. Because of the sophistication of the internet, if we feel we can’t process raw materials into healthy dishes or find it difficult to find places to eat that sell healthy food. So we can take advantage of technological sophistication, either by searching for healthy recipes, we can also buy ingredients to cook healthy dishes online and other ways, namely being able to participate in healthy food catering on a regular basis. Because nowadays there are many restaurants that open catering services specifically for healthy food, diet food and there is even food for someone who does not eat meat or is vegan. Although it may be difficult for us at the beginning to get used to it, if we want a healthier lifestyle, we must be able to control ourselves, build self-defense and start getting used to eating healthy foods.

The hope in the future is that all people in various cities around the world can realize that health is an expensive thing. Therefore we must always maintain the health of the body by always running a healthy lifestyle so that we can live comfortably with the people we love without disease that comes. In addition, by reducing the consumption of junk food, it can also play a role in reducing the death rate caused by complications from excessive consumption of junk food such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Because the three diseases are types of diseases with the highest mortality rates worldwide. With this ever-evolving technology, let’s make a healthier world by working together for good, reminding each other and helping each other.

Heppy Noor Affifah
Heppy Noor Affifah
Laboratory Assistant at Universitas Islam Indonesia