7 Actionable Instagram Tricks for Successful Marketing

Instagram has over 2 billion monthly users and out of them, 90% follow at least one business. These statistics cannot be ignored and it’s no secret why your business needs to be active on Instagram. if you want your business to flourish. Today, Instagram is one of the best platforms for brands to reach their potential customers from every corner of the world. If 16 to 24 is the age group that your brand is looking to reach, Insta is apparently the ideal place to be as it is also Gen Z’s favorite social platform.

To improve your Instagram marketing, you need to keep gaining more Instagram followers on a steady and consistent basis. We say so because, after all, the more people follow your brand on Instagram, the more you will be able to build a loyal customer base.

With proper planning and applying some effective tips & tricks, you can gain more followers, engagements, and overall, take your Instagram marketing to a whole new level in no time.

So, here are 7 Actionable Instagram Tricks for Successful Marketing:

Know Your Audience

No doubt Instagram provides great marketing opportunities for brands and businesses. But to grab these opportunities, first, you need to have proper knowledge about your target audience. It helps you to reach, connect, and engage better with potential customers. You can get all the knowledge about your audience with the help of Instagram analytics and insights.

Create A Strong Profile

Having a killer and eye-catching profile is very crucial for successful Instagram marketing. A profile is the very first thing that potential customers see while searching for a brand. It is on the basis of a brand profile that their further actions are determined. Make sure your profile has all of the following – a great bio, impressive profile picture, well-organized content, contact information, and proper call-to-action buttons.

Leverage Video Content

Instagram is known for being the hub of creativity and visual treats. Out of all content categories, video content is the one that rules over Instagram nowadays. It is one of the best ways to tell your brand’s story, gain traction, and showcase your products & services to potential customers on the platform.

Instagram offers users to create video content in a variety of formats, such as stories, reels, IGTV, etc. You can choose to create video content of any format for your Instagram marketing strategy. Videos prove to be more effective and powerful than text or images. Therefore, creating high-quality, creative, unique, and engaging videos will help you grow your Instagram remarkably.

Use Proper Tags

Be it Instagram or any other social media platform, using hashtags remains one of the best ways to promote a brand and boost the chances of getting it discovered by more people. If used correctly, hashtags can do wonders for your Instagram marketing strategy. Therefore, you must have an effective hashtag strategy designed for your brand.

Keep Up With Trends

Instagram has been always the trendsetter out of all the other social media platforms out there. Nowadays people connect, follow, and engage more with brands that keep up with trends and what’s happening around them. Keeping up with the trends is very important as it can make your brand to brand pop up in the trending lists. This can help you catch the eye of more users, attract potential customers, gain more engagements, and overall make your Instagram marketing successful.


When you are in the game of marketing, never limit yourself to just one platform. Never shy away from exploring and promoting your brand on different platforms. Having a brand presence on different social media platforms will help you to build brand image, build trust, and attract more traffic to your Instagram. For successful Instagram marketing, you should promote your brand on other platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Post At Right Time

All businesses on Instagram have optimal times when most of their audience is online, active, and their content receives the most engagement. Figure out your peak posting hours to skyrocket and make the most out of your Instagram marketing efforts.

You can easily find your peak times either by using Instagram analytics tools or through Instagram insights. Not only this, but you can also schedule your content in advance if you are busy during your peak days or hours. You can do this by using various third-party apps out there.


Apart from using these tricks, you can also buy Instagram likes and other engagements to boost your Instagram marketing.

Above we discussed some of the most effective ways to help you take your Instagram marketing to the next level of success. There are many ways posted on the internet for successful Instagram marketing, but incorporating the aforementioned ones in your Instagram marketing strategy can help you get the best results in no time.