China accusing Hunter Biden for financing the military biological program in Ukraine

Expectations come about the intensification of mutual accusations between the US and Chinese sides after the Ukraine war of their responsibility for igniting regional and international tensions, especially after (accusations were leveled by China against all of the US military biological activities in Ukraine, which Russia announced during its war against Ukraine, which  Lacking American transparency, after the Russian defense revealed new facts related to American biological activities in Ukraine), which was officially announced by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, by issuing official Chinese statements about the lack of transparency of these American military biological activities, as well as they involve risks  A global security that cannot be ignored, after the issue of “the deliberate American politicization of the Coronavirus pandemic in China” “Covid-19” and the exchange of accusations between the two parties.

   In the same context, we find a Chinese insistence on bringing global accusations against the United States of America to relieve American and global pressures in the face of Russia after its war against Ukraine, through the official Chinese assertion, about China’s fears and its mobilization of the international community, about questions about (the goal of the American research conducted in the biological laboratories in Ukraine, and about whether the United States of America is carrying out dangerous research, which is prohibited inside, in its facilities outside the country), regarding the same issue, the official Chinese media and the official newspapers of the Communist Party of China launched major press and media campaigns, about the impossibility of remaining silent  By Washington or evasion and denial of this matter, with the official and Chinese media assertion of the necessity of (the US side prove its innocence or evade its international responsibility, by allowing the international community to conduct international examination and inspection of all those biological laboratories in Ukraine), which were discovered by the Russian Ministry of Defense, and a claim  China to open an urgent global investigation against China.

  Tensions and Chinese accusations increased after Russia discovered those American biological laboratories in Ukraine, and the official Chinese media and official newspapers in China made several accusations against Washington, specifically to (the investment fund of the US President’s son “Hunter Biden”, as a major participant in financing the biological military activities of the U.S. Defense Department, the “Pentagon”, in Ukraine). With the official Chinese confirmation, that this fund of the son of US President “Joe Biden” provided large financial resources of no less than two and a half billion dollars for the work of those US military biological laboratories in Ukraine. With Chinese assurances that there should be (a close relationship between the investment fund of “Hunter Joe Biden”, and the other American companies affiliated with the main contractors of the US military administration, as the main supplier of equipment for all biological laboratories of the US Department of Defense “Pentagon” around the world), which is considered  One of the most prominent is “Meta-Byota”, which is next to “Black & Veach ”.

(Metabiota & Black and Veach)

  We note here the imposition of military sanctions, perhaps for the first time, by the United States of America in September 2018, on (the Equipment Development Company, followed by the Department of the Chinese Ministry of Defense, a major unit in the Chinese army), after it purchased Sukhoi-35 fighters and S-400 surface-to-air missiles from Russia. These sanctions, which target Russia militarily in the first place, come within the framework of the measures taken by Washington to limit the cooperative military activities that Moscow carries out with Beijing in the first place.

   Most notably, the United States of America imposed sanctions against a number of Chinese officials, after several days of video talks between US President “Joe Biden” and his Chinese counterpart “Xi Jinping” on March 18, 2022, with the aim of obtaining guarantees from Beijing of (refraining to provide a helping hand to Russia in its war against Ukraine, but the irony is that after that came the American announcement imposing a package of sanctions on a number of Chinese officials).

  Regardless of the reasons cited by Washington to justify imposing sanctions on Chinese officials, their timing can be analyzed by the fact that US President “Joe Biden” failed to reach a solution or guarantees from his Chinese counterpart “Xi Jinping”, regarding what he wanted about Russia, which would push the United States of America to release “pressure papers” in several files against Beijing, in the most prominent files, concerning the human rights files in China, which are related to religious and ethnic minorities, in the Xinjiang region.

   And the confirmation of the US Secretary of State, “Anthony Blinken” on March 21, 2022, came in the United States of America imposing several (visa restrictions on a number of Chinese officials, who were accused by Washington of pursuing politics to suppress religious and ethnic minorities and violating the rights of a number of opponents, human rights activists and journalists in China).

  We find that on the same day that the US and Chinese presidents held their virtual talks via video on March 18, 2022, the US delegate to the United Nations, “Linda Thomas Greenfield” accused the Chinese side of violating the rights of the Muslim Uyghur minority in China, as well as other human rights in many other files.

 China considers that Western sanctions against Russia will harm the economies of many countries around the world, causing a rise in fuel and food prices globally and harming many countries.

  We note that all the official Chinese newspapers affiliated with the ruling Communist Party in China have strongly criticized the United States of America and the West because of the policy of sanctions against Russia, and accused Washington and Western powers of causing that war, which was confirmed by the Chinese newspaper of “Global Times” on the authority of Chinese Vice Foreign Minister “Li Yu Cheng” during a security forum in Beijing, said that:

 “The root cause of the crisis in Ukraine lies in the Cold War mentality and power politics of the West, and that NATO’s commitment not to expand to the east could have led to not aggravating the crisis by Washington and the West, so it is unfortunate that small countries are used as pawns to start war”

  The most prominent criticism of Chinese Vice Foreign Minister “Li Yuqing” came as headlines in the editorials of major Chinese official newspapers, objecting to the policies of American and NATO allies’ interference in the internal affairs of countries, by highlighting his statements about:

  Since NATO has promised that it will not move an inch to the east, it should not renege on its promises while continuing to push east, because such pursuit of absolute security actually leads to absolute insecurity, just as besieging a great country like Russia,  Which is a real nuclear power, will have serious repercussions, and here NATO’s commitment not to expand eastward in Ukraine could have ended the crisis from its inception.

 Regarding the current Western sanctions against Russia, the official Chinese media, asserted that:

 “China has always opposed unilateral sanctions that have no basis in international law. History has shown time and again that imposing sanctions is like putting out fires with wood and will only make matters worse. Sanctions imposed on Russia now reach such a large extent that globalization is being used as a weapon.  Even people from the sports, cultural, artistic and recreational communities are not exempted, cats and trees are sanctioned, and the foreign assets of Russian citizens have been seized which is baseless”

 China accused the United States of America and all Western countries of double standards, as (European countries excluded Russian oil and gas exports from sanctions so as not to harm their economy).

  The danger, according to Chinese think tanks, is that the unprecedented sanctions regime imposed by Washington and its threats to punish governments seen as helping Russia, could (stimulate the partial division of the world into two economic blocs, which is an important and dangerous development that will eventually work to  weaken the West, while encouraging its rivals). Therefore, we find that China’s position is very important, and the United States of America and Western countries should pay attention to Beijing’s point of view, listen to it and analyze it well.

  Thus, we understand the Chinese position in support of Russian official statements, through its statements and official media, as well as (China’s refusal to describe that war in Ukraine as an invasion, as China considers it mere confrontations, with China warning against any form of broad and indiscriminate sanctions against Russia, even this does not paralyze the already faltering global economy, and cause irreparable losses). Here, China fears that the expansion of Western sanctions against Russia will affect it directly or indirectly, especially since the global economy has not fully recovered from the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr.Nadia Helmy
Dr.Nadia Helmy
Associate Professor of Political Science, Faculty of Politics and Economics / Beni Suef University- Egypt. An Expert in Chinese Politics, Sino-Israeli relationships, and Asian affairs- Visiting Senior Researcher at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES)/ Lund University, Sweden- Director of the South and East Asia Studies Unit