Peacebuilding In Russia – Ukraine Conflict: A Way Towards Resolution

Peacebuilding is a process which involves the series of major structural transformation in order to avoid the lapsing and relapsing of an already emerged conflict. It has different components which can be adopted to encounter. The Russia Ukraine crisis are totally the by product of their political and ideological clashes that was there since cold war rivalry which ultimately leads towards the the dissolution of former Soviet Union and formation of newly independent states. The conflict brings complications as it is a representation of Russia and West rivalry. This is the reason that unjust division and unaddressed political crisis lead towards a direct armed confrontation which was followed with the annexation of Crimea back in 2014. Now, the present-day situation depicts the ongoing war to escalate and affect the neighbouring states at large. It will be the same situation of cold war times where proxies are hitting human beings and they are paying the cost.

Let’s assume what possibilities could have saved the Ukraine from Russian invasion or is it truly a projection of power from Russian side or a monopoly from the West to counter Russia using Thucydides trap. If we think as both the parties agreed to a bilateral mutual agreement, then it would be ended on some agreement that would normalise the situation using peace-making followed with the maintenance from the peacekeeping forces and then they would have prepared ground for peacebuilding in the war-torn areas. All these efforts are considered temporary so for a lasting durable peace we will adopt peace building efforts to avoid future uncertainties.

The diplomatic efforts and face to face meetings should be utilised in order to break the ice. It includes all the members having objection in any way especially armed rebellious group and other non-state actors as well. The dissident community should be involved so that the tensions may be minimised and will be brought in conformity with state policies. The competent authority which is definitely an outsider should look for confidence and security building measures rather than adopting harsh and hard strategies like the use of sanctions against any party because the sanction can result in the loss of survival of one group who is bearing the consequences. The concerns should be resolved timely while incorporating analytical tools and settling dispute within the border because as noted all the neighbouring states they are increasing their capacity for military equipment’s and spending more on defence sector for their protection and survival. Further, it disturbs the balance in the region when it comes to arms race and propaganda warfare as the crisis in Europe on this subject portrays. The reason lies in valuable technological advancement in military and defence sector of Russia.

The roots of sustainability of peace lies in addressing original and authentic causes directly from their representatives and the deployment of demobilisation, disarmament and dialogue should be placed at priority list while going for alternative dispute resolution mechanism. The division in the society of Ukraine over the instance of compliance with Russia or western bloc has created an ad hoc situation which is a trigger point in the escalation of conflict paving way for the cause of greater destruction. Though, it is purely a matter of politics and a globalist agenda for the maximisation of power but security of state and that of neighbouring state in the region is at stake. And it is evident too that how elite class of a state use it as a tactic to spread false information and misconception and unfortunately, we believe in their already propagated things.

The damage caused by war and the repercussion of war are then converted into grievances. The ones having no concern with warfare are being affected directly and then it gives rise to multiple causes of threat being perceived. They suffered killing, unjust behaviour and displaced from their land. In the given context even, law seems to be failed by the international actor and concept of individuality is being ignored. The territorial conflicts emerged out as an outcome to annexation. The conflict emerged resulted in the disagreement between the host community and the people living on temporary basis. This needs to be addressed at the core for the sustainable peace. Secondly, violence based on gender is ignored and is the most concerned thing. In order to avoid further complications reconciliation should be incorporated by the neutral party. The role of NATO and other Europe based agencies should initiate talks with the powerful ones for a greater cause. As it challenges the contemporary order of politics in the west which might gives rise to a paradigm shift.

In short, what Ukrainians have suffered can be normalised when we start reassessing the actual cause and threat being perceived by them and then use similar framework of peacebuilding approaches which can be based on series of measures. As every conflict is unique in nature and you cannot apply single strategy to every case. Ensuring rule of law and just behaviour along with preventive measures should be effective in this regard. The unipolarity of world order is also important to consider. Every positive initiative is considered as a contribution towards building peace in the society but moderate skills and approach. Unbiased Analysis of the conflict is a first step towards resolution. Controlling negative politics in the region by the elites is a way forward to resolution. Strong accountability mechanism should be adopted to avoid the chances of emergence of other conflict. The internal politics have affects on the regional as well as on the international level. You should learn language of your enemy in order to counter their activities. Do not go for any temporary thing like ceasefire because it is for time being and the parties comeback with strong grievances. We hope for the recovery of the place and people alike.

Misbah Abidin
Misbah Abidin
Student of bachelor at National Defence University Islamabad.