Change In Security Paradigm

The major continents of the world are experiencing a paradigm change within and outside their borders. The change is horrible for some states as they are at risk of ever emerging nuclear threats. The nature and dimensions of war has moulded the defence mechanism and so the command and operating system. The direct and indirect violence ultimately challenges the security property creating a chaotic state where state and society relations suffers a drastic change. The concept of peace within and outside as explained earlier while elaborating sovereignty of state under peace of Westphalia is a point of question in todays world. Where illegal acquisition of land and territory is growing popularly as a trend and law is a silent actor. The reassessment of the threat being posed and perceived has certain implications over military strategies. It needs to address the underlying causes of paradigm shift which is the need of time.

Lets initiate the debate by discussing security and defence of South Asian region which comprises of main nuclear actors capable of driving nuclear attacks and can balance maximum deterrence but can involve in creating security dilemma for neighbouring weaker states. Though war is a business and corporate allies are busy making monetary assets out of that but either conventional or nuclear one will wipe out everything only deadly bodies will remain part of that system. So, the major actors in south Asia are constantly looking for peace negotiations. It is not easy to predict the future outcomes of nuclear warfare but the region will have this Kashmir issue and Indian atrocities to bring it on the verge of nuclear war because it will go all the way through out their bilateral relationship. Similarly, Middle East has also been in crisis situation and invasion of Iraq on the basis of possession of weapons of mass destruction has resulted in mass atrocities. In the same scenario we placed Iran as after sanctions on nuclear deal the region is intensified on political grounds.

Nuclear weapons are not considered as weapons of peace at all. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks are still used as a reference although time has been changed but the visible horrors are still in the minds of the people. The modernization of weapon industry is boosting morale of states to advance in terms of military. It is the only point which realists always take into consideration for survival purposes. As a result of this, there has been gradual increase in the number of nuclear weapons being manufactured and possessed by states. These manufacturing sites might be a source to trigger nuclear race and war in the world.

Lets move towards another great region where democracy prevails but still nuclear politics over sided. Yes, definitely now is the time to discuss European economic and security order which has been changing after the year 2014 followed by incorporation of Crimea into Russian authority. Since then lapsing and relapsing of conflicts are being occurring posing serious security threats to European nations which ultimately triggers NATO and its allies to take certain initiatives in this regards. The recent ongoing crisis in Ukraine which resulted in heavy casualties, worst humanitarian crisis and displaced people begging for help from competent authorities just like refugee crisis emerged out in Syria, Yemen, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Palestine and the list goes on. These people suffered because of unjust political discourse and policies that are just for the sake of who is the winner and victor of peace. A sick mentality that needs to be changed or a paradigm shift in mentality should be brought. Europe, a powerful one still working hard on defence sector because of Russian threat as Russia has done a lot of investment since 2011 in its defence and armed sector to counter NATO’S activities. In short, the military and defence spending in Europe is increasing so as to be able to counter any threat and that shift is a major one after the Cold war subsequently followed with war on terror and now on war on and over ideologies.  

Misbah Abidin
Misbah Abidin
Student of bachelor at National Defence University Islamabad.