An Insight To Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine; an independent state fulfilling statehood qualities after the dissolution of USSR. Since, it was formerly a part of Soviet bloc so the expansionist agenda brings it to the present day crisis. Though, it is purely a matter of politics and a globalist agenda for the maximisation of power but security of state and that of neighbouring state in the region is at stake. It was not a weak state earlier as being ruled and governed by Pro West and Pro Russian regimes simultaneously. The state is divided into East and West region. The West favoured the Europe decisions while Eastern part favoured Russian moves. But an insight to the matter depicts that war is just yours, your nation and nationals are the prime actors and moderator. As all the elites and the influencers are not getting involved directly. For a quite long time it acted as a buffer state to normalise relations and tensions between West and Russia. The sole objective was to end hostility and direct confrontation.

The Russian and West rivalry since the dissolution of USSR has been increased and their countering measures and tactics keeps on changing with time. The Thucydides trap is being deployed as one of the tactic by the Russian leaders to comeback in international politics and be an influencer at global level. The West realized this strategy a bit late that meanwhile, Russia already prepared itself to enter the mainstream. It is evident in the annexation and invasion of Crimea back in 2014. The forcible acquisition of Crimean land through military means as per legality is illegal. That act was considered as one of the biggest land ever annexed after WW2. The outcome was that Ukraine was portrayed as a weak state that could not save the ultimate sovereignty of Crimea.  Since, then Russia set its agenda for Ukraine. The triggering points were there which further deteriorated and escalated the conflict but timely analysis and use of Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism could have save the lives and the situation might be very different.

The paradigm shift from bipolar to unipolar world at the time of cold war is actually perceived as a historical transformation of West and Russian relations. Although a paradigm shift is the need of the time but war is not the only solution to it. The Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that actually took place in the last week of February 2022 based on massive bombardments and explosions and it was an asymmetrical warfare not based on just war theory. The international organisation The United Nations has called for immediate withdrawal of troops which had a fewer opposition as it created a state of emergency giving rise to emergency situation and worst humanitarian crisis. This is true that this move has changed the war dynamics and peace in the region. The mediation has failed at broader level.

It is a must requirement that Russia and Ukraine concerns should be addressed by the international community. The demands and mutual consensus should be incorporated. The assurance of not making Ukraine a NATO member would have been a positive step towards peace and ultimately put an end to this conflict. As Russia perceived it as  a threat towards it survival and to address the needs of Russian people the government is taking such measures. Even, it is just not Russian President every political influencer would have done the same to exert its influence in the region. Apart from politics there is another dimension to look at world through liberalism. Realism will only bring disasters in the world as the recent security crisis in the Europe had emerged.

Misbah Abidin
Misbah Abidin
Student of bachelor at National Defence University Islamabad.