6 Greek Islands Perfect for Couples

Do the evenings sometimes blend together for you and your partner? Do you fall into ruts where you both get home from work, unwind into dinner and then stagger through the last hours of the day before saying goodnight? Sometimes romance is hard to kindle, especially when you consider the workaday grind that most people engage in month after month. Life can become somewhat unvaried. A great way to shake off that feeling, and to rekindle the romance, is to book a cruise vacation to an exotic Greek island destination. Greece is known for its combination of natural beauty and singular culture, and its islands are some of the most romantic places on Earth. 

1. Hydra

An interesting fact about Hydra is that there are no cars allowed. It is one of the best Greek islands for sophistication and is a hotspot for both the yachting set and artists. The architecture itself seems to act as an aphrodisiac, combining ancient culture and charm from the buildings that rise up out of the Argo Saronic Gulf. There are lots of museums, restaurants and boutiques to explore after spending some time languidly sunning together on the beaches. 

2. Kefalonia

There are lots of natural caves in Kefalonia where one might steal a kiss, and seaside communities that have been there for centuries. Argostoli is the capital and is all charm with its cafes and shops. The promenade features local musicians who’ll play upon their bouzoukis and kitharas traditional music that lends itself to romance. Evening dining options include upscale restaurants as well as more low-key bistros that serve up fresh Greek seafood dishes and more. 

3. Zakynthos

Argassi is an ancient city that is filled with picturesque squares and churches. Accessible from the city, Skopos Hill could be perfect for a long, romantic hike that reveals stunning panoramic views of the island’s features and the blue water that surrounds it. Navagio, or Shipwreck, Beach is aptly named as a shipwreck is literally the centerpiece of the beach. This part of the island is only accessible by boat, and the beach and cove are dominated by magnificent sheer cliffs. 

4. Mykonos

The hills that are dotted with white houses gently roll into the sea, and it’s said that there’s a beach for every mood. Actually, there are more than 20 beaches on the island. Lia and Fokos are romantic, off-the-beaten-path beaches, and Platys Gialos is also a great couples beach. If you’re looking for a little more upbeat ambiance, Paradise and Paraga Beaches are where the party is at. 

5. Santorini

If the gentle sea breeze doesn’t conjure affection for your love, the sun-bleached buildings lining the staggering cliffs just might. Santorini is another destination that feels so much more effervescent than the average monotony of daily non-vacation life. The island was formed by a volcanic eruption ages ago and the cliffs appear to roll over themselves like lava frozen in time as they sink into the sea. You can explore the caldera and the volcanic beaches. Oia and Pyrgos are lovely villages that seem like they’re just waiting for you to get there and stroll hand in hand on a romantic walk, punctuated by a visit to one of the local cafes. 

6. Crete

You and your love can get lost exploring the many lagoons, canyons and trails on the island. There are tranquil beaches on Crete where you can take in the sun and surf in leisure. Chania, along the northwest coast, is a city that boasts a 14th-century Venetian harbor and a 16th-century lighthouse. You might celebrate your thriving relationship by taking an ironic walk in the Zakros Gorge, nicknamed the Gorge of the Dead because it is actually an ancient burial ground. 

Embarking on a cruise to the Greek islands can provide a genuine spark that can only happen when you are on holiday with your intimate partner. Instead of asking each other about dinner plans, you’ll be finding much more dynamic things to talk about. Instead of waking up and thinking about work, you’ll be waking up and thinking about the sublime activities that await you.