Modi’s BJP the Direct Beneficiary of Pulwama Attack

When an incident happened in anywhere in the world the prime responsibility of the state, government and its law and enforcement agencies is to find out the route cause of the incident. But in India things are opposite of it. Because whenever, wherever and  what happened in India, the first word in the lips of Indians, its government, intelligence agencies and media is Pakistan involvement.  Even if a little cracker explode there, they blame Pakistan and their mouther piece media lead from the front. Even some media outlet and its top brass knew in advance what will happen. It show there is dirty nexus between Indian government and its media.

On February 14th, 2019 a suicide attack on Indian military convoy in Pulwama, at Jammu-Srinagar highway which  killed 40, personnel of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). The responsibility for the attack had claimed by the banned  terror outfit Jaish-Muhammad (JeM). The Pulwama attack energized PM Modi to blamed directly on Pakistan. India suspended Pakistan status of Most Favorite Nation (MFN) and  hiked customs duty on imports by 200%. After that tension heightened  between the two nuclear arm neighbors. India send thousands of its more troops into Kashmir Valley.  BJP supporters launched a social media campaign  attacking Pakistan and calling Modi as a tiger. For many Indians, humiliating Pakistan is more important than winning a war.

In response to Indian accusations, PM Imran Khan Denied any involvement of Pakistan in Pulwama terror attack and vowed to take action against the culprits, if India provide proof. Pakistan also assured that any misadventure against Pakistan will be given befitting reply .

The Pulwama attack further led to Indian Air Force strikes in  Pakistani area of Balakot near Line of Control (LoC) which Indian government  claimed to kill the terrorists but did not provide any official figure of killing. On the other hand India media had claimed the killing of 300 terrorist at Balakota and called it a big win for Indian force without taking any official statement. Meanwhile  international media had witnessed only fallen tree nothing else there. It was just one example of confusion which spread through misinformation based on false media reports. Next day Indian fighter jets again violated the Pakistani air space where its Mig-21 fighter jet was shoot downed by Pakistani Air Force and its pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman’s was captured by Pakistani forces. Later he was handed over to India on goodwill gesture and to defuse the tension.

Whenever elections happened in India Modi tried to do  something new to get huge benefit from it. In election campaigns Modi led BJP made public rhetoric to sell Pulwama and Balakot in whole of  elections. PM Modi tried to get vote in the name of Balakot and Pulwama victims. The poor performance of BJP in first term compelled  Modi to do  something adventures to retain power and become a champion. Modi,s led BJP government was the direct beneficiary of the Pulwama attack, because it secured a landslide victory in the Lok Sabha elections.

The most important feature of provocation after Pulwama was the media stir. There were hardly any story that had independently verified, or  considered necessary to counter check. Everything was  served under the ambition of  Modi government. It was believed that many media outlets and reporters were contradictory, biased over Pulwama attack. Even Indian  Republic TV’s co-owner and host, Arnab Goswami knew in advance, New Delhi’s plan to attack Balakot, Pakistan. No  serious questions had pointed towards  the big intelligence failure over Pulwama attack. There were serious concerns that why PM Modi did not address  the nation after the Pulwama attack, and why only Foreign secretary and External Affairs spokesperson briefed media without taking any question. Which is itself a question mark.

After the  Pulwama and Balakot incident Indian media played  unprofessional, irresponsible, negative and aggressive  role, which took two nuclear arms states to the brink of war. The negative role of Indian media has also been highlighted  by the international media. During that time the core issues of Indian  government failure and the Rafale deal scam was suddenly put on side and only narrative was Pulwama and Balakot. The role of Indian media after Pulwama left serious reservations whether Indian media had engaged in journalism or engaged in the propagation of Hindu nationalist ideology.

 State-led misinformation campaigns is a new phenomenon in the modern world. India spread   millions of fake news against Pakistan which was exposed by  the EU DisinfoLab. It uncovered the dirty face of Indian government over organized network of fake Indian news to influenced global opinion against Pakistan and in favor of India . According to Mikel Kugelman Fake news has become a new front in the India-Pakistan rivalry.

No doubt Modi’s anti Pakistan rhetoric made him strong  enough to tighten its grip on power, but the questions remained there. Now anti Modi voices are getting stronger in India. There are still some factions who believes that Modi is exaggerating the things to divert the attention.

Now its been three years to Pulwama attack but no evidence provided  to Pakistan by India, except blaming and defaming Pakistan. It is  believed that Pulwama attack was state sponsored and organized plan under the supervision of PM Modi. Indian Congress Leader Udit Raj has also claimed that “power-hungry” Narendra Modi had planned the Pulwama terror attack. For Modi’s and Amit Shah only elections and self interests matter but for the nation peace and stability matter, because they knew that any miss-adventure or miscalculation by the Modi government will be disastrous for entire region.

Mansoor Ahmed
Mansoor Ahmed
The writer is Islamabad freelancer and Researcher