Google Cloud Announces Cloud-First Partnership with KeyBank

Google Cloud, KeyBank, and Deloitte today announced an expanded, multi-year strategic partnership to accelerate KeyBank’s commitment to a cloud-first approach to banking.

Through this long-term partnership, KeyBank will become one of the largest regional banks in the United States to operate its primary platforms and applications on Google Cloud infrastructure, allowing the financial institution to transform the way it develops, operationalizes, and delivers digital experiences to clients, partners and teammates—with security at its core.

“We’ve enjoyed a long-standing relationship with KeyBank, and this expansion will evolve how the bank serves its clients,” says Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. “By tapping the best of Google Cloud technologies, data, infrastructure, and machine learning, KeyBank can embrace the benefits of the cloud and create compelling experiences for new and existing users.”

“Through our co-innovation with Google Cloud, we have built and quickly scaled cutting-edge digital services for our clients with security at the core,” says Amy Brady, Chief Information Officer, KeyCorp. “For nearly 200 years, we’ve put our clients first. With Google Cloud, we’re also becoming cloud-first.”

KeyBank will leverage Google Cloud’s advanced data solutions and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance the bank’s already client-first approach with more flexible, personalized digital banking experiences that meet client needs faster and more securely. For example, KeyBank will use Google Cloud’s conversational AI virtual agent, Contact Center AI, to provide more natural and accurate interactions to solve client needs—such as feeding call center agents information about a customer’s pending charges and a specific FAQ before they are even connected.

KeyBank’s expanded partnership with Google Cloud builds on its successful history of being early adopters of Anthos, Google’s multi- and hybrid-cloud management platform, and Kubernetes, a Google-created open source cloud software solution, to power its digital properties and apps. KeyBank also launched its first digital healthcare-focused bank, Laurel Road for Doctors, on Google Cloud last year, enabling healthcare professionals to get access to digital banking products tailored to their specific needs.

“Google, KeyBank, and Deloitte bring together a shared vision of innovation, utilizing modern engineering techniques to digitize banking processes and accelerate KeyBank’s exit of traditional data centers to Google Cloud,” said Janet Foutty, Executive Chair of the Board at Deloitte US.

As KeyBank’s systems integrator, Deloitte will help facilitate and optimize KeyBank’s migration from data centers to Google Cloud. The effort will unlock significant business value for

KeyBank by enabling the rapid launch of products, and advancing new high-growth capabilities, including fraud prevention, machine learning, data analytics, anti-money laundering and more.

Under the agreement, KeyBank will migrate its infrastructure to Google Cloud beginning this year and will eventually move the majority of its products and services to the cloud by 2025.