When is REALLY the ideal time to post videos on Instagram to reach the UK audience?

Despite the changes in IG feed algorithms that make content appear not chronologically, but according to the preferences of the user, posting time still matters a lot for reaching the right audience and gaining the desired views.

Especially, if you already have a somewhat established followership, that expects your updates. They would definitely want to see it at a comfortable moment when they are ready not only to view your video post but to interact with it as well. Since video posts are proven to be the most engaging format of all, let’s focus on placing it at the right moment on Instagram, if you want to reach an audience from the UK.

What Is The First Thing You Can Do?

Remember that you should primarily focus on organic growth, using the option to buy Instagram views, so as to deliver on results only to enhance your performance for the existing UK audience and accentuate the content you need. Also, try to use a complex of stats, if you are going for it.

Of course, you have to know when to purchase IG views just when you need them. If you are going to infuse your account with additional power, you must find out how fast the chosen service delivers the order, and plan your strategy accordingly to that information. Keep in mind that most services nowadays provide gradual delivery, so calculate the ending date for being exact in your schedule. The terms of views delivery also depend on the amount that you are buying, take that fact to your knowledge too.

The Most Productive Time Of The Day

Unlike still shots, Instagram videos are watched best in the evening and nighttime. The reasons for that isn’t quite obvious, so here is the revelation:

People prefer watching video posts in the evening hours because that’s when they relax and can spend more minutes on social networks and view your content.

Pictures are good for daytime, while people consume content on the go, so if you want to focus on producing videos and collecting Insta views, you should change your posting schedule to after the average work hours of your target audience from the UK on different social media.

Speaking more generally, the best moment for new video posts appearing on Instagram is when users have more free time to view them, like:

  • Lunch break
  • Before sleep period on weekdays
  • Late morning on weekends

These are just examples to take inspiration from because the ideal hour strongly depends on the specifics of your target group. You have to do thorough research to find that out.

Do not schedule your posts for the nighttime. Although many users stay up late, the number of views is still small enough. By 2 AM they would probably go to sleep with the phone in their hand, and won’t check out your video anyway.

When To Post On Instagram Throughout The Week

Instagram has a mingling algorithm for building up the UK users’ feeds. And surprisingly, the best time to post video content on IG varies over the week.  Here are the best estimated hours to post by day:

  • Monday: this is the day when peak views are reached on lunch break – starting from 11 AM and to 1 PM. It will also be good to post videos after 7 PM but before 11 PM.
  • Tuesday: this day has a bigger gap for max engagement – 10 AM to 5 PM, giving you a vast choice for uploading new content. However, it is still better to keep your video posting without the lunch break period.
  • Wednesday: generally, it is the same as Monday, but the evening gap is believed to be more productive here. Upload videos after work hours before 11 PM to get more reach of IG views.
  • Thursday: this is always a busy day, so expect lower engagement in comparison to other days. Try to squeeze your videos in between 11 AM to 12 PM.
  • Friday: TGIF! Due to that fact, Friday isn’t the best day to post videos, because the engagement drops early this day – by 6 PM users will be engaged in partying and other real-life events.
  • Saturday: the late morning day, and also the one for family and friend activities. Saturday is the second-worst day for posting, right next to Sunday. However, after Friday fun, people do spend some time lazily lying in bed, so they can watch video content somewhere between 10 AM and 1 PM.
  • Sunday: this day is considered to have the lowest engagement level. So it actually doesn’t matter when to post. In fact, it will be even better to skip this day, unless you have a daily-posting style of blogging.

To sum it up, let’s say that you must rely on the average working schedule of your Instagram audience from the UK throughout the week. However, most people gather on social platforms at certain time shifts, to drop off the stress of their work. This is a type of ​​human presence in cyberspace and their privacy. Post IG videos either at noon or in the evening. Avoid weekends, because on these days you will receive the least number of Insta views to your posts.

When To Go Live On Instagram

Live sessions are also a great source of engagement from the UK users. And, being an ongoing event, it is very important to place them right on your schedule. The fact that your Insta fans get a notification that your session has started, makes it obvious that you have to reach out to users when they have the most minutes to pay close attention to you and view your content. Hence: avoid work hours.

Lunch break hour is also a bad idea: during this time people still aren’t having enough time for checking Instagram. The sessions require more concentration, so you should prefer evening hours, but not too late, so users are ready to interact with your stream, not just watch it passively.


When you create your plan for expanding the number of views on IG from the UK users, you need to keep up with the schedule of your target group and find out when they have more time for social media. For the majority of people, the ideal moment to see new video content is evening hours, starting from 7 PM. The Instagram engagement from the UK will keep up until 11 PM, and fade gradually from this time.