7 Reasons to Buy Best Apartments in Dubai

Not only tourists like to come to the capital of the UAE. The developed city is popular both to be permanently resided and invested. Luxury apartments in Dubai are purchased for permanent residence by citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries. There are many reasons for the decision.

Climatic conditions

The capital of the UAE has more than 340 sunny days a year. Rains are rare in the city. There are no cloudless and cloudy days here. This gives you a chance to enjoy the warm sea in all four seasons of the year. In the coldest time of the year, the water temperature does not fall below 20 degrees Celsius.

Developed infrastructure

The capital is developing rapidly. In just a few decades, it has become the largest metropolis. Properties in Dubai are hugely popular thanks to the quality of life, which is promoted by:

               •             Transport links.

               •             High level of medical development.

               •             Lots of shopping centers within walking distance.

And all this against the background of complete security. The statement of the authorities that crime has been eradicated is not unfounded. Extremely strict legislation and a ban on alcohol really helped to achieve stunning results.

Transport accessibility

The city itself is geographically located perfectly well. You can get to most regions in 4-5 hours. The flight to Moscow takes 5 hours. The cities are located in the same time zone. This increases the comfort of living during travel. Another advantage is the location of the airport in the UAE. The travel time to it from almost every community does not exceed 30 minutes.

A large number of housing and the most transparent legal position

It is not difficult to buy both luxury apartments in Dubai and a studio flat. In 2021, villas are in high demand. It lets you choose a home for every taste and budget. Expats have the right to buy a property in freehold zones. Transactions are subject to mandatory state registration in these areas, after which the owner has the right to dispose of apartments for sale in Dubai, including renting it out.

Briefly about other advantages of owning Arab houses

               •             No taxes. Householders do not pay taxes. Rental of housing units is not subject to taxes. No VAT is charged, and doing business is also as tax-free as possible.

               •             Reasonable price. Luxury flats in Dubai will cost less than apartments with similar characteristics in Moscow.

               •             Profitability. Flats in Dubai are always very popular, which allows you to sell furnished properties profitably. In addition, there is a tendency to increase prices in the region. Foreigners can also earn a stable income by renting beautiful apartments in Dubai.

You can find appropriate commercial offers of both elite homes and cheap apartments in Dubai in real time. Ads from agencies and Arab developers are available on the official website https://emirates.estate/.