The increasingly interest of the USA in Asia, and its affect on the Israel’s security


The American administration tried to make a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood taking over the rule of Egypt to mainly defend the (Israel’s security), and even supported them in their plans towards power and influence, and leaks appeared in some media confirming the conclusion of a deal worth 8 billion dollars between the Muslim Brotherhood and the American administration to ensure the success of  (Mohamed Morsi) and the Muslim Brotherhood before their overthrow on June 30, 2013, and when searching for aspects of spending the American deal with the Muslim Brotherhood, it became clear that the eight billions that the United States of America paid to (Mohamed Morsi) was in order to sell parts of Sinai to Israel and its American ally, which leads to ensuring the security of Israel and American interests in Egypt and the region in return for empowering the Muslim Brotherhood to gain power and rule.

  Perhaps that deal, specifically about maintaining Israel’s security, was the reason for this strong American defense of the Muslim Brotherhood’s survival and attempts to restore (Mohamed Morsi) to power, and American analyzes appeared to confirm that the Muslim Brotherhood was (the main player in implementing the Greater Middle East plan and starting a creative chaos project that was adopted by US Secretary of State “Condoleezza Rice” during the era of former President “Barack Obama”), and the American administration found them the most logical bet for it and the most needed to achieve its historical dream of reshaping the Middle East according to American foundations that guarantee the survival of Israel, and seek to integrate it into other countries.  Region.

   Here, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to rule Egypt was (the complete guarantee of America’s rule in Egypt and the region through the Freedom and Justice Party of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Renaissance Party in Tunisia, Hamas in Gaza, the Justice and Development Party in Turkey, or the branches of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, Syria, Libya, Sudan and the Arabian Gulf).

   But, after the success of the (June 30 Revolution) in Egypt, and the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood, the American deal with the Muslim Brotherhood to sell parts of Sinai to Israel and Washington and achieve the Greater Middle East project in exchange for the eight billion dollar deal between the Muslim Brotherhood and the United States of America failed. The Greater Middle East project that Washington aspired to was represented in an attempt to (weaken the Egyptian army and all Arab armies, exhausting the Egyptian state, and disintegrating the Arab countries into small states unable to protect themselves), and this plan would have been completed in the event that the Muslim Brotherhood remained for several years in  Governance in Egypt. Because of (the success of the June 30 revolution in Egypt), the American administration and the American interior itself were subjected to violent tremors, represented by the questions of American taxpayers, citizens and members of Congress about the fate of the eight billions paid by the administration of former President “Barack Obama” to the Muslim Brotherhood, which led to the occurrence of  Problems and turmoil in the American interior due to the success of the June 30 revolution in Egypt, and perhaps this explains the real reason behind the strong American defense of the Muslim Brotherhood’s survival in the Egyptian and Arab political systems.

    Here, we find that in light of these complexities that the American administration is currently facing in the Middle East after the departure and overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Tunisia and the countries of the Arab Spring revolutions, Turkey took advantage of the situation by developing (an alternative Turkish plan to polarize the currents of political Islam and the success of the coordination process) to restore the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the region under joint US-Turkish supervision. Accordingly, (Erdogan’s government) seeks to exploit the weakness of the US position in the Middle East, the Gulf and the region, and to try to convince the White House that “Turkey is the only country and the political-military entity that can stop the expansionist tide of Russia and then its Chinese ally in the Arab world and the region”.

  With regard to the impasse of the (human rights file of the Erdogan regime in Turkey), especially with the “President Biden administration” giving the highest priority to this file even with the countries allied to America, it seems that “Erdogan” seeks to overcome this obstacle, through (Turkish promotion of Erdogan’s regime that the Turkey strategic weight makes it the most secure country for the security interests of the United States of America in Israel, West Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean).

   And that Turkish plan has some real evidence of (playing the reintegration of political Islam groups and the Muslim Brotherhood again in the region with American help to ensure Israel’s security), and the first of those proofs of that Turkish ambition is represented by (President Erdogan) allowing the survival and continuation of “Yasin Aktay”, because he is close to the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood as a close advisor to him, which reinforces the belief that (Turkey will once again be the mediator between the Biden administration and political Islam groups in the region to curb and limit Chinese and Russian influence on the one hand, and to ensure Israel’s security on the other hand).

   Bearing in mind, that the appointment of “Yasin Aktay” as a political advisor close to“Erdogan” came mainly because of that Turkish planning for rapprochement with “President Biden’s administration” in the United States of America to implement that scheme again, which is (the re-polarization of Muslim Brotherhood leaders in  Turkey and overseeing their rapprochement with the US administration), and as is well known, Yassin Aktay embraces the thought of “Sayyid Qutb” the late Muslim Brotherhood leader, and he is fluent in the Arabic language and has strong relations with all Muslim Brotherhood organizations in Turkey and abroad. On this basis, this is the closest and most logical analysis to me, analytically and academically, with the Turkish planning to polarize the American policy again to re-deal with the Muslim Brotherhood to implement the Greater Middle East plan again, and to preserve Israel’s security, and remains the most important for the American administration, the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood  In the region, he is preparing (the alternative plan to fill the American vacuum after its gradual withdrawal from the region to Asia at the expense of restricting and curtailing Chinese and Russian influence with the help of American-backed political Islam groups and currents, led by the Muslim Brotherhood).

Dr.Nadia Helmy
Dr.Nadia Helmy
Associate Professor of Political Science, Faculty of Politics and Economics / Beni Suef University- Egypt. An Expert in Chinese Politics, Sino-Israeli relationships, and Asian affairs- Visiting Senior Researcher at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES)/ Lund University, Sweden- Director of the South and East Asia Studies Unit


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