The influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates inside and outside the United States

The Muslim Brotherhood has a great influence on the American interior, and they have had relations with Washington for 70 years. From the point of view of the American historian (William Engdahl), he sees that the Muslim Brotherhood is just a tool and a means used by Washington to employ them for its interests. Especially because the Brotherhood’s international organizations possess international Islamic networks and institutions that have influence on certain parts of the world, and entanglements with other political systems or individuals and other political organizations. Therefore, the (political employment game of the Muslim Brotherhood) began with the CIA, with its dealings  With the Brotherhood since former Egyptian President “Gamal Abdel Nasser” expelled them from Egypt in the fifties, and they had relations before that with British intelligence, so the American intelligence is trying to exploit their capabilities and employ them politically, considering that they are a well-known entity for the Americans. That is why you always find in Washington those who insist on the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, and even its support at the start of the Arab Spring revolutions, and of course the United States has a long experience in (the employment of political Islam groups, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, and the exploitation and exploitation of their lust for power for the benefit of successive American administrations).

    And by virtue of my knowledge of a large number of studies and researches of American think tanks, there appeared new leaks confirming (the United States of America re-employed political Islam groups and the Muslim Brotherhood politically to oppose and fight communist China and then Russia in the Arab and Islamic world, the Middle East, Asia and Africa).  And the Americans considered, in documents issued by the American National Security Departments, that “the Muslim Brotherhood is an advanced tool and spearhead for fighting the influence and penetration of the Communists, mainly China and then Russia, in the Arab countries and some of the Asian and African countries in which Islam spreads to confront communism”. This matter takes us back exactly, as (Hitler) did in a previous era with the Muslims of some Asian republics and employed them politically at the time to confront Russia. The leader “Hassan Al-Banna”, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, warned “Hitler” in his memoirs that “Hassan Al-Banna” is more dangerous because of the violent radical ideology that his idea carries as the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in its early beginnings, while the Nazi leader “Hitler” on the other hand, was in contact with “Good” is one of the leaders of the political organization in Palestine, “Amin Al-Husseini”, and all of them were linked by one circle of extremism and extremism to support the agenda of the United States of America, Europe and the West to achieve its interests in the region. The well-known Canadian “son of Johnson” in his famous book of “A Mosque in Munich”.

   Therefore, we will find at the present time that the relationship of the United States of America and the CIA with the currents of political Islam has begun to grow again with political Islam groups and the Muslim Brotherhood in the forefront of them, as an attempt to use them to (change the map of the Middle East under the cover of spreading democracy, human rights and opposing political regimes,  And then interfering in the internal affairs of countries), which are justifications and pretexts that experiences proved to be unsuccessful, especially after the failure of the American-backed Arab Spring revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Sudan, and consequently the weakening of the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and its arms within the region.

  But, the new goal of the American administration is to escalate Islamic fundamentalisms and the Muslim Brotherhood is no longer, in fact, its goal is the Arab world and the Middle East in particular, but the farthest goal was China and Russia, given the state of American fear of China as the next pole in America’s dispute over its control of the world, and Russia and its defiance of US and NATO influence in Ukraine and Central Asia, and its assistance and support to China through its alliance with it.

   Perhaps for this reason that not everyone understood, and I analyzed it in a deep academic way, is that this new equation of American rapprochement with the currents of political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood in the region and their exploitation to achieve American interests and their penetration into Arab regimes, has analyzed for us the real reason and explained to us this mysterious puzzle that was  His disclosure, regarding (Russian President Vladimir Putin’s meeting with the senior leaders of ISIS in Syria), as an intelligence attempt by Putin, known for his deep intelligence background, to dismantle this (the undeclared alliance between the CIA and the American administration and that  fundamentalist and radical Islamic organizations), and it is a good Russian attempt from my point of view to understand and analyze the political scene as a whole, and to understand all the dimensions of the American game in employing these terrorist groups politically, and helping them to seize political power and escalate it politically, and then support it in obstructing and curtailing (policy and the strategy of ascending eastward towards China and Russia), through that American plan for the dismantling of the Russian Federation and China through the elements affiliated with those extremist terrorist gangs sides.

Dr.Nadia Helmy
Dr.Nadia Helmy
Associate Professor of Political Science, Faculty of Politics and Economics / Beni Suef University- Egypt. An Expert in Chinese Politics, Sino-Israeli relationships, and Asian affairs- Visiting Senior Researcher at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES)/ Lund University, Sweden- Director of the South and East Asia Studies Unit