Growth Hormone and Peptide Therapy: What You Need to Know

This form of treatment targets multiple systems in the body with short chains of amino acids called peptides. In contrast to recombinant HGH (rhGH), an HGH secretagogue helps to increase growth hormone levels more naturally.

People who want a healthy and long life should not pass HGH. This hormone is known as the repair hormone and helps maintain healthy bodily functions and a youthful appearance. It also enables you to maintain a better mood; growth hormone peptide therapy increases muscle mass and decreases fat, gives you more energy and improves mental clarity.

HGH decreases at the same rate as testosterone at age thirty. The levels of HGH decrease as we grow older, and for optimal health, our levels should be higher. Health-wise, the body fails to heal itself properly without HGH. Alpha Hormones recommends peptide therapy rather than HGH because of the high cost ($1,000-$2,000 per month) and strict legal environment around its prescription. Sermorelin and Tesamorelin are generally considered safe and effective HGH secretagogues to treat low growth hormone levels.

HGH deficiency causes the following symptoms:

-Muscle mass loss over the past few years

-Loss of overall strength and endurance

-Physical activity increases the need for recovery time

Peptide Therapy For Human Growth Hormone Secretion


The FDA approved sermorelin to treat growth hormone deficiency in 1997. It’s a peptide that boosts growth hormone production in the pituitary gland. Sermorelin is a peptide that contains the first 29 amino acids of growth hormone (GHRH). Sermorelin stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone, which is known as a secretagogue. It burns fat, increases lean muscle, improves hormonal balance, and enhances energy by stimulating the pituitary gland to produce, release hormones, and support the immune system. Sermorelin is not as powerful as supplemental growth hormone, but it encourages natural pituitary function, making it a better alternative than HGH.

Sermorelin can be combined with glycine alone, and amino acids can also act as neurotransmitters. It may also help stimulate growth hormone secretion without boosting prolactin levels. The benefits of using an HGH secretagogue extend beyond weight loss and muscle gain, such as better sleep, less daytime fatigue, improved mental clarity, improved skin appearance, all synergistic stimulation of IGF-1.


The FDA has approved the use of Tesamorelin, sold under the brand name Egrifta. HIV-infected patients with lipodystrophy may benefit from this growth hormone-releasing factor analog. Hypothalamic GRF stimulates pulsatile growth hormone secretion from pituitary somatotrophocytes. Tesamorelin is the most effective HGH secretagogue in the market that reduces visceral fat and increases IGF-1 levels.

Peptide Therapy: Why It’s Right For You

Hormones have significant effects on your body and regulate processes. You should consider the HGH Peptides if you are experiencing the following symptoms: sexual dysfunction, inability to concentrate, mood disorders, anxiety, Vitality reduced, and fat in the abdomen has increased. Human growth hormone will be produced more naturally using therapeutic HGH peptides.

Benefits Of HGH Secretagogues

Improve sleep quality

Increase protein synthesis

Promote fat breakdown

Accelerate injury recovery

Increase bone density

Improve immune system

Increase energy

Increase protein synthesis

Increase in lean body mass

Increase IGF-1