We, the People of the World


The festivity at Glasgow is all over. Having burnt the midnight oil and that too for squarely thirteen nights, the summit plummeted into watered down and evasive ends having pushed the finance agenda of 100 billion USD as Climate Finance to 2023; coal to phase down instead of phasing out and the commitment of two years time mark to define and set the Goal on Adaptation.

It is all over. Climate Business delights us not, not at the moment at least. The marriage of compromise that took place at Glasgow widowed the bride of humanity establishing the failure of the Governments. On the other hand, it has brought the subject of Climate Action more a business of People than of Governments.

‘We, the People of the World’ must by now visibly differentiate between these demigods called Governments and these eternal bodies called States. The former are perceived as mere functionaries of the later, the politically organized societies. This further employs that former as functionaries have alternatives while the later are not substitutable. The threats posed to existentialism are not the former but to the later while the fate to decide this question of existence is being handled-or rather, mishandled by the former. Governments around the globe have failed their states around the wide prism of human earth in the Glasgow affair.

‘We, the people of the World’ must rise now to see Climate Action ourselves. There are ways doing this and this time around it is not the Governments who must be dictating us to behave and think in this or that manner. Their absolute control on our hearts and minds is to be shredded by us all together this time. We must begin a wide social discourse of what exactly happened in Glasgow. This ‘missed opportunity’ will have costs for us and costs the imaginations of which could be apocalyptic.

‘We, the people of the World’ must remind ourselves of Code Red for Humanity and its withering away in the Glasgow mist. Where did it go, how did it end and what more dangerous than Code Red could we see in the not too distant future. The hue and cry around the climate change was muted in Glasgow as if never heard. The so called Champions of world Democracies fell in love behind the mantillas with the so called Regimes of Oppression with divisions narrowing and intimacies enhancing while the scapegoat altered to honor this love affair was the Climate Action.

‘We, the people of the World’ have to decide and pick our choices between living in affluence and living with affluence. The Economic pace was what every country defended none agreeing to go slow in the march to so called development with each one having their own reasons and there are always reasons for almost everything. It is not for them but for us to decide whether we adopt the current pace and that if we do, we may be affluent but then we may never see the clear blue skies. That is living with affluence and a little go-slow will bring us affluence with which we might be existing as Homo sapiens and that affluence though small yet will be livable.

‘We, the people of the World’ must speak and get heard especially in parts of the world where voices matter; where people are listened to; where people are weighed than merely counted and where human dignity is recognized. These parts of the world happen to be the US, the Europe and parts of Asia. Our fellow men in those parts of the world must first question, beyond the shielded barricades of mainstream media-machine, the wills and intentions of their Governments on Climate Action and the sorry end of Glasgow. It would be absolutely from nowhere but those parts of the world where voices raised will echo around the globe. If those parts still remain silent after such wreckage as Glasgow, we will have minimal to no chances of cooling down our planet and must be ready only to be well toasted.

‘We, the People of the World’ are left to manage the Climate Action ourselves. The Government delights us not.

Muhammad Jahangir Kakar
Muhammad Jahangir Kakar
Civil Servant and independent analyst freelancing based in Quetta, Balochistan


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