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Chaos Maker: Bernard-Henry Levy video in Panjshir and the chaos making in the Middle East

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First: The Israeli-French intelligence maneuver deliberately displaying the video of the French-Israeli Jewish chaos maker “Bernard-Henry Levy” globally to form a “resistance front against the Taliban in the Afghan province of Panjshir” to distract the attention of the whole world and the Taliban leaders themselves about “the real  location-based of the Israeli intelligence presence in Afghanistan and on its borders in “Bhutan and Azerbaijan”

Second: My deep analysis for the first time globally of the relationship between the French-Israeli “Chaos Maker” video “Bernard-Henry Levy” in the “Afghan Province of Panjshir”, and the chaos making in the Middle East, the countries of the Arab Spring revolutions, and the role of Israel and the West

    The Egyptian researcher viewed, with great academic and analytical interest, during mid-August 2021, a leaked video of the French-Israeli Jewish writer, known internationally as the “mysterious person”, whose name is “Bernard-Henry Lévy”.

   And he publicly circulated it, and “Bernard Henry Levy” deliberately published it on his page publicly about his meeting with the people of the “anti-Taliban state of Panjshir” and a number of armed militia loyal to it led by “Ahmed Shah Massoud” to incite against the Taliban movement and its affiliates, the Egyptian researcher went in (an intellectual and analytical trend completely different from that of the entire Arab and Islamic world), by not believing the truth, purpose and real purpose of the content of this deliberately circulated and leaked video, as believed by millions around the world – including the leaders of the Taliban movement themselves who rushed to get rid of the insurgents in the anti-Panjshir state to them – especially all the Islamic peoples who hurled insults at “Bernard Henry Levy” as the Egyptian researcher saw and smiled strongly for this huge amount of insults in the “wrong direction”, because I have realized with my understanding of the Israeli and Western intelligence mentality, that:

  “Deliberately displaying something intended to display a specific mental image, and trying to install it publicly and globally, while it is intended to be something completely other than the content issued to us”

     And this analysis applies to me completely to the video of “Bernard Henry Levy” as “deliberately exporting an intelligence image in one direction to distract attention, while what is meant is something else entirely”. So, the Egyptian researcher has viewed and analyzed the situation, as follows:

First: The Israeli-French intelligence maneuver deliberately displaying the video of the French-Israeli Jewish chaos maker “Bernard-Henry Levy” globally to form a “resistance front against the Taliban in the Afghan province of Panjshir” to distract the attention of the whole world and the Taliban leaders themselves about “the real location-based of the Israeli intelligence presence in Afghanistan and on its borders in “Bhutan and Azerbaijan”

    On the other hand, the Egyptian researcher closely follows the Israeli intelligence and military sites, such as: “Breaking Defense Hebrew and Debka” sites, to explain, understand and analyze (how and the mechanism of the response and the Israeli presence in Afghanistan and on its borders, for fear of the extensions of the Taliban armed militias to the Israeli borders), thus threatening the security of Israel itself.

   – Accordingly, the Egyptian researcher stopped at a number of possible Israeli military and intelligence sites precisely on the borders of Afghanistan or even inside it, in coordination with Turkey, mainly, according to the assurances of the Israeli military generals themselves on the Israeli military and intelligence sites, so the serious and first global analysis of the Egyptian researcher came in this framework, by presenting and analyzing future scenarios and the following strategic Israeli tactical and intelligence plans:

The Egyptian researcher found an agreed statement within the Israeli intelligence and military services, regarding:

   “The need for Israel to monitor the movements of armed militias loyal to the Taliban through its Turkish ally, and through joint security coordination between Israel and Turkey, as well as through the Israeli presence itself on the regional borders directly adjacent to Afghanistan”

Therefore, the spread of leaks about (the Israeli intelligence presence in a military base in the state of Azerbaijan on the borders of Afghanistan to monitor the movements of both the Taliban armed militias, and to monitor the Iranian movements themselves), this confirms the previous analysis of the Egyptian researcher on (the connection of the Israeli presence inAfghanistan and its relationship with Bhutan and Azerbaijan states to monitor developments and the situations in Afghanistan for the benefit of Israel and its allies in Central Asia and India).

This applies to the academic analysis of the Egyptian researcher about that (the Iranian and international emphasis is primarily on the discovery of the locations of two Israeli bases on the territory of the state of Azerbaijan near the capital Baku” in mid-October 2021, to monitor the movements of the Taliban movement in Afghanistan, and to monitor the presence of the Iranian army and its extensions), and therefore, this confirms and also applies to the situation and the Israeli presence in the “State of Bhutan” and its borders and heights, which are very close to the Afghan heights and mountain ranges, making it easier for those Israeli military sites, as well as those Israeli intelligence moves, to take the necessary measures and means to destroy the Iranian army and its collaborators from the Taliban leaders fully upon any suspicious or planned move against Israeli, American, or even Indian goals or interests, as a primarily ally to Washington and Tel Aviv, according to the permanent and continuous Israeli assurances of that.

As these (Israeli military bases in the state of Azerbaijan after their unveiling immediately in October 2021), according to pro-Iranian websites, became within the range of (the Iranian Fajr Khamsa missile system), which is able to carry out the task very easily to strike those Israeli military bases in the Azerbaijani capital “Baku”.  And this (confirms that idea, with the Israeli presence on the regional borders adjacent to Afghanistan and Iran to monitor the situation and the Iranian-Afghan movements and its militias), and from here, the logic also applies to “the Israeli intelligence presence in the state of Bhutan and its regional highlands immediately adjacent to Afghanistan, India and China, and to expose the region”.

Perhaps as a result of this Iranian accuracy in revealing those Israeli military sites in “Azerbaijan”, which (the United States of America was forced to warn Israel directly against doing or committing any reckless or hostile act or making any attempt to target Afghanistan or those Iranian missile capabilities on the one hand Azerbaijan), and all the leaks came from the assertion of the United States of America to its Israeli ally, that:

“Israel’s targeting of these Iranian missiles or any other targets inside Afghanistan through these Israeli military bases in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, will burn Tel Aviv”

 This caused (international intelligence disclosure of those “Israeli military bases in Azerbaijan” to Washington itself, which led to the American request for the Israeli side to withdraw them), with the American assurance directed to Israel, about:

   “The Israeli need not to prejudice these Iranian missile capabilities through the Israeli military bases in Azerbaijan, and not to link them to the Iranian nuclear file, while calling and warning Israel to reduce its military presence or even withdraw its forces from Azerbaijan”

Returning to the Israeli scheme in the state of Azerbaijan, it was “targeting to harass Iran through the attacks as it was planning, and also trying to provoke Iran to respond to the Israeli bombing in the event that it occurs”, with Iran responding by bombing the two Israeli military bases, which are close to the Azeri capital, “Baku”, and that perhaps (an Israeli desire to embarrass Turkey as an ally of the Azerbaijan state), and it is close to the political decision-making centers in Azerbaijan, and therefore (Israel is forcing the Turkish side to intervene to defend Azerbaijan, as an Israeli intelligence and strategic plan from the Israelis point of view, which will lead to a strong conflict between Iran and Turkey due to  situation in Azerbaijan).

But,Turkey has realized the serious consequences that it will have in the event of intervention in Azerbaijan in favor of any party according to the Israeli tactical plan, and at the same time, Turkey does not want the “presence of another competitor or partner such as Israel or even Iran that may share its alliance and control to some extent over the state of Azerbaijan”. Therefore, the United States of America proceeded to warn and warn Israel not to proceed with its endeavors, which (which will mainly return to Israel and from it by targeting it from several Turkish, Iranian and other Asian parties, all of which will negatively return only to the Hebrew state in Tel Aviv and not others), according to the assurances of the US military for military leaders in Israel.

Based on those Israeli intelligence and military movements in “Azerbaijan”, which the Egyptian researcher also linked to the idea and philosophy of the Israeli intelligence presence in the “State of Bhutan” directly on the borders of Afghanistan by signing a peace agreement with it, the most dangerous international analysis of the Egyptian researcher relates to the same Israeli idea  Presented in Azerbaijan, and related to Israel’s policy of “deliberately diverting attention about the places and the reality of its real locations”, so, “Israel may deliberately  leak a video of the Israeli presence in the Afghan state of Panjshir, which is basically anti-Taliban rule and opposition to it, through the French-Israeli Jewish chaos maker, whose name is “Bernard Henry Levy”, as an Israeli attempt to make the “Afghan province of Panjshir itself a strategic target for the Taliban leaders to delude them of their success in striking the presence of Israel and its allies in the Afghan province of Panjshir that opposes the rule of the Taliban”.

The Egyptian researcher reached this dangerous analysis, the first of its kind in the world, due to her strong understanding of the viewpoint and method of work of “Israeli and Western intelligence in general”, that what they present to us and issue to our peoples of a “certain mental image” is not the truth that is intended to be reached, but is intended to access to something else entirely through it.

 Hence, I personally went to follow (the pages of social networking sites and the private Twitter site of the French-Israeli “Bernard Henry Levy”) and to send a public message commenting on the video of “Bernard” referred to, requesting an academic and research interview with him publicly in a post that the Egyptian researcher publicly published on the  Twitter social network that has been read by the whole world for my commenting on Bernard Henry Levy’s meeting with the leaders of the “Afghan Province of Panjshir and its armed militias to support them against the Taliban”,  of course, I did not miss reading the number of insults on the video of Bernard Henry Levy’s meeting with the people of the Afghan province of Panjshir, which were issued mainly from Islamic nationalities, the majority of which are Arab.  And linking all parties, poles, and analyzes to each other, I reached very easily that these insults are what Bernard Henry Levy and those behind him mean, and they are assured of the success of their plan to “distract attention”. And what confirms the validity of an analytical result completely, is (the fall of the Afghan state of Panjshir very easily in the hands of the leaders and militias of the Taliban movement, with absolute ease, after deliberately “Bernard Levy” and those behind him deliberately publish this video so that the leaders of the Taliban movement and the world can watch it).

The tangible evidence of the correctness of my analysis in this regard was my complete knowledge of “how fragile of the Afghan province of Panjshir”, despite it being against the Taliban thought, therefore, I expected its complete fall with absolute ease in the hands of the “Taliban militias”. This is of course what happened, and what he meant Bernard Henry Levy, who leaked a video of his meeting with the people of the “Afghan province of Panjshir” for their support against the armed Taliban militias, and in the full and complete truth, which “Bernard Henry Levy”, knows, that:

   “He completely wants to distract the leaders of the armed Taliban movement around the real presence of the Israeli intelligence in the heart of the Afghan province of Panjshir. Therefore, the drawn intelligence plan is to expedite the leaders of the Taliban movement to get rid of the armed militias in the Afghan province of Panjshir, seize that state and tighten the Taliban grip on it”

Which can be analyzed in my opinion, that Israel intended to publish this video referred to in the “Afghan Province of Panjshir”, as an intelligence plan, aimed at:

   “A delusional perception by the Taliban leaders, who believed that storming and controlling Panjshir province, misses the opportunity for Israel and its security allies to penetrate Afghan territory through the Afghan province of Panjshir and its armed militias that are basically opposed to the Taliban movement and its ideology”

The truth is exactly the opposite of the above. Giving the Taliban leaders the opportunity to achieve “a fictitious victory over Israel and the Western intelligence loyal to it”, which is the required success or the bait that the Taliban leaders swallowed with absolute ease, and even hurried to seize the Afghan province of Panjshir as soon as they deliberately published this video for “Bernard Henry Levy” in his meeting with the people of the Afghan province of “Panjshir” for their support in their “legitimate demand to stand firmly against the Taliban and its militias”.

Hence, the Egyptian researcher was assured of the soundness of her important and complete analysis, that the publication of the video of the internationally known Jewish chaos maker, “Bernard Henry Levy” in the heart of the Afghan province of Panjshir, is nothing, but:

“Deliberately exporting an intelligence image in one direction to distract attention, while the intention is something else entirely”

Also, as the Egyptian researcher tried in another way to track and understand the activity and mechanism work of “Bernard Henry Levy” in general around the world, the Egyptian researcher understood that his main places of existence are “areas of chaos and turmoil constantly, including all countries of the Arab Spring revolutions”, such as: (Syria, Libya  Egypt, Tunisia, South Sudan, the Kurdish regions), and others, and perhaps this is the real reason for calling him globally by the title of “chaos maker”, with his constant presence in places of unrest and revolutions or demands for secession, and his constant encouragement to secession or revolutionaries and rebels wherever he goes to it around the world, especially the countries of the Arab world and the Middle East.

From here, I can analyze the “deliberate leakage of the video of the chaos maker “Bernard Henry Levy” through him personally via Twitter, despite (he knew in advance that he endangered the safety of the people of “Panjshir State” as soon as he deliberately published and broadcast this video, and this was so clear and doesn’t need a discussion, which caused them severe harm from the leaders and militias of the Taliban movement after storming the state of Panjshir after “Bernard Henry Levy” deliberately published this video on his page on the “Twitter”), which reinforces the main hypothesis of the Egyptian researcher, that what happened by “Bernard Levy” towards the people of Panjshir province against the Taliban, it is “a clear moral betrayal in the first place for the sons of “Panjshir”, and then actually causing them to be targeted by the Taliban’s incursion into the state, and then to confuse – which is the most important thing – about another goal nearby in which Israel is present near Afghanistan”.

And what I analyzed in this regard, that the intentional leakage of this video by its owner in the first place, enhances that “intelligence mental image” that Israel and other intelligence agencies cooperating with it wanted to communicate to the peoples of the Islamic world in the first place and its intelligence systems and even the leaders of the Taliban movement on their head, by showing a video  The French-Israeli Jewish chaos maker “Bernard-Henri Levy” in Afghanistan and his meetings with the leaders of “Panjshir Province” against the “Taliban movement” and its affiliates, not with the aim of sympathizing with them or supporting them, but with the aim of defaming them, and handing them over to the leaders and militias of the Taliban movement, and this is another problem that has not been addressed  Before about “the possibility of sacrificing those who share their goals in order to achieve a greater goal”, and this is precisely what was done with the intention of deliberately leaking the video, although I reserve the word “leak”, because it was deliberately published and not leaked as circulated by a number of Arab websites and Islamic countries.

Hence, my analysis, which I concluded as follows, is that the leak of the video referred to by “Bernard Henry Levy” personally through social networking sites and the “Twitter” site, and even “left the whole world preoccupied with the leaked video of its owner mainly in public and not a secret leak without his knowledge, reinforces the hypothesis of the Egyptian researcher”, which the Egyptian researcher analyzed in depth, that:

    “leaking deliberately this video is nothing, but an Israeli intelligence maneuver with a French and perhaps American partnership, and perhaps with the participation of a number of international intelligence services cooperating with them in order to draw the attention and attention of the whole world to the location of the real presence of the Israeli intelligence and all the intelligence services cooperating with Tel Aviv, “Bernard Levy Henry” personally leaked this video, contrary to the truth for what it is intended for reaching”

Additionally, when the Egyptian researcher entered the social networking sites of “Bernard Henry Levy” to try to understand or read any comment from him or comment about the publication of this video and the timing of its leakage in the first place or such matters, but I found that it is not a leaked video as we arrived in the Arab world and in the region, but I found that “Barnard” himself was the one who deliberately put it and presented it globally on his Twitter page in the first place, so I have written  a public message on Bernard’s Twitter page, commenting on the video of Afghanistan and his meetings with the people of the Afghan state of Panjshir, in which I asked to meet him to do an academic analysis  I researched with him about this video, but my request was rejected and ignored to analyze the video academically, research and analytically.  Therefore, from here we fully understand the following analysis:

     “It is absolutely inconceivable that a video of the intelligence of Israel, France, and perhaps India as their ally, as well as other intelligence services cooperating with them, and sacrificing their interest with the utmost ease, which proves my analytical view that the “video of the French Jewish chaos maker” Bernard-Henri Levy”, is nothing but a kind of distraction about that Israeli-French intelligence maneuver by deliberately showing the video of the French-Israeli Jewish chaos maker “Bernard-Henry Levy” globally to form a “resistance front against the Taliban in the Afghan province of Panjshir” to distract the attention of the whole world about “the truth and location of the Israeli intelligence presence in Afghanistan and on its borders, and all the intelligence agencies cooperating with it”.

After all those events that accompanied the presentation of this aforementioned video, the Egyptian researcher continued to follow the method and mechanism of work of “Bernard-Henry Levy” during his previous work for a long time, whether as “an official military correspondent for France in Afghanistan”, based on a personal choice of his friend, the French President.  The former Sarkozy, or the analysis of other visits to him in this way in the “State of Panjshir” in many and multiple countries that witnessed turmoil or severe crises or demands for secession and division, and others, I was amazed at what I witnessed and analyzed from the amount and volume of information circulated about “Bernard” and the most important thing to me now  It became (attempting to understand the meaning, purpose, or purpose of “Bernard Henry Levy” deliberately publishing those many videos in different parts of the world, which he personally involved in those countries for sitting among their revolutionaries, or carrying a weapon openly with their armed militias, as in cases of separation and division that  He supported it, such as South Sudan, or for his permanent support for secession demands, as in the Libyan and Kurdish cases), emphasizing his intention to publish all his videos and pictures publicly through his social networking pages and wearing circulating leaks, as is rumored in the Arab world.  and the Islamic, which is something that is worth stopping at analytically and in research to try to understand:

“The nature of the role or work that Bernard Levy is doing, and in whose interest, and even who is behind it in the first place?”

Perhaps for all these facts that I mentioned, the nickname “Bernard” among the French and the world has become a “chaos maker” or a “mysterious figure”, and the big question about him, especially with his nickname circulating among the French, that he is the “inspirer of former French President Sarkozy”, his data bank and his close advisor.  We find that despite the intertwining of all these data about Bernard, as I mentioned, in his relationship with Afghanistan and the countries of the “Arab Spring revolutions” and others, which some of us in the region may not understand, given the difficulty of being familiar with that Asian region to a great extent.

   Therefore, the Egyptian researcher was able to link all these data, interactions and previous scenarios together, which are matters that linked them and the Egyptian researcher stopped at them a lot, given (the announcement of Israel in December 2020, signing an agreement to establish diplomatic relations with the state of Bhutan), as a small and remote kingdom in the Himalayas south of the Himalayas, in the middle of the line of Asia, specifically between India and China, and this coincided with the Egyptian researcher’s attempt to analyze this and link it to the Israeli presence in the state of Azerbaijan on the borders of Afghanistan and Iran together to monitor their movements and detect it in mid-October 2021 through mainly Iranian leaks, and also according to  my situation and assumption from the beginning is basically a different perception related to the location of the Israeli intelligence presence in Afghanistan, completely away from the “Afghan state of Panjshir”, according to the Israeli promotion through “Bernard Henry Levy” video and the regional relations between China and India, but rather the withdrawal of this on “political normalization with the UAE and the countries of the Middle East”, as I have analyzed earlier, through the “employment mechanism for the political and psychological value of the “happiness index” pursued and adopted by the state of Bhutan since its establishment and inception, and its promotion and dissemination in the Emirates before the start of the stage of signing a peace agreement with it”. This may be withdrawn later through several countries in the region, with which Israel plans to start political normalization.

Second: My deep analysis for the first time globally of the relationship between the French-Israeli “Chaos Maker” video “Bernard-Henry Levy” in the “Afghan Province of Panjshir”, and making the chaos in the Middle East, Arab Spring countries revolutions, and the role of Israel and the West towards them

   When the Egyptian researcher tried to follow and understand the activity and mechanism of work of “Bernard Henry Levy” in general around the world, the Egyptian researcher understood that “Bernard Levy” is a Jew of religion, and has strong relations with Tel Aviv.  In Afghanistan and the world, and what caught the Egyptian researcher’s attention to him are those old photos that he himself published, which were taken of him more than a year ago, to form a “resistance front against the Taliban”, made up of “the militias of the Afghan province of Panjshir led by “Ahmed Shah Massoud”, Knowing that “Panjshir Province”, asit was (the only state that was not subject to the Taliban movement), but once the video of “Bernard Henry Levy” was leaked, the Egyptian researcher analyzed for the first time globally the relationship between the video of “Bernard Henry Levy” in the Afghan state of Panjshir, and linking it to the relations of Israel and the West in general with the Middle East and the countries of the Arab Spring revolutions, as follows:

The validity of the Egyptian researcher’s analysis and her attempt to prove her previous theory may come from the angle of (Israel’s attempt to play to swallow the Taliban leaders for the bait or the trap set for them by going to the anti-Afghan province of “Panjshir” and controlling it, in the belief of the Taliban leaders and the Islamic world, that  Israel is playing there in the “Afghan Province of Panjshir” while the truth is completely different and the evidence that proves the correctness of my hypothesis and my referred theory, is that within a few weeks of the referred publication video by “Bernard Henry Levy” in the “Panjshir State” that has been stormed by  Taliban militias, and they were completely controlled and the movement of the Afghan province was paralyzed in favor of the Taliban leaders, and this was exactly what was required, by following the “game of delusion or projection or making political illusion” or “installing and fabricating content” and then displaying it in public to distract attention from the real goal of what is happening in  Afghan mandate by Israeli and Western intelligence.

We find that “Bernard Henry Levy” may have succeeded in one way or another in his mission completely after everyone in Afghanistan started talking about “the mysterious political role in Afghanistan and other places of turmoil in the Arab and Islamic world in the first place” by the French “Bernard Henry Levy”, known for his constantly presence in “chaos areas” around the world, through his movements and stances, which raise many question marks.

On the other hand, reviewing the reasons for the fear of any moves made by “Bernard” is also reinforced by looking at his various precedents in the same context. For example, we find that “Bernard-Henri Levy” was one of the most prominent French-Israeli thinkers who relentlessly criticized the “socialist ideas, Communism and nationalism”, and he considered them moral evils, and this is what he expressed in his book, which bore the title of (Barbarism with a Human Face), published in 1977, and then his other book (God’s Will).

It was also known that “Bernard Henry Levy” employed what he inherited from his Jewish father of Algerian origin in encouraging all “Israeli expansionist projects”, which was what the Egyptian researcher observed in the leadership of “Bernard Henry Levy” and his leadership of a group of fanatical Jews in order to establish (philosophical Institute of Levy, located in Jerusalem, Israel), and Bernard Levy is one of the most affected by ideas hostile to the Islamic faith, such as his view that “the veil is an invitation to rape”, and Bernard Levy Henry believes that (the extremist Islamic movements were not a product of Western anti-Islam behaviors.  Rather, from Bernard Levy Henry’s point of view, it is deep and rooted in the Islamic faith that calls for violence, and it is one of the most serious dangers threatening the West, such as fascism threatened it in the recent past), besides his other statement:       

   “Military and political interference in the affairs of the Arab and Islamic world is not considered an imperialist violation. Rather, it is a legitimate right of the civilized West and a sacred duty that must be carried out quickly and without hesitation. His goals are all centered on dismantling Arab and Islamic entities, and seeking to fragment them.  And scatter it, destabilize its security and tamper with its stability, so that it does not have a list!”

Here, the Egyptian researcher found that the French philosopher (Michel Onfray) was the first to criticize the positions of “Bernard Levy“, and he explicitly saw in him the description of (a philosopher complicit with suspicious world plans), and he considered him (an igniter of fire, a merchant of wars). Theprominent French philosophers, such as: “Prof.Gilles Deleuze”, his professors “Jacques Derrida and the historian Pierre Vidal Naquet”, called him a “cultural deception”, as the philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis called him “the empty prince and the criminal opportunist”.

The most prominent (areas of chaos) in which the responsibility of “Bernard Henry Levy” was announced as a chaos maker in the countries of the Arab Spring revolutions in the Middle East and the region, as follows:

When “Bernard Henry Levy” visited Libya in 2011 and demanded that “NATO intervene in the Libyan conflict and division”, and the strangest thing for the Egyptian researcher is that Bernard Levy personally lowered the green flag adopted by Libya in response to the 1977 Camp David agreements, related to the Israeli peace agreement with Egypt. Bernard Levy raised the old Libyan royal flag, which was in effect in the fifties and sixties, before the late Libyan president, Colonel “Muammar Al-Qathafi”, overthrew the Libyan monarchy, overthrew the rule of the former Libyan king “Idris Al-Senussi” and put in place a “ready-made partition map of Libya”. Bernard-Henry Levy also attended the meetings of the “delegations of the Libyan Transitional Council with former French President “Sarkozy” with a number of French officials, and “Bernard-Henry Levy” was active in arranging (the intervention of NATO forces in Libya).  He conveyed a message from one of the leaders of the Libyan movement to the former Israeli Prime Minister “Benjamin Netanyahu” and conveyed to him again his response to it.

 Bernard Henry Levy was also present in the “Kurdistan Region of Iraq”, and his adoption and encouragement of the idea of ​​a referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan Region from Iraq.

 Also, the strange presence of the mysterious French Jew “Bernard Henry Levy” in Sudan, and “Bernard Levy” was one of the fiercest advocates of international intervention in the “Darfur of North Sudan”.

Bernard Levy’s permanent encouragement for (the secession of southern Sudan from the north), and his encouragement of the plan for “the armed conflict of southern Sudan and the division and fragmentation of Sudan into several parts”. Here we find Bernard Henry Levy’s video interviews published with the (armed militias of Sudan) to encourage them to secede from the north and form a separate and independent government and region in “South Sudan” to secede to break up Sudan.

The same thing has been repeated in (Syria), with Bernard Henry Levy inciting the West to intervene in the Syrian interior, during which Bernard Levy called to support the Syrian revolutionaries to overthrow the regime of “Bashar Al-Assad”, and his actual meeting with the armed militias working against “Bashar Al-Assad”.

Here, we also notice Bernard-Henry Levy’s exploitation of the so-called “Arab Spring” revolutions, with his public appearances in front of the lenses of photographers and his daily field participation in the demonstrations that swept the “streets of Tunisia” before the fall of the late Tunisian President “Zine El Abidine Ben Ali”.

The most dangerous thing for the Egyptian researcher, as she is an Egyptian identity, is the mysterious, sudden, and even recurring appearance of the French “Bernard Henry Levy” in the heart of “Tahrir Square in the center of Cairo during the period of the Egyptian revolution of January 25, 2011”, and the strangest thing is that “Bernard Levy” distributed  Food on the Egyptian protesters and revolutionaries in the heart of the “Egyptian Tahrir Square in central Cairo”, without anyone recognizing it in the famous Egyptian Square that witnessed the Egyptian revolutions on (January 25, 2011 or June 30, 2013).

  Through the previous presentation of tracking and understanding the activity and mechanism of work of “Bernard Henry Levy” in general around the world, the Egyptian researcher understood that the “intelligence mental image” that is intended to be communicated to us by displaying public videos and pictures of Bernard Levy, and then deluding us every time that it is  Leaked photos or videos, without his knowledge, that the primary role of Bernard’s policy may have been part of “Israeli or Western intelligence maneuvers, all of which drew the attention and attention of the whole world to a certain point in order to plant an idea about something in another direction far from the destination of what is being circulated”. This is what happened with us in the Afghan case, and I analyzed it very carefully, as I mentioned.

Associate Professor of Political Science, Faculty of Politics and Economics / Beni Suef University- Egypt. An Expert in Chinese Politics, Sino-Israeli relationships, and Asian affairs- Visiting Senior Researcher at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES)/ Lund University, Sweden- Director of the South and East Asia Studies Unit

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Russia points to evidence exposing Kiev’s intentions to use biological weapons

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Documents uncovered in the special military operation in Ukraine corroborate the evidence exposing the Kiev regime’s intentions to use biological weapons, Head of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Research Center for Chemical and Biological Threats Dmitry Poklonsky said in the run-up to the Ninth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention. “In some cases, the study focused on infectious disease agents that had never been registered on Ukrainian soil,” he said – informs TASS.

“We have obtained reports of investigations into a collection of microorganisms that indicate the accumulation of pathogens in unsubstantiated amounts. There are documents confirming the intentions to acquire unmanned delivery vehicles that could be used for employing biological weapons. Considering the non-transparent nature of this work and the absence of any substantiated responses from the United States and Ukraine, we, of course, regard the documents obtained as proof that Article 1.4 of the Convention was violated,” the defense official said.

The documents obtained in the special military operation in Ukraine, including reports by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency of the US Department of Defense, corroborate that the nature of work carried out there frequently ran counter to pressing healthcare problems, he stressed.

“In some cases, the study focused on infectious disease agents that had never been registered on Ukrainian soil,” Poklonsky pointed out.

Neither Washington nor Kiev deny the fact of the existence of biological labs in Ukraine bankrolled by the Pentagon, he pointed out.

“It was confirmed by the 2005 agreement between the US Department of Defense and the Ukrainian Health Ministry. Far more questions arise from the nature of the studies being carried out in these biological laboratories and how this work complies with the Convention’s requirements,” the chief of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Center for Chemical and Biological Threats said.

International Affairs

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Psychological Warfare (PSYOPS)- The Pandora’s Box of Security Issues

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The world, functioning in its numerous forms and dimensions, is primarily perceived and misperceived by individuals through the faculty of the human Mind. A factor that creates a significant difference vis-a-vis human beings and other species is the complex cognitive ability possessed by humans. The mind is fundamentally an expression of thoughts circulated and imbibed through various means of communication. Deconstructing it further, thoughts portray the information consumed by an individual. In other words, this complex combination of the human mind, thoughts, and information shapes and reshapes our psychology.

Psychological war, in this context, can be perceived as a strategically orchestrated arrangement of information derived from variables like history, polity, religion, culture, literature, and philosophy broadly to channel propaganda with the prime objective of influencing and manipulating the behavior of the enemy to further one own interest. The term Psychological war is believed to be coined by a British Historian and military analyst, J.F.C Fuller, in 1920. One can observe that psychological war as an instrument of strategic importance is not of recent origin. Instead, the evolution of this tactic can be traced long back in history since the emergence of the State. It is considered one of the fundamental tools of statecraft and quite often has been put into the application as an instrument of state policy. Drawing a logical parallel, it can be advocated that psychological war has a close resemblance with the ancient notion of the allegory of the cave when applied in the present context.

Relevance of Psychological War

Napoleon Bonaparte once said “There are two powers in the world, the sword and the mind. In the long run, the sword is always beaten by the mind.”  With the gradual progress of human intelligentsia, the world is and will be shaped and reshaped through the use of technology. The hyperconnected nature of a modern globalized world broadly portrays the image of a collective human consciousness deeply engrossed in the overwhelming nature of technology that reverberates with every emerging aspect of human life. When viewed from the prism of the State as a governing body in the international forum, technology will be the emerging axis of geopolitics since no state and its citizen can exist in silos devoid of the influence of other states. This is primarily due to the free flow of data. In this context, due to the free flow of data, the power of propaganda as a significant dimension of psychological war would prove to be an effective instrument used by the State to further its national interest.

In this contextual framework, the role of conscious manufacturing of narratives under the larger ambit of the idea of psychological war must be given due consideration. In his famous book,The Ultimate Goal: A Former R&AW Chief Deconstructs  How Nations and Intelligence Agency Construct Narratives, Vikram Sood unfolds the idea of how narratives are created, propagated, sustained, and refined in domestic countries and abroad to further the national interest. He emphasizes not only the power of information but also the power of disinformation to de-track and mislead the collective consciousness of the nation. Therefore, it is of critical significance for a nation to enhance its understanding of psychological war, considering it a major security issue.

The cost and the expense of war are also major concerns for the State. In this regard, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval establishes the viewpoint that wars are gradually becoming ineffective in achieving political and military objectives and that they are also highly expensive and are gradually becoming unaffordable. He further puts forward the idea of the 4th generation warfare where the operational target of the objective would be civil society. A fair understanding of the 4th generation warfare is of critical importance due to the fact that the modus operandi to target civil society would primarily be through the perpetual use of psychological war. The cost of psychological war, when compared with other forms of war, is abysmally low and also highly effective in manipulating the behaviour of the State. The cost-effectiveness helps it be more sustainable, which can be continued for an extended period of time.

Materialisation of Psychological War


Psychological war is applied by many States as an instrument of state policy. China, in this regard, can be considered a prominent player that has materialized this idea. In the strategic book on statecraft, The Art Of War, Sun Tzu states that “All warfare is based on deception.” China has consciously tried to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of psychological war. The Dhoklam issue in 2017 substantiates how the Chinese government used psychological war as an instrument of state policy to further its national interest.


The hostile approach of Pakistan towards India is not of recent origin. Instead, it is a phenomenon that can be traced back in history during the early germination of the idea of Pakistan when the Muslin League was formed in 1906. After the materialization of this idea by a painful partition of India in 1947, Kashmir became the bone of contention right after Pakistan’s inception as a nation-state. Pakistan, over the years, has become cognizant of the conventional asymmetry between the two nations. Therefore, it has operationalized the path of psychological war in the Kashmir region with a more pinpointed approach of using Twitter as an operational instrument to create misperceptions at a low cost to achieve its objectives.

Psychological War and the Indian Perspective

Taking a momentary glance at the historical evolution of India as a civilizational State, it can be rightly stated that understanding the nature of the mind has been a perpetual theme in the philosophical construct of India. The use of psychological war is not a new phenomenon. The references to it can be prominently found in Indian mythology. In this regard, the epic story of The Mahabharatha is a prominent example.

In one of the instances, Krishna applied this idea of psychological war by disclosing a fact to Karna, which hitherto was kept secret and hidden from him. Krishna, just before the war, unfolded the fact to Karna that he is the eldest son of Kunti, his father is the Sun God, and the Pandavas his brothers. This very fact and the timing of the disclosure of this fact put Karna in a deep psychological trauma that depletes his mental strength. It was at this moment that Krishna offered Karna to join the battle from the side of Pandavas. A similar instance of psychological war used by India was found during The Bangladesh liberation war.

In the context of psychological war, Arthashstra is also a relevant text. It mentions the art of Kutayuddha. In Sanskrit, the word Kuta implies the application of deception, the creation of misperception, and misleading the enemy state; Yudh means war. Kautilya is a staunch advocate of establishing a network of espionage to initiate intelligence and counterintelligence measures as a major security initiative for a state. Therefore, it can be rightly perceived that India has a history of psychological war, which it has implemented to maintain security and stability.


Taking an analogical perspective, if the mechanism of psychological war is like a gun, then information is the potential bullets that are fired from it to target the enemy. The flow of Information can be considered the most important factor that makes psychological war lethal, precise, and effective. Therefore, there exists an urgent need for the establishment of an ‘Information Operations Command’ to tackle the issue of psychological war that is rapidly maturing and enhancing in its nature and methodology, fusing with the 5th generation warfare. 

Another area of critical importance in this regard is the pressing need for a ‘National Security Doctrine.’ A national security doctrine is primarily a broad vision of a nation in the domain of its security from an inclusive perspective. Strong inter-agency coordination and refined analysis of security issues are needed.

Psychological war, as a rapidly evolving tool of statecraft in the security domain, acts as a linchpin vis-a-vis the 4th and 5th generation warfare where civil society and citizens are targeted with a perfect blend of technology and information. This makes it a war that doesn’t have a start or an end date. It is fought every minute, and progress can be achieved, even though at a minuscule level, but on a daily basis. Therefore, India as a major player in international politics with two hostile neighbors on its eastern and western border, must hold into perspective the scope, significance, and emerging dynamics of psychological war to keep herself abreast with other states at the international level on the security front.

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Growing India Israel Relations: A Threat to Sovereignty of Gulf States

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India has developed remarkable ties with the Gulf nations, particularly the GCC, over the past few decades. The significant trade between GCC nations and India and Israel are the main cause.  This gradualist approach and efforts on part of India is to include Israel in a broader Middle East policy. Under the Namenda Modi administration, since 2017 Israel is “special and normal” because India has avoided the negative repercussions and no longer have fears opened relations with the Jewish state.  

However, the point of concern is that India and Israel’s growing ties must not result in a coalition against Muslims. Modi and Netanyahu have many good reasons to rejoice over their thawing ties. But the gulf countries must discredit them if they use that proximity to advance a common narrative of extreme nationalism, exclusion, and labeling Muslims as the enemy.

Since October 25th, 2022, news reports have been making the rounds in the media revealing India’s involvement in global terrorism. Eight former Indian Navy officers have recently been detained in Qatar on suspicion of espionage and terrorism supported by the Indian government. These spy-officers were arrested in August 2022 for their involvement in international terrorism, espionage, and spying while working in Qatar for a private company and providing training and other services to the Qatari Emiri Navy.

Purnendu Tiwari, a retired (Naval commander) who received the Pravasi Samman 2019 (Highest Indian Award Abroad), was the brains behind the transfer of data from a major Gulf Muslim nation to Israel and India. It has been reported in the media that these Indian officers had access to sensitive information while working with Qatar’s enemies and the Defense, Security, and other government agencies. This is not the first time; India has been involved in espionage operations that violate foreign governments’ sovereignty, though it continues to deny it. International terrorism perpetrated by India has also frequently targeted Pakistan in the past. One such instance is the Kalbushan Yadav case.

The relationship between India and Israel is frequently described as a result of a natural convergence of ideologies between their respective ruling BJP and Liked parties. The BJP’s Hindutva and right-wing Zionism are two ethno-nationalist political movements that naturally discriminate against other races and religions because they are based on the majority populations they serve. In comparison to earlier, more liberal iterations of Hindutva and Zionism, both parties have become more racist. Therefore, by all means, India’s continued close strategic, economic, and security ties with Israel are more ideological than pragmatic.

India should make an effort to protect itself ideologically from the threat of Hindutva becoming the state’s guiding principle and a vehicle for incitement both domestically and abroad. Its exclusivist and discriminatory belief that India is only the property of Hindus is dangerous, especially at a time when Muslim minorities are increasingly being lynched in the name of cow vigilantism.

Today, the Gulf is an integral part of India’s ‘extended neighborhood’, both by way of geographical proximity and as an area of expanded interests and growing Indian influence. However, as a result of escalating anti-Muslim sentiment and the Hindutva movement’s flawed ideology, the BJP, government is arguably facing its most difficult diplomatic challenge in its nine years in office. A few years ago in 2020, Muslim nations were outraged by Nupur Sharma’s (a BJP official) insulting comments made during a TV debate about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Islamic-majority nations voiced their opposition through tweets, official statements, and by summoning Indian diplomats. The BJP was compelled to take action against the party officials for posting a screenshot of offensive tweet.

Subsequently, Princess Hend al-Qassimi of the UAE then made a rare public statement in response to the rising Islamophobia among Indians, saying in a tweet, “I miss the peaceful India.” She did this after she specifically called out a tweet from an Indian resident of the UAE as being “openly racist and discriminatory,” reminding her followers that the penalty for hate speech could be a fine or even expulsion. These statements come after the Islamic world, including the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, urged India to act quickly to defend the rights of its Muslim minority and expressed concern about how the BJP treats Indian Muslims.

This suggests that the relationships New Delhi has worked so hard to build over the past few years drawing on the efforts of the previous administration is now seriously in jeopardy. India’s diplomatic achievement is starting to fall apart due to domestic developments that target its 200 million Muslims. The flagrant mistreatment of India’s Muslim communities now jeopardizes New Delhi’s carefully crafted Middle Eastern diplomacy, particularly with regard to the Gulf States.

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