Pakistan as a Gateway

Pakistan is a gateway state and has been facilitating the US in the past. Since early 1950s, Pakistan joined American club and was working in close cooperation. The first defense agreement was signed between the two countries on 2 April 1954. Muhammad Zafrullah Khan and Selahattin Refet Arbel, signed the documents on the behalf of respective Governments. As Pakistan and United States drew closer the high-level visits initiated between the two countries. Mutual confidence level raised, paving the way for new agreement, which took place between two countries in March, 1959. This enabled the military assistance to Pakistan.

Pakistan was close ally during the cold war era and played vital role against the communism threat. Manila Pact, Baghdad Pact, CENTO and SEATO etc. Pakistan was front line state in Afghan war during the USSR occupation in 1979-1989. War on terror, Pakistan was non-NATO closest ally.

Pakistan was sincerely helping the US and protecting their interests in the whole region. Pakistan ensured that the US will achieve its strategic goals in this part of the world. The US leadership knows it very well. Especially, the military establishment recognized it.

Pakistan was brokered for the establishment of Sino-US relations. It was an uphill task as both countries were at odd and worst adversaries. But the able leadership in Pakistan made impossible into reality and the Sino-US diplomatic relations were established in 1970s. Both countries were beneficiary of each other,  The Chinese were happy to have access to Modern technology from the West, and the American were happy by making huge profits by exporting Chinese cheap labor and raw material. Pakistan was the gateway to China and facilitated the high-level visits between the two countries. China values Pakistan’s role and acknowledges it. However, the US has forgotten and thinks that they are over smart and have fooled Pakistan to achieve their objectives.

Even, today, as the adversity between China and Pakistan is growing rapidly, Pakistan desires to narrow down this gape and bring both big powers close to each other. Pakistan have potential to bridge them again.

Pakistan made possible US victory in Afghanistan in 1980s and in 2001 just after the “(/11” planned incident. Pakistan has always helped America to achieve all its strategic goals in the region. Even, President Trump-Administration approached Pakistan for bringing Taliban to negotiating Table, and we did it successfully. Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan was lauded by US administration of that time and global leaders of that time.

 Recently, Pakistan extending full facilitation for the evacuation of Foreign Nationals and Afghans Nationals to safe destinations. Pakistan helped to rescue Many American and European diplomats and nationals. Almost all EU major countries expressed gratitude to Pakistan for evacuating their nationals.

Pakistan is yet gateway to Afghan solution. Peace in Afghanistan means regional and global peace. Pakistan utmost desires a comprehensive and durable peace and stability in Pakistan. Pakistan shares 2600 KM common borders with Afghanistan, Shares Mountains and rivers, in addition to culture, history, religion, traditions, customs and tribal system. Pakistan understands Afghanistan more than any other nation.

Pakistan, based on its understanding of Afghan domestic politics, can offer betters solution. It is strongly recommended that, Pakistan efforts and role must be acknowledged and recognized internationally. By nature, Pakistanis are peace-loving nation and promotes peace. It is a sensible and responsible nation and understands its international and regional obligations. That is why, it offers its all possible cooperation for transforming Afghanistan from war and unrest for four decades to a peaceful and stable place, where economic and social developments may prosper.

It is appealed to all peace-loving nations and individuals to share part of their responsibility to protect the sovereignty, integration, peace, and stability of Afghanistan. It is time to proactively extend humanitarian assistance to new Government, recognize them, remove their names from the list of terrorism and remove economic sanctions. Unfreeze their assets and support them to maintain a sustainable peace and stability. Assist them to rebuild a war torn country and rebuild it. Pakistan will be supportive to all positive measures and contribute its due share along with the international community.

Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan
Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan
Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan, Sinologist (ex-Diplomat), Non-Resident Fellow of CCG (Center for China and Globalization), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan.