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Disk Drill Vs. EaseUS: Which Data Recovery Software To Choose?



With the growing IT market, a number of data recovery software exist in the market. Some of the most versatile apps you can use include Disk Drill and EaseUS. In this article, we review the two recovery apps to understand their features and help you choose the best.

Disk Drill

Disk drill software is one of the most advanced software used to protect and regain possession of lost data. It is a highly functioning application that is fast and easy to use even for users with no experience. Besides, it comes with up to 500mb free of data recovery for users!

It has the following main features:

  • Supports hundreds of file formats e.g., videos, music, documents etc.
  • Full support for variable file systems such as FAT, EXT4.
  • Ability to mount scan results as folder.
  • Quick scan with the option to stop/resume.
  • Allow users to create image files in the form of IMG, ISO, or DMG.

In addition, the software supports data recovery and backup for files in all major devices, and can be used to cover all forms of media. It can therefore be used on pc, memory cards, hard disk, internal and external hard drives and USB flash drives.

Besides, you don’t have to worry if the lost data was in your smartphone, tablet or digital cameras. With its features, it ranked among the best data recovery software that delivers the best user experience.

How Does Disk Drill Work?

Disk drill Developed by Cleverfiles provides options for data recovery for both internal and external drives including photo recovery. It is quite easy to use. Once you download the software, install and run to recovery lost files. It also provides same experience for everyone whether experienced or inexperienced.

To retrieve your documents, the primary window program offers you a variety of files that you desire to search.  Choose the files that you need to retrieve from the preview and let the software do the rest for you.

Is Disk Drill Free?

If you are wondering if the software will cost you a premium, the answer is NO. you simply need to download and install the software, free of charge. Once you do that, you get up to 500MBs or recovery data. Once you exceed this free offer, you can pay for extra recovery for your devices. Besides, the pro version offers limitless data use in case the free version does not work well for your data recovery needs.

Which Other Devices Is This Software Compatible To?

The best part about this software is its versatile nature that makes it usable to many devices. It can be downloaded and installed to the following devices:

  • Digital cameras,
  • Laptops,
  • Ipad/ipod/iphones, and
  • Android phone version and more.


  • Support all the common disk-based storage devices
  • Data protection and backup features are available
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Support both Windows and Mac data recovery


  • The Pro version is expensive
  • The free version only recovers up to 500 MBs
  • Lack of phone technical support

EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS Data Recover is the other versatile data recovery software closely ranked with Disk Drill. Check out Easeus Data Recovery review from this discussion to be able to do a comprehensive comparison of the features and decide which is better.

This software offers simple solutions to recover lost data. It can recover data from a number of data loss situations such as accidentally deleted files. The software is developed with a graphical UI and can be easily used by all levels of users – from average users to IT experts.

Also, EaseUS is seamlessly compatible with Windows and macOS and supports RAW recovery, deleted file recovery, emptied Recycle Bin recovery etc.


  • Recover data from different loss cases such as OS crash, accidental deletion, partition loss etc.
  • Provide both Windows and macOS versions
  • Repair corrupted documents, videos and photos for free.
  • Support more than 1000 file types for documents audio, email etc.
  • Support exFAT, NTFS5, ReFS file systems etc.


  • Fast deep-scan algorithm
  • Simple three-step data recovery solution
  • Free version offers up to 2GB data recovery
  • Filter feature allows you to find and restore target files quickly


  • Average scan speed
  • Lifetime license is very expensive

So, Which Is Better?

As you can see, both Disk Drill and EaseUS Data Recovery software offer several advantages for data recovery with advanced features for Windows and Mac. You do not therefore need to worry about lost data. However, Disk Drill offers more advantages for data recovery with its more advanced features. You can therefore choose Disk Drill for fast, free recovery.

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Standards & Digital Transformation – Good Governance in a Digital Age



In celebration of World Standards Day 2021, celebrated on 14 October every year, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is pleased to announce the launch of a brochure, “Standards and Digital Transformation: Good Governance in the Digital Age”.

In the spirit of this year’s World Standards Day theme “Shared Vision for a Better World”, the brochure provides insights into the key drivers of the digital transformation and its implications for sustainable development, particularly people, prosperity and planet. Noting the rapid pace of change of the digital transformation, with the COVID-19 pandemic serving as an unanticipated accelerator, the brochure highlights the role of standards in digital transformation governance. It further considers the principles necessary for guiding the collaborative development of standards in the digital technology landscape to ensure that the technologies remain human-centered and aligned to the goals of sustainability.

This year’s World Standards Day theme highlights the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) representing a shared vision for peace and prosperity, for people and planet. Every SDG is a call for action, but we can only get there if we work together, and international standards offer practical solutions we can all stand behind.

This brochure is a summary of a publication set to be released in November 2021.

Download it here.

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AutoFlight presents V1500M – an autonomous passenger eVTOL aircraft



Shaping the future of urban air mobility: The tech company AutoFlight shows an autonomous passenger eVTOL aircraft: the V1500M. It will change the face of personal air transportation. AutoFlight debuted its autonomous fixed-wing passenger electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (“eVTOL”) to the world at the China Airshow in Zhuhai.

With its sleek looks and innovative technology the V1500M doesn’t rely on runways and airports. It can vertically take-off and land anywhere anytime. Virtually any rooftop or flat surface becomes a vertiport. When it reaches a certain altitude, the power system turns on the dual prop pusher, so that V1500M is able to cruise at speeds of a fixed-wing airplane. And in low-altitude airspace, the all-electric design enables the aircraft to operate at a very low noise level. 

As the energy consumption in the fixed wing mode is much lower than in the multirotor mode the V1500M can fly much further than any pure multicoptor eVTOL.

Being able to fly without a pilot, the V1500M’s uses eight lifting motors to take off and land vertically like a multi-rotor aircraft, and fly as far as 250 km when carrying up to four passengers. At the moment, a safety pilot is still mandatory. Yet as technology advances and regulations become increasingly refined, that space can later be allocated to another passenger or extra luggage. 

“The V1500M is a milestone – not only for AutoFlight but also for the global development of the urban air mobility“, so Tian Yu, founder and CEO of AutoFlight. “Our company is committed to developing safe and reliable passenger eVTOL aircraft and helping to create a better mobility future.”

In terms of safety, AutoFlight with its rich experience in aircraft design, manufacturing and its dedication to make reliable flying cars, following aviation industry’s standards. The lifting rotor’s and prop pusher’s redundant power system guarantees that the aircraft could hover safely when two of the rotors malfunction. In case of one propeller failure, the other still ensures safe flight and landing. The V1500M also has an whole-aircraft parachute, which is designed to act as the last line of safety to protect passengers so they enjoy safe flying.

V1500M will accomplish its first flight in the near future. The goal is to certify the aircraft with the aviation authorities by 2024.

Tian Yu: “AutoFlight will keep contributing to the eVTOL industry. Through building safe, efficient, systematic R&D and AC processes, leveraging domestic and international resources and establishing partnerships across industries, AutoFlight strives to accelerate the practical implementation of eVTOLs in commercial applications and lead us into a better future with UAM.”  

With its tradition and the experience, AutoFlight aims to create cost-effective, safe, and reliable eVTOL

AutoFlight is one of the earliest tech companies in China to start making autonomous eVTOL, including large payload logistic and autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Logistic UAVs were introduced first. They have now accumulated over 10,000 hours of flight time and been tested in all kinds of extreme conditions.

AutoFlight owns proprietary intellectual property rights in key technologies such as flight control systems, electrical systems or other core components. They have obtained over 200 domestic and international patents for its self-developed modules including highly efficient electric motors, electronic control systems, and durable lightweight carbon-fiber composite materials. 

“Following our cargo-to-passenger-strategy we go ahead step-by-step but very straight forward“, says Tian Yu. 

V1500M’s Key Specifications
Aircraft length10.3 m
Wingspan12.8 m
Fuselage height3.1 m
Maximum take-off weight (MTOW)1500 kg
Typical seating 3 – 4 
Cruise speed200 km/h
Flight range (fully seated)250 km

About AutoFlight

AutoFlight is a global high-tech startup, born in China, specializing in developing and manufacturing autonomous aerial vehicles. AutoFlight’s mission is to provide safe and reliable aerial logistic systems and urban air mobility solutions for human society. By leveraging new technologies in aviation, new material, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and 5G, AutoFlight actively drives development in eVTOL (electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) industry.

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Critical Decarbonization Technologies Need at Least “10x” Investment



Breakthrough technologies such as hydrogen-based fuels, bioenergy and carbon-capture storage solutions are needed to hit the global goal of zero emissions by 2050.

To scale these technologies and take them to market, at least a tenfold increase in investment is needed, according to the How to Finance Industry Net-Zero report.

Released by the World Economic Forum and Oliver Wyman, the report outlines how to address the supply-and-demand-side gap and take these technologies to the next level.

Part of the Forum’s Financing the Transition to a Net-Zero Future Initiative, the report brings together input from over 50 financial institutions and the public sector. Their focus is on how to steer capital to breakthrough technologies and drive a more sustainable future.

Key findings:

· The innovative blending of capital supported by an enabling ecosystem is needed, where different sources of public and private capital are brought together in technology-specific financing blueprints. To do this effectively, mechanisms that activate collaboration among multiple stakeholders are necessary.

· Transformative business models are essential, where industry participants and capital providers work together to establish new contracts and ways of doing business to increase the probability of commercial success.

· Targeted public intervention is critical, focused on the design of incentive schemes rewarding early movers adopting innovative technological solutions and de-risking schemes to mitigate investment risks unique to these innovative solutions.

The challenge ahead is significant, but not insurmountable,” said Derek Baraldi, Head of Sustainable Finance and Investing, at the World Economic Forum. “If executed thoughtfully, the mobilization of finance to breakthrough technologies presents a tremendous investment opportunity. This study found that there is a real appetite from industry for thoughtful partnership and collaboration between private and public capital providers.”

“Organisations have announced ambitious pledges to finance the transition to net-zero but the progress made to date is not enough,” added Ted Moynihan, Managing Partner and Global Head of Industries, Oliver Wyman. “There is a huge gap in financing of early-stage decarbonization technologies, which will be absolutely critical to achieving our targets from 2030 to 2050. With more research breakthroughs coming, we are now in a vital moment to accelerate the mobilization of capital towards decarbonization technologies in hard-to-abate industries.”

By proposing an initial set of financing approaches and de-risking solutions, the report seeks to initiate an important discussion on how to rapidly accelerate the deployment of capital towards breakthrough technologies.

The report launched at the Mission Possible Partnership event Supercharging Industrial Decarbonisation. It brought together public and private sectors from shipping, aviation, and steel. The Mission Possible Partnership will share learnings across these critical industrial sectors and present sector-specific blueprints for industrial decarbonisation.

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