Will Kurds Follow Same Footpath as Afghans?

Enormous fiasco of the U.S. in Afghanistan once again demonstrated inconstancy of Americans as allies and strategic partners. Recent events in the country occupied by the Taliban imploded Washington’s reputation and highly likely will lead to the slackening of the U.S. reputation in the Middle East.

Such status quo is very unfavourable for the Kurdish Autonomous Administration, which often encounters threats and aggression from Turkey and pro-Turkish formations in the north-eastern part of Syria. Furthermore Kurds are not on a good terms with official government in Damascus, therefore it heavily relies  on the support from the United States. Taking into the account Washington’s inconsistent external politics and partnership with Ankara within the framework of NATO, it is feasible that U.S. will throw Kurds under the bus if Turkey puts forward favourable terms. Historically, in uneasy circumstances U.S. always strives to reach a new deal or just abandons the problematic region. Such measures we have recently seen occur in Afghanistan.

In Syria the situation is yet to reach its critical point. Nevertheless American position is not so stable. Their economical ambitions are resented by the local citizens and it forces U.S. into a slight confrontation with one of the most important NATO colleague countries. That’s not taking into account the open confrontation with Iran and rocky relationship with Russia.

Kurds ended up in a difficult situation also. They did not achieve desired autonomous government, which was promised by the americans. Turkey has waged a fully scaled millitary compaign agaisnt them weather it’s on the combat field or in the information sector. Taking into an account that kurds are not in a rush to sustain a political dialogue with Moscow or Damascus, they cannot afford to a lose a key ally like U.S. Frankly it is not in their best intrest.

Ultimately, all of the above-mentioned factors might play an important role on the political leadership of U.S. Ultimately it could push them to take more favourable deals from the key players of the region in exchange for betrayal of Kurds. It is well known that The White House is not going to cling on to a weak ally, especially who possesses no benefit in perspective. Unfortunately their abandonment would mean Kurds will stand alone face to face with Turkey and pro-Turkish fighters.

Ahmad Salah
Ahmad Salah
Freelance Syrian journalist focused on the Middle East and especially the Levant.