A Hoped For Future Children’s Read About “The America Deserting Afghanistan Scandal”


For those of us who care about world affairs and are blessed with the  media means to keep up and offer our impressions, cannot help but find the seemingly countless commentaries about the on-going  American desertion of Afghanistan more than upsetting on many fronts –politically, culturally, economically; and especially morally and spiritually. There are others, many others, unfortunately,who at the same time can care less. As long as they and their loved ones are not directly impacted, as long as they can eat and drink and have money in the bank, they really don’t care.They will change the subject and change the channel when the word Afghanistan is mentioned. They prefer to navel gaze, just being concerned with me, myself, and I.

But no matter who we are or where we are  and no matter if we are attuned or not intentionally or not,Afghanistan impacts all of us. The callous public bad treatment of a rich historically White Supremacy nation in the internal affairs of a poor Non-White country, as a pawn against super power rivals feigning concerns for constructive nation building just to cash cow milk , reminds us once again of how the world of  White Supremacy wealthy classes really operate.Be it in their own country with their meager development programs for the racialized or otherwise  non-affluent or  otherwise vulnerable, stigmatized, or ignored,their fake nation building schemes as smoke screens to intrude in vulnerable countries, this  rich elite remains determined to stay on top no matter the grave human costs for those on the bottom. They are indifferent to the trillions of taxpayer dollars wasted, squandered, and pocketed which could easily have been used to provide higher quality of life for the poor, homeless, hungry, unemployed, sick, and uneducated. And they  are rather cold about lives sacrificed for their greedy motivations as long as the body counts remain under public concern radar.

This  is vile American elite behavior which has become too much of a routine immoral norm for too long… declaring phony wars and engineering coups  for the benefit of a few bent on winning losing battles against super power  rivals in Asia and in the Middle East  let alone Africa and Latin America. America has yet to win  such  imperialistic  ventures out right or at least significantly since the 1950s, indeed earlier, except for lining the pockets of those selling arms and oil and other vital natural resources while messing up the internal affairs of the nations in which they are intrusive. As a global publicity expose, the Afghanistan scandal confirms one more increasing time how much America and the West in general are  out of step with the rest of the world growing increasingly intolerant of White Supremacy arrogance  so detrimental to 21st century and beyond  sustainable justice and peace. No one who runs world systems from the seats of the West wants to admit that in mainstream media  all that much but it is happening and on world public display.

To so publicly let the world see the  American White Supremacy powerful has no clothes as a national elite  with global clout which used to have more pride, dignity, and moral modesty is a tragic indicator of national decay both within and globally. And it does impact all of us searching for national models of moral character to look up  to, be it our own country as American citizens or those in other lands who used to look up to us with dazed eyes.

 What do we tell our children and unborn grandchildren in America and around the world about the world wide public awareness of  what the embarrassingly shamelessly incompetent blundering elites did in Afghanistan?  Using an impoverished country in such desperate need as a political pawn  in super power rivalry ; as a milked dry cash cow in a region of the world we know so little about as a matter of intercultural irresponsibility only arrogant ignorance can rationalize?

And meanwhile as we get our children story book spin doctors spinning, how can we face the rest of a geopolitically  changing world which really does not need America  all that much any more except military resources , movies, and t-shirts perhaps since other nations have just as much if not more foreign assistance cash than we do and better consumer goods higher,higher education, medical facilities , and job opportunities than we Americans have to offer?

For good  sobering reasons as the media is reporting, Vice President Harris is returning from what is being called a lackluster visit to Asia; a symptom of a once morally respected super power having prestige time running out. Meanwhile a botched President Biden evacuation of Afghanistan originating in the incompetent negotiations of his predecessor he lock stepped followed rather than thoughtfully critiqued and did not fall in the pit for, is now being tainted with more shedding of innocent blood  on all sides tragically reminding us that phony or not there is a war going on in Afghanistan and the White Supremacy arrogance of a declining American and broader western elite are paralyzed in knowing what to do about it.It is because their conception let alone practice of peacemaking is grounded  in a ‘know it all attitude” with the presumption they must always be and remain in authority on top  rather than more culturally contextualized values for collaboration and win win solutions.

Perhaps another one or two U.S.Presidents down the road when the cracks in a declining West will be even more apparent for all to take note, will  contribute  to global leadership in  developing a new  sustainable global moral ethic in how nations should treat each other with decency and integrity no matter how rich or poor or their cultural demographic composition or governance ideological differences. No more ageist, elitist, ethnocentric ,  gendered, or  racist hegemonic hierarchical thinking, reasoning, and practicing.No more wars especially the fake ones with public lies about being for good while really doing bad things and ignoring the real quality of life needs of the helpless and vulnerable.  The making of a world for good for all of us in which arms and drug  dealers are no longer, by effectively designed and enforced national and international  laws and policies, allowed to fan wars which  maim and kill our loved ones to increase their profits and likewise effectively enforced laws and policies prohibiting the greedy international grab of natural resources in impoverished nations and murdering their innocent citizens and immigrant residents in the process of such rapings of lands of others.

With such collaborative and mutually respecting and empowering  global leadership,we will be on track as a world in which we realize we are all made in the same Godly image as human beings ; all brothers and sisters with the same needs and desires for love, care, and decent quality of life . It will be a world in which  generations from now our  children’s reading about Afghanistan in America and around the world will be a stern reminder of a  moral and spiritual  lapsing hedonistic world of a distant  past we are determined not to return to and repeat. And will not.

Prof. John H. Stanfield II
Prof. John H. Stanfield II
Director ASARPI: The Institute for Advanced Study of African Renaissance Policies Ideas Mauritius and South Africa former University of Mauritius SSR Chair of African Studies


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