Policy Dialogue Series Aim to Accelerate Uzbekistan’s Transition to a Green Economy

A round table meeting, Setting the Stage for Green Growth and Climate Change Dialogue, was held today jointly by the Republic of Uzbekistan Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction (MEDPR), the World Bank, and the Central Asia Regional Economic Center (CAREC). The event marked the launch of a series of 11 Green Growth and Climate Change in Uzbekistan policy dialogues and stakeholder consultations that will continue through December 2021, with the aim of accelerating Uzbekistan’s transition to a green economy.

Today’s event brought together policymakers and government representatives, leading economic development and environmental experts, as well as representatives of civil society, and international organizations to discuss how Uzbekistan can accelerate progress towards green growth and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Central Asia is a region that is particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts, and preserving unique ecosystems and biodiversity, transitioning to efficient use of water and energy resources, and implementing climate mitigation and adaptation are critical measures to ensure Uzbekistan’s transition to a green economy.

Uzbekistan’s government has made great strides in setting environmental sustainability priorities as outlined in Climate Change Strategy 2021–2023 and the Government’s Strategy on Transition to a Green Economy 2019–2030 developed by MEDPR.

“Accelerated industrialization and population growth have significantly increased the economy’s demand for resources and exacerbated anthropogenic environmental impacts and greenhouse gas emissions,” noted Shokhzod Islamov, Head, Green Economy Department, MEDPR.” In this context, this event is very important for Uzbekistan’s implementation of its green transition strategy and climate change mitigation measures.”

In Uzbekistan, climate-change driven droughts and extreme weather events are likely to stress water resources, contribute to land degradation and desertification, and impact health and livelihoods, especially among vulnerable people. The World Bank, CAREC, and other partners are committed to supporting Uzbekistan in strengthening its climate resilience and transition to a green economy.

“We applaud the Government of Uzbekistan’s commitment to accelerate the green economy transition. The World Bank jointly with international financial institutions, partners and donors, stands ready to assist in strengthening technical capacity and to provide results-based investments towards this goal,” said Rakhymzhan Assangaziyev, Acting Country Manager for Uzbekistan, the World Bank.

“This series of dialogues has particular importance since it precedes a new phase of intersectoral and interdisciplinary cooperation on green economy issues both in Uzbekistan and Central Asia,” said Zafar Makhmudov, Executive Director (CAREC). 

The remaining 10 policy dialogue round tables organized jointly by MEDPR, the World Bank, and CAREC will be held twice a month through December 2021. The meetings will focus on accelerating green growth in the post-COVID era; supporting green, just, and low-carbon development of industry and economy; building climate resilience; mobilizing green finance; and developing a roadmap for accelerating transition towards green growth and climate resilience; among others.