Why You Need Promotional Frisbees


Advertising is one of the single most important aspects of owning a brand. It’s not enough to deliver quality products, you have to know how best to market them as well. That’s where frisbees come in.

In this day and age, you can’t rely on the typical advertising methods. You need to think outside the box. Here’s why customised promotional Frisbees are the answer.

Three Reasons To Use Customised Promotional Frisbees

1) Low-cost Advertising:  Traditional forms of advertising are oversaturated, and this makes them expensive. What’s more, because people are so used to seeing advertisements via these routes, they subconsciously tune them out.

In contrast, for as low as 51 pence, you can use promotional frisbees customised with your brand logo to reach potential customers

2) Customers Will Love You: Most people don’t like feeling like they are being sold something. However, they do like having fun. Just imagine it, each time someone grabs a Frisbee, they’ll associate that experience with your brand.

Whether it’s with the beloved family dog or a group of close friends, you’ll be part of the fondest memories of potential customers

3) They Last: Traditional advertising routes are a onetime offer. However, your promotional frisbee can run adverts for you for as long as it’s in use.

Hence, the potential for long-term profit is enormous. That being said, if you want to make the best of this opportunity, you need to get your customised frisbees at the right place

Why You Should Get Our Customised Promotional Flying Frisbees

1) Competitive Pricing: Some businesses will charge you upwards of £15 for a single frisbee without offering any customization opportunities. However, you can get a customised promotional frisbee from us for as low as 51 pence when you make a bulk order.

2) Colour Choice: Most customisation services force you to restrict your brand logo to one colour, completely altering the feel of your brand. Here, we do things differently; we offer multicolour imprints.

2) Variety: Frisbees aren’t a one size fits all thing. We know our customers have different needs depending on their brand, target audience, and the use our customers have in mind. Hence, aside from the classic Frisbee, we sell foldable frisbees, boomerangs, coasters, etc. Here are a few samples.

Promotional Frisbees We Recommend

1) The 9.25 Inch Flyer: This is one of the most versatile frisbees you will ever find. It offers a large surface area for the multicolour imprint of your brand logo and comes in a wide range of colours including blue, green, white, teal, and red. You can get it for just £1.

2) The Flexible Football Flyer: This flexible frisbee is an awesome choice if you intend to give out frisbees during a sporting event. Each customised unit goes for 59 pence when you buy in bulk

3) The Collapsible Flyer: If you have portability in mind, get the collapsible flyer for just £0.98. It is available in several colours and can be customised.

In conclusion, promotional frisbees customised with your brand logo are an awesome advertising technique. We have the skills to give you the very best and the inventory to fulfill your desires, so why not give us a shot today?


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