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Russian intelligence and the future of Chinese-Russian influence in Israel and the Middle East



The main headlines of the Egyptian researcher future analysis, as follows:

First: Analyzing the reasons for the Russian leaking and handing over the (documents of the Israeli Communist Party archives to the Israeli government in April 2019), analyzing its relationship with China, and explaining the interrelated relations between all

– Second: Does Russia seek to spread the (Communist ideology inside Israel with China), by the assistance of the Israeli Communist Party?

– Third: Analyzing the historical relations between the Israeli communists and the Palestinian communists, and the extent to which China and Russia may benefit from them

– Fourth: The positive principles of the Israeli Communist Party in its relationship with the Arabs and the Palestinian issue, analyzing of how they are used by the Arabs to their advantage with Russian-Chinese assistance

– Fifth: The vision of the Israeli Communist Party is compatible with the Russian and Chinese policies in Syria and the Middle East

 – Sixth: The danger of the Russian handing over the documents of the Israeli Communist Party to the archive of the National Library in Israel to reveal the (names of Arab collaborators and recruiters with Israel)

– Seventh: The Russian documents leaked to the Israeli National Library, and the disclosure of (the role of a number of Israeli communists in spying for Russia)

– Eighth: The relationship between (the Sino-Russian alliance in the face of Washington) and determining the Russian timing for leaking documents in favor of Israel, in order to strengthen the influence of Russia and China in the Middle East and Israel

Despite the strangeness of this future analysis of the Egyptian researcher – as an expert in Chinese political affairs, and her doctoral thesis (PhD) was about the “Communist Party of China and its vision towards the political and economic reforms” and the other aspects – so my studies and analyzes extended to more advanced forms, by studying the relations of the Communist Party of China with communist parties around the world, especially within the region of the Middle East and Israel.

My analytical future research was also on the extent of the (future possibility of cooperation between those Arab communist parties and the Israeli Communist Party), especially at their annual meetings in China or Moscow and other international communist events, to which all communist and leftist leaders in the world are invited.

Here, the Egyptian researcher noted the extent to which the Chinese and Russian sides were keen to (invite the Arab communists and their Israeli counterparts to attend these meetings together).

  This is despite the fact that the Egyptian researcher has already addressed this question – in fairness to the right and the scientific and research integrity of a number of Arab communists – regarding:

 A) What is your view as Arab communists to the Israeli communist?

 B) And how you cooperate as Arab communists with the communists of the Israeli Communist Party in the joint international meetings that bring together all these communists in the world, whether in China or Russia, which is keen from time to time to send international invitations to communist leaders from all countries of the world, including the communist Arabs and the Israeli communists?

 The expected answer from the Arab communists was their refusal to deal with the Israeli communists for political reasons, and so on. Perhaps the result of the Egyptian researcher’s research on this particular point, which occupied her mind for a while, came through several Arab websites as well, which link a number of Arab communist parties with their Israeli counterparts.

   Perhaps the whole matter does not interest many, but it was of research importance for the Egyptian researcher – by virtue of my precise specialization in Chinese and Asian political affairs – and my extensive academic study of the (Communist Party of China and its relationships with the other communist and leftist parties around the world), through the (Committee on External Communications or the Committee on Foreign Relations) of the Communist Party of China.

   Some may accuse me, that the subject occupies a space in my thinking, my mind and my analysis too much to try to link (two things that are not the same), by looking only through me (the ideological link that unites the Arab and Israeli communists), without stopping at the other aspects of the political dispute, which is the strongest thing. The effect of this (the ideological consensus on the communist agenda between the Arab communists and Israel).

 Up to here, it was just an analytical idea that occupied my mind for a while to study and analyze, and to write a research, concerning:

 The history of Communist and leftist movements and currents in the world: focusing on the Middle East region.

   But the thing that made the Egyptian researcher to take a new step and look at the whole matter from a completely different and new point of view was that (the small news that the Arab side did not pay enough attention to, neither academically nor in research, nor even singling out any aspect of the discussion for it as a matter of knowledge), which is related to (or more precisely, the significance of Russia handing over documents belonging to the Israeli Communist Party to the (Israeli Foreign Ministry), which it handed over to the archive of the National Library in Israel),  in order to preserve and display them despite their historical danger to understand the many paths of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in the region, and to understand meaningful historical relations  She linked the Arab communists and the Palestinians with the Israelis, and at their head was the well-known Palestinian poet from the Arabs (Arabs of 1948), the poet “Mahmoud Darwish”, who actually belonged to the membership of the Israeli Communist Party, considering his belonging to the Arabs of the interior 48, and their carrying of the Israeli identity that they live within its borders in accordance with the decisions of partition, borders, etc.  Although this is not the main point for me research and analysis.  Because what worried me is this sudden Russian leak in April 2019 of documents, archives and the nature of the work of the Israeli communists and their relations with the Arabs, the Palestinian cause and the Russian or Soviet intelligence services in the period before the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and its disintegration into several states and regions, in a way that worried me on the academic and research level, in view of the fact that my academic and research interests differ from most of my peers, given my interest in tracking and understanding the path of communist and leftist movements in the world, especially the Middle East region, its impacts, and its relations with ruling regimes, …. etc).

   Hence, my new thinking and analyzes came to take a path, perhaps more serious, to search for a new analytical point. Therefore, the whole matter came new to the non-specialist reader, whether Arab or Western, and that is evident through my choice of this unfamiliar title for Arabs and perhaps for the Western mentality as well. Which took me longer to understand, and trying to analyz and convey to you, regarding:

 (What is Moscow’s relationship with the Israeli Communist Party, the Palestinian cause, Arab leaders, and Palestinian and Arab agents cooperating with Israeli intelligence during the period of the Israeli military rule from 1948 to 1968?).

  The known circumstances and facts indicate that Russia handed over (the archive of the Israeli Communist Party to the Israeli National Library, which is affiliated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel) in April 2019.

   And perhaps the strange facts of the Russian handover of those Israeli communist documents and placing them in (old bags similar to those old bags in which the Jews traveled in the past to the Hebrew state in Israel when it was established), and Russia handed over the archives of the Israeli Communist Party in those bags, as it was recently reported in April 2019.

   The most strangest thing to me, and the biggest question mark for the Egyptian researcher, is what she searched for, to find out what those leaked Russian documents to Israel contain, which include a complete history that was not searched for in the Arab memory, and perhaps the Arab historians themselves did not address it, about:

 A) The relationship between the Israeli communists and the Palestinian and Arab communists

 B) The names of all Palestinian and Arab agents, traitors, and recruits who collaborated with Israeli intelligence and the internal Israeli Shin Bet during the period of the Israeli military rule of Palestine from 1948 to 1968

 C) The names of all the Israeli communist agents who were recruited by the Soviets inside Israel

   Although all this archive was placed in the Israeli National Library, which is affiliated with (the Hebrew University of Jerusalem), what stopped the Egyptian researcher also on this situation, is:

 A) Why did (the Israeli military censor) intervene to not display the names of traitors, Palestinian agents and Arabs collaborating with Israel) from 1948 to 1968?

 B) Why did the names of a number of (prominent Israeli communist figures) cooperating with the KGB leak to the Israeli public, especially with their family extension and the influence of their Israeli children at the present time?

 C) Why did it seem to me analytically about the subject, as if it was (Israel’s protection of the reputation of the Palestinian and Arab agents cooperating with it, family and moral, especially with the death of many of them), with the names of (the Israeli communist collaborators with the Soviet intelligence leaked)?

 D) And why did the Israeli military censorship deal (with the principle of duality by allowing the concealment of the identity, personality, and reality of a number of Palestinian and Arab personalities cooperating with them for the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948), with the leaking of the names of the communist Israelis recruited by the Soviets during that same period?

 E) And the most important thing is also to understand it, is (why did the Russian intelligence wait all those long years to leak and hand those documents to the archives of the Israeli communists and the Palestinian communists) to the Israeli National Library at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem?

 F) And is there (an intelligence deal that was concluded between the Israeli intelligence services “Mossad” and the Russian “KGB”) to release those Israeli communist documents in the month of April 2019?

    Perhaps those previous questions were what occupied the Egyptian researcher’s mind and thinking the most, to analyze (and try to understand and interpret the views of all concerned parties, such as the Israeli communists and the Russians, and to understand the mentality of the Israeli military censorship, and to understand the most important contents of the Israeli National Library of important documents, and the most important withheld and impermissible information). By circulating and reviewing it inside that Hebrew library)? The most important question for me, as an expert in Chinese political affairs, remains mainly:

   The reasons for the lack of Arab and Palestinian interest in the dimensions and circumstances of the issue of the Russian leak of the documents of the Israeli Communist Party, with the presence of other files related to Palestinian and Arab communists? We are also more entitled to see them.  And there is also something left, about: Why did Russia so easily abandon this Israeli archive, with everyone simply knowing that these intelligence documents are always kept secret without any attempt to get close to them or to leak them, unless it is about (a future game that Russia plans in the future). 

  Regarding its relations with the Israelis in the face of the Americans and their areas of influence in view of the tense American-Russian relations) at the present time? Hence, the only logical explanation for me, which prevails over the logical and reasonable vision, is:

  The Egyptian researcher analyzed and explained the matter – according to my personal analytical view – as if Russia was providing a service to Israel in the form of old documents that no longer concern Russia and Russian President “Putin” now, in order to wait for a greater service from the Israelis that would benefit Putin and the Russians in confronting the Americans in the Middle East.  Especially with that Sino-Russian alliance in the face of Washington?

   Perhaps the upcoming years will reveal more about this matter, which the Arab regimes and the Arab media may not have noticed with discussion, opinion and analysis, and no Arab, American, or even Western and Russian articles were written  about it, additionally there are no discussion spaces were devoted to it, despite its analytical danger and lack of understanding well, that was the main point mysteries to me.

   This is with the acknowledgment and acknowledgment by the Egyptian researcher (by deliberately the Russian and Israeli intelligence together by announcing explicitly in April 2019 the Russian release or delivery of those Israeli communist documents for the benefit of the archive of the Israeli National Library of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel), and even publishing the news on the matter in small spaces piece of paper in Israeli and Russian newspapers or websites specific to the 1948 Arabs in Israel, without analyzing it, explaining it, or so on, which attracted me greatly to try to analyze it and link it in the future with (the Russian influence in confronting Washington in the Middle East by using the Israelis as a pressure card against their ally Washington).

  – Here, the Egyptian researcher can analyze the following main elements:

– First: Analyzing the reasons for the Russian leaking and handing over the (documents of the Israeli Communist Party archives to the Israeli government in April 2019), analyzing its relationship with China, and explaining the interrelated relations between all

   It brought together strong old relationships between the Israeli Communist Party and the Russian authorities, which prompted the Israeli communists of Russian origin (Ashkenazi Jews) to leak intelligence, secret and dangerous documents to the Soviet side at the time before the fall and disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991.

   In view of the circumstances and facts of the mentioned analysis, which at the time sparked my curiosity to follow and study the subject and question specialists around the world, especially the communists among the elderly, and because I am a well-known Egyptian researcher specializing in Chinese political affairs and intensively studied of the Chinese Communist Party and its relationship with communist parties around the world – the incomprehensible news came to me what I read by chance, and perhaps not to arouse the attention and curiosity of many Arabs about the conditions, reasons and the facts of the Russian handover the (archive of the Israeli Communist Party) to the Israeli side, and my question about:

 (How important is this matter for the Chinese side, given the alliance and the close Russian and Chinese relationships).

  Following this, it became clear to the Egyptian researcher that a number of Israeli Communist Party leaders had secretly transferred all the documents of the Israeli Communist Party from inside Israel to Moscow in 1977, especially with the “fears of the Israeli communists of the Likud party’s victory in the Israeli elections in 1977, and the formation of the Likud leader “Menachem Begin” to the Israeli government”.

  The official in the (Israeli National Library), whose name is “Yaron Seheish”, confirmed, saying:

  “He received a call from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to inform him of the arrival of “materials for you from Moscow”

  The employees of the (Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs) assured those in charge of the (Israeli National Library) and its officials, that “Suhaish”, as the responsible for the (National Library in Israel), must bring a large car to take these materials coming to them from Russia, so “Suhish” sent a commercial vehicle led by (Matan Barzilai), as the Israeli director of the archives department in the Israeli National library.

  The Israeli responsible in the Israeli library (Suhaish), added that:

 “This Russian archive arrived at the Israeli National Library, which is located at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in May 2015, and was placed inside old bags, “like the ones carried by the (Jewish refugees) who arrived in the state of Israel in the fifties, and that he was terrified when saw it”

 – The Egyptian researcher perhaps here tries to link between:

 A) The timing of the Russian handover of those documents to the Israeli side.

 B) And whether this was done, in coordination with China, and Russia’s alliance.

 C) With the Egyptian researcher’s development and analysis of an ideological attempt for the Russian-Chinese intellectual rapprochement with the Israeli communists.

 C) The most important thing remains the extent to which the Chinese and the Russians are able to pass their policies inside Israel itself and in the region through the Israeli communists.

   The researcher analyzes this, with the possibility and facilitation of Russia and China’s rapprochement with the Israeli side through (the section on communist ideology and doctrine that differs with the extremist secular and religious currents in Israeli society). 

  Ultimately, it will facilitate the presentation and transmission of the Russian and Chinese vision and policies.

 – Second: Does Russia seek to spread the (communist ideology inside Israel with China) by the help and assistance of the Israeli Communist Party?

   The most dangerous question in this context remains, about the extent of Russia’s desire to spread communism in Israel by leaking old documents belonging to the Israeli Communist Party at the expense of American liberal values, and the extent to which Israel accepts them, and the most dangerous and even deeper analysis here:

 “Is the Israeli Communist Party able to facilitate the task of Russia and China in internally infiltrating  within Israeli society and spreading communist ideology at the expense of American liberalism?”

  Perhaps this is the most dangerous proposition from the Egyptian researcher’s point of view, with the growing “national feelings”based on the communist (Chinese and Russian) heritage, and the revival of the world’s respect for their ancient civilization based on the (communist heritage), as well as the growing popular feeling in China and Russia, that their two countries deserve a place  Better on a global level in the face of liberal American and Western values.

   In addition to a common Chinese-Russian desire for the necessity of (supporting the theory of “authoritarian democracy”, according to some specific special characteristics of each country in its relationship with the society in every state around the world), and the resistance of China and Russia to the West and the Americans idea of exporting “global liberal values”, in conjunction with the growing Chinese and Russian suspicion  Towards the “Arab Spring revolutions”, and their belief that they were motivated by a Western American motive to export the values ​​of Western freedom and democracy in the face of the spread of communist ideology led by China in the world with Russian assistance.

   The continuous confrontation with America and the West has led to a growing conviction in China and Russia that they need to deepen relations with each other, especially in the Middle East, and relations with Israel, an ally of Washington, for these reasons:

 A) Israel is a window for both China and Russia towards Washington to ease its pressure towards them.

 B) Or, on the other hand, the possibility of (the Russian-Chinese bonding with the Israelis) to embarrass Washington to break its influence in the Middle East.

  There is a widespread belief about the Chinese and Russians that (the policy of limiting the rise and alliance of China and Russia through the United States of America will be through the Middle East), and its many files, such as:

 The Iranian nuclear file, the Belt and Road Initiative, the Russian and then Chinese intervention in Syria, and others.

  It is noted that during (the first annual meeting in the Chinese People’s Parliament) in May 2021, the Chinese Foreign Minister (Wang Yi), confirmed that:

1) Russia has supported China, and the two countries will “stand shoulder to shoulder against US attempts to hold Beijing responsible for the consequences of the coronavirus”.

   2) And the (Chinese-Russian double challenge to Western and American hegemony) emerged through the “disengagement from the US dollar” plan, the implementation of which is directly supervised by the Chinese and Russian presidents.

3)  Leaders in Russia and China feel that it is time to end (or at least relax) US global hegemony.

  Hence, we find the attempts of Russia and China to penetrate the Middle East and create various interests.

  Therefore, Russia’s move to leak the old documents to the Israeli Communist Party with the acceptance of China, as an effective weapon that can serve their interests inside Israel and in the Middle East, through a long-term plan to (restrict the American liberal influence and its values) ​​on the states of the region, as an attempt to confront the spread of liberalism in the face of the communist ideology supported by Russia and China as an alternative to Washington’s values.

  Therefore, the step (the rapprochement with the Israeli Communist Party, in particular, by handing over old documents of its own), is a carefully studied Chinese-Russian move to embarrass Washington, through the (rapprochement with the Israeli communists as a key to penetration into Israel, Washington’s ally, and then the ease of the flow of their alliance with the rest of the countries in the region). Through the communist and leftist intellectual agenda through activating the communist and leftist movements in the Middle East as a suitable alternative to confront Washington’s liberal intellectual and cultural agenda.

   Perhaps this explains to the Egyptian researcher the reasons for Russia and China to host a number of international conferences of communist and leftist gatherings around the world, giving special importance to the Israeli Communist Party, opening different channels of cooperation with it and constantly inviting its members and leaders to both Beijing and Moscow.

  In 2020, the commander of the US Central Command, Major General (Kenneth McKenzie), has said that:

 “The Middle East has become an arena of conflict between major powers, as China seeks to use its weight to build a long-term strategic bridgehead, while Russia deploys scant but highly concentrated military capabilities to obstruct the United States in the Middle East”

   Hence, the previous analysis about Russia and China’s endeavor to penetrate through a communist intellectual agenda and spread the communist ideology through the gateway of the Israeli communists in the first place, then the communists and the Arab leftists, may be a (long-term key), but it may bear fruit in the long run.

  In the same context, we can find that the Russian-Chinese intervention in the Middle East is trying to show (tactical flexibility) while trying to develop (a clear strategic vision for Russian cooperation with China).

  Therefore, Russia’s move to hand over communist documents of interest to the Israelis should not consider Russia and China’s policies in the region from the point of view of (filling the ideological vacuum that Washington may have left upon the gradual withdrawal from the region), but also based on (mainly Chinese and Russian internal popular national interactions).  It is based on the desire to (revitalize Sino-Russian nationalism), to raise it to the level of “great powers” ​​once again, and to strengthen the nationalist sentiments of the citizens of Russia and China globally, in Israel and the Middle East, in the face of American and Western liberal ideology, and their supporting values ​​for imposing a specific agenda and orientations on them.  , and on the Israeli interior and various countries of the Middle East.

  Therefore, the Russian-Chinese joint thinking in handing over old private documents of interest to the communists of Israel – according to the interpretation of the Egyptian researcher – came as an important, long-term ideological step for soft penetration into the Israeli strategic depth through a different intellectual gateway to counterbalance or perhaps confront the liberal American influence, and prevent its spread globally and restrict it in  Inside Israel and in the countries of the Middle East through the Israeli communists and the Arabs.

– Third: The historical relations between the Israeli communists and the Palestinian communists, and the extent to which China and Russia can benefit from them

  This Communist party of Israel arose under the leadership of the Israeli Communist (Mikons), under the name (the Palestinian Communist Party) after the Soviet Union announced its support for (the project to divide Palestine and establish two states on its lands), and a representative of the Communist Party was included at the time as an MP in the Knesset or Parliament, after announcing the establishment of Israel.  His name turned into the “Israeli Communist Party”, and he was joined by members of the “Arab Communists” who had called themselves the “National Liberation League” before the establishment of Israel, as well as a number of Jewish communists themselves.

  We find that the crisis between (the Israeli communists and the Palestinian communists) reached its climax when the split occurred in the ranks of the Israeli Communist Party in 1965, when the Israeli Communist “Felner”, who is the (head of the Israeli Jewish Front of the Communist Party), announced with his comrades the establishment of the new communist list, which is called (Rakah).

 The Israeli Communist Party was unable to maintain its position as a result of this split, which was followed by the withdrawal of many members from it, and their joining new leftist frameworks and parties, such as the (Moked Movement and the Chile List).

 The (leftist Rakah movement) renamed the Israeli Communist Party name again in the mid-1980s.

 The Israeli Communist Party won the (First Knesset elections) in 1949. It won (four seats) in the Knesset, and in 1955, the Israeli Communist Party won (six seats in the Knesset), and in 1969, it obtained (only one seat in the Israeli Knesset).

 The Communist Party was represented in the (Histadrut General Organization) and its union and organizational institutions.

 In the mid-1970s, the (Rakah movement) was able to establish the (Democratic Front for Peace and Equality), as a framework that includes within it several allied Arab and Jewish forces, in order to contest the local and parliamentary elections in Israel.

 Perhaps what caught the Egyptian researcher’s attention here, in a different way, is about:

 (Can China and Russia benefit historically from the rapprochement between the Israeli communists and the Palestinian communists, especially during the “first period” of the establishment of the Israeli Communist Party?)

  Rather, how can the Russian-Chinese build on it in the future, by promoting the revival of nationalism and the (nationalist feelings) that bind the communists together, and the promotion of communist principles that mean the possibility of “dissolving political differences and conflicts on the basis of communist ideology and ideology”

 The Egyptian researcher can analyze this matter in another direction, which is represented in the Russian and Chinese benefiting from the (limited seats of the Israeli Communist Party members in the Israeli Knesset, through their ideological support) as a long-term strategic plan to mainly serve the interests of China and Russia within the Israeli depth itself, especially with that historical experience of the Israeli communist leaders and Arab communists in 1948, who have been participating in the actual elections inside Israel, and they have been actually obtaining a number of seats, albeit limited, within the parliament or the (Israeli Knesset) itself.

  So, The Egyptian researcher believes that the Russian-Chinese penetration in the Middle East, and while recognizing the complexity and intertwining of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Sino-Russian promotion of different cases of (peaceful coexistence between Arab communists and Israelis, is a new and dangerous matter that no one has ever noticed), especially from those who have never belonged to communist thought and leftist ideology, or to those academics who study communist and leftist movements and currents around the world, especially in the Middle East.

  What the Egyptian researcher remembers in this context and has already referred to, is the affiliation of the late well-known Palestinian poet “Mahmoud Darwish” to the Israeli Communist Party, as he was from the 1948 Arabs, who maintained an Israeli identity and lived within the same Israeli society, and it was and still is very popular in all Arab circles.  And the Palestinians themselves.

  Here, we find that the relationship of the Arab communists with the Palestinians, and specifically the Arabs of 1948, was very close. He was one of the most important affiliates, as the late Palestinian poet (Mahmoud Darwish) as I have mentioned has worked in the press of the Israeli Communist Party itself, such as: (Al-Ittihad and Al-Jadeed newspapers). 

  Which later became the supervisor of its editor, as he participated in the editing of (Al-Fajr newspaper) also with its communist ideas and affiliations.

 We find here that the relationship between the Israeli communists and the Palestinians is very strong – even if it was marred by some crises, as I mentioned, due to differences in views regarding the (Nasser era at Cairo) and others, or with regard to the (properties of Jews in Egypt and the Arab countries) and others, and it goes back to the period of the establishment of the Palestinian Communist Party itself, which was founded at the beginning of the year. The period of the twenties, specifically in 1919, and it was formed from the remnants of (the union of members of the National Liberation League in Israel and the Communist Party of Land-Israel), as an anti-Zionist party that calls for a (two-state solution) for the Palestinian and Israeli peoples.

 – Perhaps the most prominent points of convergence and participation between the Israeli communists and the Palestinian communists are:

A) Openness to all progressive ideas in humanity and the struggle for them.

B) With the affirmation of the communists of Israel and Palestine on the need to support and respect the issues and rights of workers, raise their standard of living.

C) Development of Israeli state for the benefit of all Jewish and Arab populations without any discrimination between the two parties, and stand firmly against cases of (racism, national extremism and social reaction) that call for the separation of everything that is Arab, Jewish or Israeli.

 Hence the rapprochement between the Israeli communists and the Palestinians through their presence in one party – I mean the 1948 Arab communists – in order to defend the civil equality between Palestinians and Israelis, and to call for respecting the idea of ​​(nationalism) for Arab citizens of Israel and recognizing them as a national minority.

  As for (How can China and Russia take advantage of the Israeli Communist Party to advance their interests)?

  This is due to the Egyptian researcher to an academic research that she has already published several years ago, entitled:

 (The impact of Chinese labor in Israel on Arab national security)

 The idea of ​​this research in a nutshell is due to the presence of thousands of Chinese workers in Israel, which the statistics of the early 2000s estimated to more than 23 thousand of the Chinese workers inside Israel, working mainly in the field of construction, and most of them without official residence papers, which resulted in wasting their rights as a result of lacking of legitimate accommodation, so they’re not receiving fair salaries and a reasonable standard of living in Israel.

 Hence, China and Russia can also benefit together from (the ideas of the Israeli Communist Party regarding foreign and immigrant workers inside Israel, and giving them their rights).

 Where the constitution of the Israeli Communist Party stipulates (respect and protection for labor immigrants and foreign workers), and to guarantee them just laws that guarantee their rights with respect and equality.

  Hence, the Egyptian researcher believes that China and Russia can take advantage of this Israeli communist proposal to protect the rights of their citizens working inside Israel and protect their rights according to fair conditions advocated by the Israeli Communist Party. Russia and China agree with them to protect the rights and interests of their countries and their citizens inside Israel itself.

  Of course, the Egyptian researcher analyzes the matter as a provocation to the American side and the extremist Jewish elements in their dealings with those non-Jewish foreign workers, especially those of Chinese and Russian nationalities, as well as the rest of the Asian workers that are widely spread within Israeli society.

– Fourth: The positive principles of the Israeli Communist Party in its relationship with the Arabs and the Palestinian issue, analyzing of how they are can be beneficial used by the Arabs to their advantage with the Russian-Chinese assistance

  The Egyptian researcher found that there are a number of positive principles adopted by the “Israeli Communist Party” that are completely different from the rest of the other Israeli parties, which serve the Palestinian cause and the Arab-Israeli conflict file from a positive perspective, through a number of the following principles of the Israeli Communist Party, which are:

 1) The Israeli Communist Party raises the principle that both the (Zionism in Israel serve imperialism, hegemony and unipolarity).

 2) The idea of ​​gathering (the Jewish diaspora) from around the world and calling them to Israel is unsuccessful and is rejected by the Israeli Communist Party.

 3) The idea of ​​the Communist Party in Israel about the necessity of establishing a socialist system in Israeli society based on (class struggle, not religious conflict), is an idea that serves the Palestinian cause and the conflict over the identity of the state.

 4) The support of the Israeli Communist Party to grant the Arabs in Israel a kind of (self-recognition) until the separation between Israel and the Arabs.

 5) The party expresses its strong opposition to the policy of the Israeli government, such as: the (military rule and strengthening of the Israeli army).

 Through the previous proposition, which theoretically serves to some extent the Palestinian and Arab cause in its conflict relationship with Israel, given the rejection of (the Israeli communist ideology of American imperialism, hegemony and unipolarity from Washington), and this is what converges (China and Russia in opposing the American unilateralism in its relations with the region)  and the world).

 Therefore, the Egyptian researcher imagines that this may be (the appropriate main entrance for both China and Russia to re-publish communist ideology in the face of American liberalism and values), which created a large gap between the Arabs and Palestinians with Israel, and even between the same social classes on both sides.

   Israeli communism here serves the Palestinian matter and the file of Arab-Israeli conflict by rejecting the Israeli military tendency and doctrine and the recruitment of Israeli youth into the army. It rejects as well the (Zionism) as an agenda that serves the interests of certain groups. It also refuses to gather the Jews of the whole world in Israel, and this is the same key to solving the complex relationship between Palestinians and Israelis from during (Russia and China’s attempt to rapprochement with the Israeli communists, and Russia’s leakage of the old documents of interest to them that they had demanded for many years ago), the Russian release of them now carries a deep meaning in “confronting the influence of Washington itself inside Israel, and searching historically for the awakening and revival of national and patriotic feelings”. For the Arabs and the Palestinians, which in this previous way converge positively with the communist ideology adopted by China and its ruling Communist Party, and Russia is now paving the way for creating a good atmosphere of rapprochement with the communists of Israel).

  And the strangest thing for the Egyptian researcher remains, is “Washington’s lack of attention to this proposition, nor its intellectual and research centers have discussed this proposition or that complex hypothesis before”, regarding Russia’s handing over the documents of the Israeli communists, and China’s relationship with that, and the extent to which China and Russia together benefit from the common Israeli communist principles with  Legitimate Arab and Palestinian demands to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict in the face of US support for non-communist Israeli politicians.

 Can Russia and China take advantage of this, and create a state of controversy globally and in the Middle East over the convergence of Israeli communist principles in favor of the Palestinian and Arab cause itself, and in the face of American and Israeli policies?

   Hence, I have asked everyone to analyze the whole matter, which no one noticed in the Middle East as a whole, and was not dealt with by study, interest and analysis by any American, Western or even Israeli research or paper, with the presence of the (China-Israel Studies Program) in the Israel National Security Institute  (INSS), which is one of the most powerful research programs known globally on China, but there’s not paradoxically any paper or a scientific research study has dealt or analytically studied this matter before.

– Fifth: The vision of the Israeli Communist Party is compatible with the Russian and Chinese policies in Syria and the Middle East

  The Israeli Communist Party gained strength in the Arab and Palestinian community in the mid-fifties, but major crises swept the Communist Party in Israel, due to the background of supporting or opposing the positions of the late Egyptian President (Gamal Abdel Nasser), so two currents or trends began to appear, as following:

 A) The first trend: It included in its majority the Israeli Jews, led by (Mikonis and Sneh).

  The incompatibility of supporters of this Israeli communist movement, and their opposition to a number of (Nasserist policies) during that era, appeared.

 B) The second trend: It is an (Arab nationalist trend) that was included in the majority Arabs, led by (Meir Filner and Tawfiq Tubi).

  This trend was one of (supporters of the Nasserist socialist decisions) in its entirety, and their view that it is a plurality of extension to them that serves the interests of the communists and the Palestinian and Arab leftists.

 On the other hand, the Egyptian researcher found that there are a number of the most prominent modern and contemporary joint positive positions of the Israeli Communist Party, including the 1948 Arabs in Israel, which are almost compatible with (the long-term Chinese and Russian vision inside Israel and the Middle East in general), especially regarding  (The current crisis in Syria, and the joint Russian and then Chinese intervention in Syria in light of the Israeli presence already present in the Golan Heights).

  This is what decisions and principles were presented by (the Central Committee of the Israeli Communist Party), and were already focused on in its comprehensive statement by the Central Committee of the Israeli Communist Party, on Saturday, September 22, 2018, at the 13th regular meeting in (the city of Haifa).

  A (comprehensive political statement) was presented in which it addressed all of the general issues, whether inside Israel or in the region in general, which the Egyptian researcher found to have consensus and a common vision with the Chinese and Russian sides, and may serve their interests in the long run, such as:

 1) Warning of the Israeli Communist Party against the continuation of the aggressive policy that denies the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and is supported by the United States.

 2) The Israeli Communist Party explicitly declares its rejection of the colonial scheme that perpetuates the (American hegemony, imperialism and unilateralism), called the “Deal of the Century” to completely eliminate the Palestinian cause by liquidating its components, the issue of Jerusalem, and the refugees.

 3) The Central Committee of the Israeli Communist Party rejected the Israeli politicians’ imposition of plans (settlement, Judaization of Jerusalem, and the elimination of the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people).

 4) Warning the Israeli communist leaders of the danger of a war in the region because of the policy practiced by the Israeli government on (Syria), under the pretext or pretext (limiting the Iranian presence) there.

  The Egyptian researcher believes that this proposal and that Israeli communist vision serve the Chinese-Russian agenda in the face of the same American and Israeli policies inside Syria, given the consensus and partnership between China and Russia with Iran, which China crowned during the month of March 2021, with the signing of the (strategic partnership) agreement.  With the Iranian side for 25 years.

 5) The Israeli communist statement touched on its strong rejection of the (Israeli nationalism) law, stressing its quest to bring it down, through (the joint Jewish-Arab struggle built on militant foundations).

 6) The Central Committee of the Israeli Communist Party warned of the so-called American concepts under different names derived from the commercial and capitalist world, and in this context falls the decision (transferring the American embassy to Jerusalem).

  This may serve the Chinese and Russian proposals regarding the necessity of solving this problem, with what was previously proposed and written about by the Egyptian researcher, about (the Chinese deal of the century versus its American counterpart), which was supported by the Palestinian side as soon as it was presented, although its features were not yet clear in light of the change of the administration (Trump) and the advent of the administration of the current president (Joe Biden), who has not yet clarified his position on it in great detail.

 7) The Israeli Communist Party’s rejection of the political position of the Israeli and American government in support of stopping the aid provided to the UNRWA, which aims to seek the settlement of Palestinian refugees, end the refugee file permanently, and close the office of (the Palestine Liberation Organization in Washington), with the rejection of the Israeli communist leaders  To displace (the town of Khan al-Ahmar) in Jerusalem.

 8) The Central Committee of the Israeli Communist Party also confirmed that the “Israeli Nationality Law” is directed primarily against the Palestinian Arab national minority in Israel, with the aim of (liquidating the Palestinian cause), as this minority constitutes a fundamental force for defending the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.

 9) We find that the Central Committee of the Israeli Communist Party has also condemned the repeated Israeli attacks against Syria, which led to (the occurrence of fatal mistakes), represented by Israel’s mistaken downing of a Russian plane and the killing of 15 Russian soldiers, with the Israeli communist warning that the continuation of these Israeli military attacks might eventually lead to the risk of sliding into a large-scale (regional war).

 10) All leaders and cadres of the Central Committee of the Israeli Communist Party raised slogans of support for Gaza, and adopted the “Think in Gaza” campaign, which included all branches of the party and the fronts of the Communist Party in Israel.

  Perhaps the idea of ​​“supporting Gaza” was supported by the Chinese leadership, especially during the period of the Israeli war on Gaza, and the Egyptian side intervened to end the dispute, and the Chinese Foreign Minister (Wang Yi) invited the Palestinian and Israeli sides during the month of May 2021 to visit (Beijing) to bring their views closer and stop Israeli aggression, and discussions and dialogue under Chinese supervision.

 – Sixth: The danger of the Russian handing over the documents of the Israeli Communist Party to the archive of the National Library of Israel to reveal (names of Arab collaborators with Israel)

 The danger of this Russian archive comes in that it reveals (the former Soviet Union’s support for the establishment of the Hebrew state in Israel), as well as (the most dangerous from my point of view as an Egyptian and Arab researcher), in that this Russian release of those documents for the benefit of the Israeli archive reveals (the names of all Arab agents and collaborators, especially from communist and leftist movements in favor of Israel).

  Perhaps we find until this moment when looking at this Russian archive in Israel, the Israeli side was keen to (hide the names of Palestinian and Arab agents with the Israeli side from the moments of the establishment of the Hebrew state in 1948 until the outbreak of the war of attrition during the period of the late President “Gamal Abdel Nasser” in June of the year  in 1967).

 When the Egyptian researcher thoroughly researched in order to (to know the names of all the Arab agents cooperating with the Israeli intelligence from the moment of the establishment and establishment of Israel in 1948 until the war of attrition in June 1967), the result of her research came, as follows:

 1) Some Arabic names have already appeared in (the Israeli police archive, referred to by symbols), in Israel’s awareness of the sensitivity of this issue in Arab society today. Especially with the presence of sons, relatives and extended families even for the relatives of the deceased Palestinian and Arab clients with the Israeli side during that period.

 2) The researcher found that the (Israeli Military Censorship) has crossed out and deleted the Arabic names of collaborators with Israel from the (Israeli National Library Archive) when they reviewed them by about half, and replaced them with the initials of their names or referred to them with symbols only.

 3) On the size of (the phenomenon of Arab collaborators, especially Palestinians, with the Israeli security authorities during the period of the Israeli military rule), and upon the establishment of the Hebrew state and the moments of consolidation and consolidation of the newly emerging state in Israel, the Egyptian researcher was surprised, and through the archives of the Israeli National Library, and those old Russian documents, that it found that there is an average of ten Palestinian collaborators in each village, which is a relatively large number that the Egyptian researcher did not believe.

 4) The Egyptian researcher also found that, in return – and perhaps in fairness to the right – the Russian documents and those stories in the archive of the Israeli National Library contained the stories of a number of steadfast Palestinians who refused to cooperate with Israel, and who were subjected to great harm and suffering as a result of the circumstances of that “abnormal emergence of the State of Israel”, as everyone knows.

 5) It is also clear from these Russian documents the tendency of the Arab and Palestinian community to suspect and doubt each other about the extent of cooperation with the Israelis, and this is due – according to the interpretation of the Egyptian researcher – perhaps as a result of a deliberate action by the Israeli intelligence, which aspired to sow doubt among the Arabs and Palestinians with each other from during the recruitment of agents and traitors from the Arab side.

 6) The Egyptian researcher also examined the importance of those Russian documents, which were recently released and handed over to Israel by Russia, and which are actually in the archives (the National Library in Israel), with regard to the secrets of the emergence of communism and leftist movements in Israel at the moments of the establishment of the Hebrew state, and during the period of military rule  The Israelis in Palestine indicated that about 10% of the Israelis were interested in these Russian documents, and most of them were from the Zionist left movements.

 7) By searching the Egyptian researcher about the extent of (the accuracy of those Russian documents leaked to Israel about communism and the Israeli leftism during that period), the Egyptian researcher found that there are indeed a number of Hebrew writings and a series of books issued about (agents in the occupied territories in 1967), and they were documented  In actual books and research by a number of Israeli strategic analysts and experts, based on the “Israeli intelligence archives, Mossad, and personal interviews with former Arab collaborators”.

 8) We find the keenness of the majority of Israeli writers, when dealing with the phenomenon (recruitment of Palestinian and Arab agents) for the period prior to and the years immediately following the establishment and establishment of Israel, to their emphasis on (the emergence of employment as a natural phenomenon for different peoples under occupation), as happened from Algeria to Vietnam. 

  The Egyptian researcher explained that point in particular, and analyzed it within the framework of (an Israeli national), as an attempt to justify and encourage the recruitment of Arabs with them, and perhaps – according to the interpretation of the Egyptian researcher as well – this may come within the framework of (the Israeli propaganda plan that today is stronger and does not need these Arab agents, or perhaps to question the loyalties of certain Palestinian and Arab families by declining agents and traitors among them with the army and the Israeli side from 1948 to 1967) and possibly beyond.

 9) While a number of other Israeli analysts refer to (the phenomenon of Jews collaborating with the German Nazis against their own Jewish brothers inside the Nazi concentration camps led by Hitler), despite the knowledge of these German Jews at the time that that slander would lead to the killing of their fellow Jews and their own religion.

  The Egyptian researcher also explained that, as an Israeli attempt to underestimate the value of treason, labor and recruitment from an Israeli point of view, to encourage other future generations of these Arabs to the idea of ​​conscription itself and to pave the way that German Jews during the era of (Nazism and Hitler) in Germany had betrayed some of them also to Jews like themselves and their followers.

 10) While some questioned the intentions of the Russian documents, and some of the archives in that Israeli National Library and the extent to which it was used to strike and reduce the moral aspect of Arab and Palestinian youth through (destroying the history of their fathers and grandfathers, and even the future of their generations, sons and families as well).

 11) While other analysts saw that revealing the facts, even if they are “a dirty laundry for the workers, traitors, and Palestinian and Arab recruits”, is a necessity to draw lessons, reform and learn from the past, provided that those documents and ancient Israeli archival studies are objective and not malicious.

– Seventh: The leaked Russian documents to the Israeli National Library, and the disclosure of (the role of a number of Israeli communists in spying for Russia)

 The Egyptian researcher found in these Russian leaked documents in favor of Israel a (rich material for identifying the most prominent roles of the communist Israeli agents), who worked for the Russian intelligence.

 The list of “Israelis” who spied for the Russian intelligence service “KGB” included some prominent Israeli members of the Israeli Communist Party, who were recruited from the Russians, and their professions were ranging from:

  Members of the Israeli Knesset, army officers, officials in the “Shin Bet security service”, workers in the field of military industries, journalists, rabbis, prominent clerics, and foreign diplomats also worked in Israel during the period of the Israeli military rule in Palestine from (1948-1968).

 At the same time, the British intelligence revealed these Russian documents related to the Russian recruitment of “the most prominent communist Israelis during the period of the Israeli military rule in Palestine”.

  By following up on the Russian list of communist Israelis collaborating with him, it was found that the most prominent name in this Russian list is the most prominent leader of the Israeli Communist Party, and his name is (Moshe Sneh), and he headed the leadership of the Zionist armed “Hagana” organization, before the actual establishment of Israel in 1948, then a leftist Israeli Knesset member from the “Mabam” party, and then about the Israeli recruitment of (Maki), and he is one of the former leaders of the “Israeli Communist Party”.

   According to those Russian leaked documents to Israel, the leader of the Israeli Communist Party,  called (Moshe Sneh) had provided the Soviets with information about (Israeli foreign policy), and he was (the source of the information transferred by the Soviet embassy in Tel Aviv to Moscow), in 1952, about:

  “Israel tends to strengthen its relations with the United States of America on the acount of Russia”

 The old Russian documents, with reference to a former “KGB” official, indicated that:

 “The Soviet Union supported the establishment of “Israel”, because I believe that this Israeli new state will be affiliated with the Soviet bloc and not with the Western bloc or Washington”

  But the minister and former Knesset member, called “Ephraim Moshe Sneh”, was angry at Russia’s documents, denying that his father (Moshe Sneh) was a spy for the Soviets, and said that:

 “There is no basis for that, because his father’s relationship with the Soviets was public and everyone knew about it, and he did not pass on classified information”

   According to the Russian documents, the Israeli Communist “Yaakov Riftin”, who was a Knesset member from the (left-wing Israeli Mapam party) between the period of (1949-1965), was a Russian intelligence recruiter “KGB spy”, and the Russian reports accused the left-wing Israeli “Jacob Riftin” of handing over some important permanently secret documents to the Soviets. But, his son (Giora) denied everything that was mentioned in these Russian documents about his father.

 The leaked Russian documents also mentioned the name of the former Knesset member, whose name is (Eleazar Granot), also from the (Mapam party), knowing that (Grannot) was a member of the (Foreign and Security Committee of the Israeli Knesset and General Secretary of the Israeli Mapam Party).

  Defending his father in the face of the Russian leaks, the son of (Grannot), said that:

 “His father was meeting with Soviet diplomats, but he could not see classified information”

  At the same time, the Russian documents mentioned the names of “other Israeli spies who worked for the Russians”, including a member of the leadership of the “Hashomer Hatzair” movement, and he is also one of the founders of the “Water Authority in Israel”, called “Jacob Vardy”, who was a member of the Central Committee of the Israeli Communist Party, and was able to recruit his companion, called  (Shlomo Shamli).

   Russian documents indicated that the “KGB” had recruited (Samuel Mukhtai), who was working as an Israeli engineer in the (Israeli military aerospace industries) as a spy.

   But, the Israeli Communist “Mukhthai” has denied the Russian charges against him. The Russian documents also mentioned to the name of (Gregory Lundin), who worked in the development of the “Israeli Merkava tank”, and was imprisoned in 1988 after being convicted of spying for Russia.

 The Russian documents mentioned another pseudonym for an Israeli spy, knownas “Bejan,” and described him as:

  “A Russian engineer who had been implanted in the “Israeli army” and revealed many military secrets in favor of Russia”

 These Russian documents also mentioned to the name of the official in the “Israeli Foreign Ministry” and the economic expert (Ze’ev Avni), who was arrested by “Israel” in 1956, and was convicted of spying for the Soviets and imprisoned. Russia’s documents say that the Israeli agent (Zeev Avni) had handed over to the head of the “KGB branch” in “Belgrade” some codes of “Israeli communications” in Europe and information about the most prominent (Mossad agents in Europe).

 The documents included the names of Israeli journalists, including “Aviva Stan” from the “Haolam Hazeh” magazine. It turned out that another journalist, mentioned by the Russian documents, was a “double spy”, working for the “KGB and the Israeli Shin Bet” at the same time.

 The Russian documents indicated that the (KGB) had recruited an officer in the “Israeli army” with the rank of major general and an official in the “Counter-espionage Division in the Shin Bet”, known by his nickname “Mlinka”, and the Russian documents did not specifically mention his name.

 The Russian documents mentioned a pseudonym for an Israeli spy, called “Bejan”, and described him as:

  “A Russian engineer was implanted in the “Israeli army” and revealed many military secrets for the Russians against the interests of Israel”

 The Russian documents pointed out that the recruitment of spies for the Russian intelligence “KGB” was not always by the Soviets, but rather a number of intelligence services from countries in the Soviet camp participated in the recruitment of Israeli spies.

 – Eighth: The relationship between (the Sino-Russian alliance in the face of Washington) and determining the Russian timing for leaking documents in favor of Israel, in order to strengthen the influence of Russia and China in the Middle East and Israel

  The most important thing that came to the mind of the Egyptian researcher was the relationship between Russia’s leakage of a number of documents in favor of Israel and its national library, and the common Russian and Chinese desire together to strengthen their alliance together and their bilateral axis in the Middle East, with (the Russian-Chinese maintaining at the same time strong and strategic relations with Israel, Washington’s ally in the Middle East. This was the most important future analytical problem that might come to mind, regarding: (How can China and Russia softly penetrate the Israeli strategic depth through these leaked Russian documents to Israel)?

   Because the clear goal of the Russian leak of the documents of the Israeli Communist Party to the archive of the National Library in Israel is (to get closer to Israel), and since the United States of America is the Russian-Chinese goal and each axis tries to contain and encircle the influence of the other, the question remains, regarding:

 (The future goal of the joint Russian-Chinese rapprochement with Israel in confronting the United States of America in the Middle East)

 This explains why Beijing and Moscow were comfortable with the (Trump administration’s) decisions to withdraw troops and reduce the US presence in the Middle East.

  Perhaps this explains to the Egyptian researcher the secret of the Russian-Chinese keenness to invite the Israeli and Arab communists, including the communists of Palestine, to all major political forums in them.

  We find that in the centenary celebration of the ruling Communist Party of China, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its establishment, the “CPC” invited large delegations, including the Israeli communists, and the Palestinian left-wing Popular Struggle Front, to participate in the work of (the summit of the Communist Party of China and the world political parties). On the occasion of the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China on July 1, 2021.

  The members of the Central Committee and the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China, have been expressing their special thanks from the Chinese President (Xi Jinping), as the “General Secretary” of the Communist Party of China and President of the People’s Republic of China, were keen to host all communist comrades around the world, and to host them on the occasion of the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The (Communist Party of China), with the invitation of Israeli and Arab communist delegations to meet their communist counterparts in Beijing, and to listen to them, and the communist leaders in Beijing were keen to thank the communists of the world from the general Chinese people who are friendly to them and the Chinese nation, and to all the comrades in the central committees of the communist and leftist parties and the political offices of those communist and leftist parties, including:

  The Israeli communists, and leftists, the communists of the (Palestinian Popular Struggle Front) and the other Arab communists without separating them by China) on the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, which constitutes a global communist occasion, and celebrating it globally by inviting communists around the world to celebrate with the Chinese side, with the giving some words and speeches by the Israeli and Arab communists about the distinguished position of the (Communist Party of China) on the international and national arenas.

 The explanation of the matter came according to the analysis of the Egyptian researcher, that the Chinese and Russian keenness to communicate and meet with the Israeli communists, and then invite the Palestinian and Arab communists with them as well, as well as (linking the step of the Russian handover the old documents of the Israeli Communist Party in 2019, in light of the rapprochement between China and Russia and the alliance between them, which Washington worries), that it is an expression of a major Sino-Russian move to revive “the nationalist sentiments of communists around the world and link them to China”.

  This explains the reasons for Russia and China’s calls for the large number delegations of members of the political bureaus and central committees of the Communist and Left fronts to meet with their counterparts in the Communist Party of China. Then inviting them to the work of (the summit of the Communist Party of China and global political parties), which carried the slogan of the (happiness of the people is the responsibility of communist political parties), which is the slogan raised by the (Communist Party of China) “CPC”, on the occasion of the (first centenary) of its founding, with China’s keen to invite more than (500 Communist and Left Political Parties around the World) to share and participate with them in this occasion, including: 

 (The Israeli Communist Party, the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front, and all of the Arab communist and leftist parties as well).

  This issue has taken the Egyptian researcher’s analysis far about this Sino-Russian ideological rapprochement, primarily with the Israeli communists in the first place, to help them penetrate the Israeli internal depth by bringing about rapprochement with them by leaking old communist documents to the Israeli communists, which may come to achieve common Sino-Russian interests, which will become more clearer in all its features during the coming period in the light of the Chinese and Russian alliance in the face of American influence and American and Western liberal values.

Associate Professor of Political Science, Faculty of Politics and Economics / Beni Suef University- Egypt. An Expert in Chinese Politics, Sino-Israeli relationships, and Asian affairs- Visiting Senior Researcher at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES)/ Lund University, Sweden- Director of the South and East Asia Studies Unit

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A More Diverse Force: The Need for Diversity in the U.S. Intelligence Community



As part of a hiring initiative meant to attract new and diverse hires, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) released a new recruitment video in March of 2021. The video featured a Hispanic female discussing her background and time in the CIA, as well as why she chose to serve her country. She says at one point, “I’m a woman of color. I am a mom. I am a cis-gender millennial who’s been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder…I did not sneak into CIA. My employment was not and is not the result of a fluke or a slip through the cracks. I earned my way in, and I earned my way up the ranks of this organization”.

The video showed a woman who cares for her family, cares for her country, and desires to see a difference be made in the world. However, some took issue with the advert though, though these criticisms came over a month after the video first was published and made available to the public.

In a tweet, the Republican Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, said, “If you’re a Chinese communist, or an Iranian Mullah, or Kim Jong Un…would this scare you? We’ve come a long way from Jason Bourne”. Many criticized Cruz for his usage of Jason Bourne, a fictional CIA Paramilitary Operations Officer, yet he took to Twitter once again to clarify, saying, “My point is that CIA agents should be bad-asses—not woke, fragile flowers needing safe spaces”.

Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted “China & Russia are laughing their asses off watching CIA go full woke…If you think about it, wokeness is the kind of twisted PSYOP a spy agency would invent to destroy a country from the inside out”. Others, including popular conservative commentators like Dinesh D’Souza and Meghan McCain, also criticized the ad calling a “joke” or “insane” while others went as far to say that the CIA was “actively looking to recruit the most immodest, narcissistic, grotesquely self-serving people in the world”.

Criticism towards the ad did not purely come from the Conservative, rightist personalities either, but also members of the left. Left-leaning publications such as The Intercept and Jezebel both critiqued the ad. It seems that, from all sectors of American public and political life, this advert and total tactic was heavily derided; from members of the left, it was cringey and irrespective of the agency’s long and controversial history while, from members of the right, it was ineffective national security and intelligence policy.

However, what many seem to be forgetting is that diversity within the intelligence world is an extremely important factor in creating effective and accurate foreign policy and in gaining the most up to date and accurate intelligence.

Intelligence analysis is probably the most important part of the Intelligence Cycle and holds just as much, if not more, importance as the end result, the intelligence estimate or packet. To put it simply, if the analysis is corrupted in some way, shape, or form by either the analyst’s personal views or tainted by poorly verified intelligence, then the action taken based upon this intelligence could result in missteps or negative affects to U.S. policymakers, military units, or regions in which the intelligence affects. Throughout history, there are an abundance of examples in which intelligence analysts have misinterpreted situations due to their own biases about a nation, political ideology, or have been selected specifically to sort through intelligence in order to back up a preconceived opinion.

One of the best examples in showing how analysts’ personal views, both conscious and subconscious, can affect their overall analysis is the 1954 coup d’état of Guatemalan President Jacobo Árbenz.

The coup, which was given the CIA codename Operation PBSUCCESS, was a mission in which the U.S. government, via the CIA and U.S. State Department, engaged in fomenting a coup to remove Árbenz, the leftist president who had approved of agrarian reforms within Guatemala. To justify an invasion, members of the State Department and CIA tried to link Árbenz to Guatemalan communists, yet this proved very difficult as there was “no evidence that Arbenz himself was anything more than a European-style democratic socialist”. A CIA paper, published two months before the coup, also, “did not cite any direct contact between Guatemalan Communists and Moscow. The paper offered ideology, not facts…”. 

A master’s thesis written by a student at West Virginia University extensively and exclusively covers the CIA’s decision making process, detailing how, “CIA reports from the early 1950s also demonstrated this fear [of Communism]… The “red scare,” in essence, affected nearly all Americans. Many in the Eisenhower government also felt that Moscow had a nefarious hidden hand and controlled communist sympathizers around the globe,” while also noting that the, “ONI [Office of Naval Intelligence] did not feel that CIA had valid reasons or enough sources to reach the conclusion it did regarding Soviet intentions in Latin America”. The heightened fears of Communism and the Soviet Union that permeated the minds of analysts within the State Department and CIA (as well as the desires by some to ensure the survival of the United Fruit Company in the country) resulted in intelligence that was skewed to believing that the Guatemalan government was embracing Communism, when, even according to the CIA’s own histories, was baseless.

Based upon this example, as one can see, the intelligence provided to the U.S. government was based upon analyst biases and did not accurately reflect how the Guatemalan government under Árbenz operated nor how entrenched the Communists were in political life. The fear of Communism overwhelmed the amount of solid and fact-based analysis, resulting in an invasion that removed a democratically elected president.

This coup eventually resulted in the emplacement of a right-wing, military government, which would rule until 1996, overseeing a brutal civil war complete with death squads, acts of genocide committed by presidential administrations, political assassinations, and a drastic increase in governmental corruption. Members of the CIA who were involved in the operation too regretted their actions and acknowledged that the outcome did not benefit Guatemala, the U.S., or Latin America. Operation PBSUCCESS did not bring about a U.S.-friendly democracy, but a U.S.-friendly military dictatorship that engaged in war crimes and severely destabilized the entire country. The failure of this operation to bring about a democracy and U.S. intervention in the country in the first place was, in my own view and examination, based upon biased analyses by the CIA which promoted the view that Guatemala was becoming sympathetic to Communists and the operation itself shows just how important intelligence analysis is.

Not only is analysis an incredibly important tool within the intelligence cycle as a whole, but the analyst themselves are highly important. The analysis is only as good as the analyst and if the analyst is biased, limited in their outlook or worldview, or come from a sole section of society, then the analysis will reflect those beliefs. Most of the analysts involved in the Guatemalan operation were white and male, most likely coming from middle-class backgrounds and either having military service or Ivy League education or both. These beliefs and hiring processes which exclude persons beyond the majority of America’s populace can significantly hinder an agency and promote a poor world outlook. The majority of persons in countries in which the U.S. is involved, thinking of becoming involved, or are creating analyses in anticipation of potential foreign policies are not white or male nor from wealthy societies; they are, most often than not, of an extremely different mindset than many Americans, live in poverty or close to poverty, and have an immensely different culture. While the CIA has made some headway in this area, retired CIA case officers and analysts have made claims that the CIA (and the Intelligence Community as a whole) are severely underperforming and not effectively recruiting towards people from outside of that select pool.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, Jr.’s comments about the CIA lowering their standards and fostering an environment in which the CIA now is ineffective at creating intelligence or defending the United States from foreign threats (not being “badass” enough) is nonsensical. If anything, the inclusion of persons who are not white or male, who have experience outside of the military, who are knowledgeable on issues beyond military, intelligence, and national defense/security makes for a more well-rounded force and an agency more effective at analyzing collected intelligence, crafting accurate and informed recommendations, and allowing past mistakes, the misreading of important political events, to take hold. Including strong, analytical persons from more minority backgrounds into the national security framework will perform wonders for American intelligence analysis and in making influential policy decisions.

To quote Marc Polymeropoulos, a retired CIA officer, “Diversity is an operational advantage. Simple as that. I want case officers who look like the UN”.

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Women Maoists (Naxalbari)



Every now and then, Indian newspapers flash news about Maoist insurgents, including women being killed. They usually avoid mentioning how many soldiers were killed in encounters, whether fake or genuine.  Here is a glimpse of such news: A woman fighter, along with a male c-fighter, was killed in a clash with government forces in Odisha’s Malkagiri district (Press Trust of India, December 14, 2020).

In another incident, a woman Maoist was killed in an encounter with India’s security forces in Sukma district of Chhatisgarh  (PTI, October 13, 2010). A woman Maoist was killed near Anrapali forest (Visakhapatnam, Andhrapradesh). And, another woman Maoist, carrying Rs. 16 lac reward on her head was killed in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra.

Sometimes there are pitched battles between the Indian forces and the Maoists, including women. For instance, there was a head-on confrontation between a Maoist group and government forces of over 1500 “jawan”, equipped with state-of-the-art weapons and helicopters at the Bijapur-Sukma border. Sans air power, the Maoists, armed only with machine guns, gunned down 22 soldiers belonging to Central Reserve Police Force, Commando Battalions for Resolute Action (Cobra), and Bastariya Battalion of the Central Reserve Police.

Why do women join the Maoist Movement?

They find the Maoist narrative of emancipation attractive. . Not only the low-caste women but also the high-caste ones joined the Maoist ranks in droves. About 30 to 40 per cent of combatants are Maoists. The status of women in the Indian society is no better than that of slaves. They are not supposed to form an opinion or dare express it. Even the high-caste women are supposed to be reticent and coy. They are tutored to be housewives confined to quadrilateral of their homes, rear children, and do household chores. The Maoist ideology ingrained the sense of empowerment in them. The Maoist manifesto teems with such words as “mahila sasahktikaran” (women’s empowerment), “raise their voices” (awash uthaunne), “get their voices represented” (mahilako awaj ko pratinidithyo) and “understand women’s grief” (mahila ko dukka bhujnne).

The Maoist struggle is commonly known as “the people’s war”. The “war” aims at abolishing the feudal system, and creating a democratic egalitarian society. The bulwark of the Maoists is rural population, lower castes and women. Women and men of all castes, classes, ethnic backgrounds and education levels joined the movement.

Pro-women manifesto

The Maoist has incorporated women’s emancipation in their ideological manifesto, actually a “40-point demand-document”. The gender equality is enshrined in points 19, 20 and 21, mentioned heretofore:

“19. Patriarchal exploitation and discrimination against women should be stopped, girls should be allowed to access paternal property as their brothers.

20. All racial exploitation and suppression should be stopped. Where ethnic communities are in the majority, they should be allowed to form their own autonomous governments.”

People’s courts

The Maoist proved their heart-felt commitment to the manifesto by punishing rapists, wresting back the usurped land of single women, penalising men for polygamy, and prohibiting the sale of liquor as drunken men more often beat the women.  Jan adalats (“people’s courts”) ferociously uphold women’s rights on issues of social and domestic violence.

Equal authority

Women were given political or combat position on the basis of merit. Untouchability and gender discrimination has been abolished. The points 19, 20 and 21 of the Maoist manifesto relating to women stress the need to transform state and customary laws to redress gender inequality at all levels.

In 2002, in recognition of their female constituency, the Maoists introduced the so-called “prachanda path,” creating a women’s department in the Central Committee. In several cases, it is the women who slay the incorrigible feudal tyrants. The women realise that they are “agents of change” who have to fight out repression in all its manifestations.  The women have become politically aware that they have the right make decisions about their marriages, children’s education, and other everyday gender needs.

Indian police admit it was the women fighters who were in the vanguard of a deadly attack in Chhattisgarh, where 24 people, including some top politicians, were killed.

 Because of its liberal manifesto, the insurgency has spread to 11 states, with Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Odisha as epicenters. It has become entrenched in all central and eastern Indian states, often referred to as the “Red Corridor.

Fake news

Having failed to subdue the Maoists, the government occasionally resorts to spreading false news about deaths of Maoist leaders. For instance, Hindustan Times dated June 24, 2021 reported that Maoist leader Haribushan, carrying a reward of Rs. 40 lac on his head, had died from COVID19. Her wife rebutted the news (Parveen Kumar Bandari Hans News Service October 5, 2021). “More than 16 senior and middle level level communist leaders have died in the last couple of months due to COVID19…Two senior most leaders of Bastar Ganga, including Dandakaryana Special Zone Committee members Ganga and Sobhroi have died due to infection in the last couple of months”.

Sympathy with Naxals is an offence

In the Bhim Koregaon planted-letters case, several intellectuals and rights activists including Navalakha were declared “traitors” by the Indian government. They were even accused of having links with Kashmiri militants. Fake letters were inputted into their computers. They were even accused of being Pakistan’s intelligence agencies agents through Ghulam Nabi Fai, a US-based Kashmiri leader. Fei has served two-year imprisonment in the USA for having illegally received funds from the inter-services intelligence of Pakistan.

Urban militia

The Maoist are trying to disseminate their message to urban areas also. They understand that the minorities are fed up with the regressive caste system. The rebels want to radicalise youngsters and already have carved out a strong network in premier universities of Delhi and Kolkata. The Maoist want to  create an urban militia to fight the oppressive enforcement machinery of the states and Indian Union.  They are believed to have infiltrated the government intelligence machinery to stay abreact of government’s tactics.

Coordination strategy

The Maoists make no bones about their plan to set up a “coordination network among like-minded outfits in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. They want unhindered movement of left-wing extremists in these territories to exchange arms, ammunition and information”. To counter the Maoist strategy, India rushed its diplomats to capitals of neighbouring countries to plug up the porous border and obstruct the insurgents’ free movement.

Gurkha trainers

In addition, India launched Special teams for simultaneous searches in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka at suspected Maoist training centres and hideouts. The effort was counter-productive because India’s national Investigation Agency framed charges against the innocent people.

During searches, the Indian forces were surprised to know that the retired Gorkha soldiers of both British and the Indian Army harbour sympathy for the Maoists.

They trained the Maoists to use fire arms efficiently. Some Maoists demonstrated their alacrity and military sills in planning bank robberies, and extorting ransom from rich businessmen. Besides arms and ammunition snatched from police stations, the Maoists are believed to have amassed over Rs. 5 billion from bank heists. The general impression in people’s minds is that the Indian forces dare not pursue the Maoists in forests. The insurgents pick up places where to ambush the security forces, and make off with booty with impunity.

Salwa Judum (purification hut)

Having failed to arrest momentum of the movement, India organised a private army ofSalwa Judum ledbyMahendra Karma From among the villagers.  To boost their morale, they were given honorary rank of “special police officer. “As a workaround, the government sponsored counter-militias and split tribes into those “for” and “against” Maoists. Those willing to fight the Maoists were offered guns, money and honorary police ranks.

The Maoists shot dead Mahendra Karma and several members of the ruling Indian National Congress whose brainchild the Salwa Judum was.  It later transpired that the salwa judum had been cobbled up with help of child soldiers recruited under duress or financial allurement. It was involved in gross human rights violations. When People’s Union of Civil Liberties in India brought its atrocities to the Supreme Court’s notice, it declared it illegal in 2011.

Concluding remarks

Charu Mazumdar started the movement as a “revolutionary opposition” in 1965.  The world came to know of it in 1967 when the Beijing Radio reported “peasants’ armed struggle” at Naxalbari (Siliguri division of West Bengal). In July 1972, the police arrested Charu Mazumdar and tortured him to death on the night of July 27-28. The Naxalite ideology has great appeal for marginalized strata (particularly dalit and adivasis) of India’s caste-ridden society. The Naxalites Central Committee’s resolution (1980) visualises creating a base for spreading people’s democratic revolution. It would include : ‘Homogenous contiguous forested area around Bastar Division (since divided into Bastar, Dantewada and Kanker Districts of Chhatisgarh) and adjoining areas of Adilabad, Karimnagar, Khammam, East Godavari Districts of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrapur and Garchehiroli district of Maharastra, Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh, Malkagiri and Koraput districts of Orissa. The Naxalites want to carve out an independent zone extending from Nepal through Bihar and then to the Dandakarnaya region extending up to Tamil Nadu to give them access to the Bay of Bengal as well as the Indian Ocean. 

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China disrupted Facebook around the world for political and intelligence reasons?



First: The fact that the Chinese child “Wang Zhengyang”, whose picture is circulated globally, and who now lives in the United States of America and not in China

Second: The accusations of Facebook founder “Mark Zuckerberg” against China, and the Chinese defense of deliberately waging a technological war and cyber hacking against the work of American technology companies

Third: Reasonable Chinese and international accusations that Facebook deliberately disrupted its network, coupled with evidence and proof

Fourth: Analyzing the aspects of Chinese benefits and the Chinese political and ethical employment for the disruption of the American “Facebook” network around the world, internally, externally and ideologically

Fifth: The attitude of the Chinese themselves towards the ban by the Chinese authorities and the leaders of the Communist Party of China of the “Facebook” website in their country, according to the Chinese Constitution

Sixth: The relationship between (the crisis of disrupting Facebook and restoring China’s technological prestige and position) between its citizens and the world, and promoting the theory of “the superiority of Chinese technological applications over their American counterparts”

Facebook and its CEO well-known “Mark Zuckerberg” have faced many crises in recent years, which led to his summoning to appear before a “hearing committee in the US Congress”, especially with the rumors of hacking and selling the privacy and data of tens of millions of users of the “Facebook” network and its other applications around the world.  Some leaks indicated that “Cambridge Analytica Company” has obtained (the data of more than 50 million users’ accounts on the Facebook social networking site without their knowledge, after concluding a secret deal with the same company for commercial and advertising reasons), which violates the privacy of users.  It leads to a violation of their human rights if their data is used inappropriately.

We find that the crisis of disrupting the “Facebook” network and its American applications for several hours, has coincided with many “accusations and conspiracy theories associated with it”, such as:

that the disruption was deliberate, as the global giant “Facebook” tried to erase some evidence, proofs and evidence that condemns the company in one way or another, especially with the (summoning of the US Senate to Mrs.Francis Haugen”, who previously worked in the products department in  the location headquarter company of the “Facebook” in 2019, but it submitted its resignation after noticing illegal actions and activities carried out by Facebook and its officials, in order to hear its testimony regarding the “unlawful actions of Facebook”, endangering the interests of the United States of America itself, and condoning the  Dangerous toys for children may prompt suicide in order to achieve “material gains” for the company, regardless of any other considerations.

On the other hand, analyzes have begun regarding the Chinese conspiracy theory against “Facebook” and its CEO “Mark Zuckerberg”, in a Chinese attempt to embarrass the United States of America internationally due to the failure of its democratic digital technology system that it is trying to promote around the world, and to confirm the success of “Chinese alternative networking services and applications to its American counterpart” in avoiding these American technological errors, especially after “Downdetector” spotted it.

Notifying that “Down Detector”,  its main task is to track (website crashes), and it has received tens of thousands of reports of crashes on (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger) platforms.  It was not immediately clear what caused the malfunction that affected the three platforms.                

  Despite the growing number of theories and comments about China’s involvement in “Facebook hacking and penetrating”, Facebook itself has denied any allegations of being hacked or any evidence that users’ data has been hacked, explaining the reason for the malfunction.  All of its services and applications, including: (Instagram and WhatsApp), amid the growth of many (conspiracy theories) that have spread around the world, and the growing intensity of rumors circulating, including a Chinese child “hacker” penetrating the (Facebook) network alone and disabling users’ data.

  Because of this, Facebook’s Vice President of Infrastructure “Santosh Janardan” issued a company statement, saying:

 “Our engineering teams learned that changes to the settings on the main routers that coordinate traffic between data centers caused problems that disrupted this communication”

    Santosh Janardan, as the (Vice President of Facebook Infrastructure Company), denied the responsibility of China or any other parties or even hacking operations behind this malfunction, explaining in a public statement, in which he assured the world and users, that:

 “We want to make it clear that there was no malicious activity behind this malfunction, and its main cause was a wrong change of settings on our part, and we also have no evidence that user data was compromised as a result of this malfunction”

Hence, we note the “increasing international criticism of Facebook”, and its ability to avoid and solve those problems that caused (imbalance in the financial markets, stock exchanges and global markets). Accordingly, and to try to understand the whole picture, the Egyptian researcher will try to raise all the problems related to the company “Facebook”, and to respond in practice to the reasons for accusing China in the first place of hacking the network, as follows:

First: The fact that the Chinese child, “Wang Zhengyang”, whose picture is circulated globally, and who now lives in the United States of America and not in China

The Egyptian researcher followed up on the global uproar that aroused when a Chinese child “hacker” penetrated the Facebook site, and caused this global malfunction of Facebook’s search engines and disrupted the activities of the world, but when the Egyptian researcher was searching on the famous Chinese search engine “Baidu” as “Chinese alternative to the global site of Google”, they are constantly considering that “Baidu is a Google site alternative in China”.

   We will find a definition of the true identity and personality of the child, completely different from what was circulated globally, according to the following reasons:

Where the “Chinese Baidu website” indicated the identity of the child appearing in the globally circulated image, as a picture of the globally known Chinese hacke “Wang Zhengyang”, who now actually lives in the United States of America to complete his studies and is not in China at all.

The interesting thing for analysis is what the famous Chinese website “Baidu” mentioned that the Chinese child whose image is being circulated globally is called (Wang Zhengyang), and he is (born in 2001), meaning that he is a young man and not a child as various sites around the world claimed, and “his age is now aout 20 years old”, and the most amazing thing for me personally, is that “he is recentely resides in the United States of America and not in China”, whereas (Wang Zhengyang) traveled to study in the United States of America to continue studying his specialization in (computer, programming and information systems).

He also noted the “Chinese Baidu website”, praising the genius of “Wang Zhengyang”, and that he was one of the students in a school in the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Education Committee for the implementation of (Enlightenment Project for Network Security).

 We can as well find that the actual appearance of the Chinese child (Wang Zhengyang) for the first time globally at the (Chinese Internet Security Conference), in 2014, and that was the first appearance of the Chinese genius child (Wang Zhengyang), who was only 13 years old,  as the youngest hacker across mainland China.

When the Chinese child (Wang Zhengyang) was accused at the time of hacking his school’s website and endangering the privacy of its files and students’ data, the child (Wang Zhengyang) defended those allegations against him himself, accusing him of hacking his school’s website, according to his claim or defense at the time, that:

   “He was only meant to help fix his school’s data website to help her and not intentionally harm her”

As the Chinese child (Wang Zhengyang) explained at the time, that:

 “The school website he hacked was not for middle school students, but for high school students in the same educational institution”

Perhaps what stopped me analytically is what the child (Wang Zhengyang) confirmed at the time and his emphasis, on:

   “He would rather be seen as an ethical computer hacker, and would not use technology to do illegal things”

    Hence, the whole matter was orchestrated as previously referred to as a global rumor, it was not determined who (the first cause of its release, regarding the personality and identity of the Chinese child “Wang Zhengyang”), and even more dangerous to me (the reasons and deliberately ignoring his life now in the United States of America itself and not in the China’s capital of Beijing), in which he studied throughout his primary studies.

   I think that they are all legitimate questions and inquiries on my part, and the entire world public opinion has the right to understand, and this is the most dangerous point for me, and it should be asked and explained, as follows:

Why have we all been deceived about the true identity of the Chinese child by deliberately concealing his true age and deliberately concealing as well his whereabouts?”

Second: The accusations of Facebook founder “Mark Zuckerberg” against China, and the Chinese defense of deliberately waging a technological war and cyber hacking against the work of American technology companies

   We find that in the context of an attempt by “Facebook Company and its owner and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg” to circumvent the size of the losses that the company suffers periodically, as well as accusing it of many accusations in exchange for achieving financial gains and profits, Mark Zuckerberg’s accusations have been multiplied to China and its alternative technological applications, on the pretext (China’s attempt to impose its laws, systems, values, and communist ideology on the world), and despite the inability of “Facebook Company nor its founder Mark Zuckerberg” to prove the validity of their allegations against China, the Chinese side has begun to respond to “the violations of Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg”.  The agreed upon ethical standards, and the most important mutual accusations between the (two sides), which are as follows:

 1) It cannot be asserted that China deliberately launched a technological war and cyber hacking against the work of American technology companies, which did not explicitly accuse China in this regard.  We find that the most important statement issued by “Mark Zuckerberg”, the founder of Facebook against China, is his explicit accusation of it, saying:

“Beijing wants to impose its values ​​on us, and we will not allow another country to impose special laws on us on the Internet”

 2) The second reference against China also comes, regarding what Mark Zuckerberg referred to, as the CEO of “Facebook”, and his other frank accusation directed at China, saying:

 “Six out of 10 social media sites that exist today are mainly Chinese, and Beijing is trying to impose its values ​​on us, and we cannot allow another country to impose laws on the Internet”

 3) The first real confrontation between “Mark Zuckerberg” against China, is his decision to establish (a committee to monitor and control the movements of Chinese social networks), and this team can take the final decision without the intervention of any other official. Here, “Mark Zuckerberg” made sharp accusations against China, and indirect hints that it was “the reason behind calling him for an urgent hearing in the US Congress”, and that was several months ago, for what he rumored about him from “politicizing the content and spreading chaos and violence”.

 4) The famous American surveillance website “whois.domaintools”, as a site that specializes in monitoring domains and their owners, especially on Facebook, has published a promotional announcement, saying that:

The domain of is for sale, due to its exposure to several previous cyber attacks”

 5) We find that China has repeatedly been subjected to fierce attacks by American officials and politicians via Facebook and China’s denunciation of this, most notably (the emergence of the Coronavirus vaccinations and the intimidation of receiving Chinese vaccines), and China accused “Mark Zuckerberg” of causing a global panic, and of aiding preventing people from getting the right vaccine.

 6) Caving in to Chinese pressure, “Mark Zuckerberg” was forced in mid-March 2021 to appear, confirming on his Facebook page his support for the global vaccination campaign and helped spread vaccine awareness ads, but the attack continued on Facebook, as a result of allowing commentators, comments and addresses to promote theories and comments that prevent people from receiving the vaccine, especially the Chinese.  Hence, we understand “the tense relationship between Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, and China”, especially during the recent period.

   Through the previous analysis of the details of the relationship between Facebook and China, we find that the matter has gone beyond the line of technological competition to the exchange of accusations against each other, especially with what has been proven even within the American interior itself, that Facebook and its founder, “Mark Zuckerberg” is trying to play political roles and put (its gains profits and material above the public interest, as it overlooks the many damages caused by the site to its users and children), as well as proving a number of users of the “Instagram” application owned by the same company that the company deliberately sells their data and violates their privacy for purposes and interests that are purely material and not  ethical.  Hence, China is defending that:

 “Our Chinese local network of applications to preserve the values, morals, and cohesion of Chinese society itself in the face of the corruption of Facebook and its operators in the United States of America”

Third: Reasonable Chinese and international accusations that Facebook deliberately disrupted its network, coupled with evidence and proof

We find that after the failure of the Facebook network service, and the rest of the other applications associated with it, the logical question in China and the world has become:

 “Did Facebook intentionally disrupt its servers, software, and the scope of its networks around the world to hide a scandal or secrets that shook the image of the United States of America globally?”

    We note here that a number of Chinese accusations against the company “Facebook“, which adopts a number of logical reasons, deliberately in charge of the famous network – perhaps based on US government pressures, deliberately disabling the network for several hours, to hide secrets, and was based mainly on the Chinese and globally on a number of  Among the reasons behind this sudden malfunction of the “Facebook” network, including:

The Facebook company has all the adequate measures to secure its servers, software, and its giant international network from any accidental accidents, hacks, or various and innovative backups in the event of any failure or malfunction.

Facebook’s possession of the best security and technical system in the whole world, and perhaps what it has is not owned by major governments and countries, and this brings us to the same most dangerous question, related to the “conspiracy theory”, which is:

 “Did “Facebook” deliberately disrupt its servers, software and network globally for several hours?”                     

Here, logical reasons related to the international reputation of the United States of America were actually linked, which prompted Facebook and those responsible for it to disable the network, perhaps (to erase those evidence and evidence, which condemns the United States of America), and the owner of the American Facebook, “Mark Zuckerberg”, and in conjunction with events and events  Interestingly and logically linked to the sudden downfall of Facebook, such as:

(Pandora’s Leaks, the testimony of Francis Haugen)

The “Pandora Documents leak”, is one of the most important legal and political battles in the world, which Facebook is trying to contain immorally, according to the list of accusations delegated to it, which is a (leakage of a huge number of documents containing many financial secrets that may make scandals and provide financial crimes to hundreds of world leaders, politicians, billionaires and celebrities).

The accusations came to the Facebook network and its founder, “Mark Zuckerberg”, of deliberately disabling the network’s servers and data for several hours to erase and remove all documents and prices contained in documents and leaks in the name of “Pandora’s Reveal”, which is a leak of nearly 12 million documents that reveals (Fortune  secrecy, tax evasion, money laundering by some world leaders and wealthy people).

Therefore, accusations have been leveled by China and a large number of well-known journalists around the world, including more than 600 journalists in 117 countries, who began searching for a large number of sensitive files from more than 14 sources for several months to reveal (major global corruption cases affecting  the most important global leaders, which Facebook is trying to prevent in various ways in order to preserve Washington’s interests with the countries of the world) and to achieve material gains for the company at the same time.

    The data was obtained by the (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists), based in Washington DC, known as its consortium name, is: “ICIJ”

The accusations against “Facebook company deliberately disrupting its work for several hours around the world” confirm that he was working with more than (140 media organizations in the largest global investigation of its kind ever in the world, but the quality of the documents collected and found were with political and international nature, and lead to political and international crises for Washington and its allies), so it became necessary for the “Facebook” network to get rid of it completely, so it came (deliberately disrupting the network for several hours for purely political and intelligence purposes to carry out this task, and to erase those dangerous and sensitive documents, so that no access is reached  and consequently embarrassing Washington with its allies around the world), and shaking the world’s confidence in the United States of America.

On the other hand, “Facebook’s fear of publishing data, extracts or clips from the testimony of the former employee of the company, Ms. Francis Haugen against the company and its officials, is supported by documents and documents about the nature of the violations and penetrations of the Facebook network globally”. And here we mean the testimony of “Mrs. Francis Haugen”, an employee who worked as a former manager in the products department in the “Facebook” company since 2019, to help address the problem of election interference through social media, especially after (several accusations of the Russian side of interfering in the final results of the US Presidential elections), in favor of former US President “Donald Trump”.

Perhaps the most dangerous thing that “Mrs. Frances Haugen” said and tried to silence her and stop her and get rid of her by threatening her, is that American policy makers and legislators are encouraging the “Facebook and its owner Mark Zuckerberg” network to disrespect its users and violate, exploit, hack and sell their privacy for purely material purposes, as well as  On the adoption by those in charge of “Facebook” of a polluted agenda, as it incites inhuman standards for the following taboo:

 (Spreading hatred, racial discrimination between whites and blacks and all other minorities, fueling political and religious disputes and conflicts to achieve material gains, not caring about the health and security of users, especially children, by publishing games that encourage suicide in exchange for huge financial gains)

Based on the testimony of “Mrs. Francis Haugin”, the position of the Chinese President, Comrade “Xi Jinping”, came to issue of “laws that obligate young people to abide by the male dress and not to mix identities, and to prevent the broadcast of any content in the Chinese media in which men imitate women”, with the publicly affirmation of the Chinese authorities and leaders the Communist Party of China “CPC” stated the need to work on:

  “Limiting the scope of work and spread of technology companies producing children’s electronic games and applications to reduce them and curb their growth and increasing influence”

 Hence, since November 2020, the Chinese authorities have started to adopt a strict campaign throughout the country, based and aimed primarily at “protecting children, youth and school students from falling into the trap of addiction to games and applications at the expense of their health and their relationships with the entire community”.

 And based on the evidence, evidence and previous evidence that confirms (the Facebook company intentionally disrupts its work to erase the evidence of its international condemnation).  Hence, we find, that with the (increasing of American and Western criticism to the Chinese campaign directed against American and mainly Western technology companies, which produce children’s toys), especially those that encourage suicide, such as: (Facebook films for children), policy makers in the Communist Party of China tried to assert that:

   “Germany, as a successful Western model, has adopted the same policies to protect its children and children. Despite the progress of industry and modern technologies and technology, Germany has restricted the work of children’s toy companies, with Chinese leaders confirming that Germany has succeeded in industry, production and progress, not consumption and games”

Fourth: Analyzing the aspects of Chinese benefits and the Chinese political and ethical employment for the disruption of the American “Facebook” network around the world, internally, externally and ideologically

    The malfunction of Facebook and its various applications, such as: “WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger”, shows the extent of American hegemony over very important tools in the era of the digital economy, to extend American influence and control over the world, and in return, China has distanced itself from these (Digital chaos) by banning these American and Western applications and providing (local Chinese alternatives of technology that fits the nature and values ​​of Chinese society and protects its youth and children), through:            

My accurate analysis as an expert in Chinese Politics for (the great Chinese benefits from the disruption of Facebook as a giant of American technology around the world, and the attempt to use the matter politically, ideologically and values ​​to defend its interests), thus hitting and offending the reputation of American social networks, as well as their inability to confronting the emergency and most importantly its violations of the rights of the child, family and human being.

This may also come in the field and scope of the work of “Chinese digital technology propaganda in the face of the alliance of digital technological democracies against it, led by Washington with its allies, such as: Britain and Australia in the first place”, especially after the United States of America banned the Chinese technology giant of (Huawei company for technology), which adopts China’s plan on  The world, especially in developing and African countries, to spread (the fifth generation services “G5″ for Chinese digital technology).

China will also try to improve the reputation of its technology companies globally, especially after the arrest (the Chinese financial director of Huawei in Canada and her arrest and then recently sentenced on charges of belonging to a banned group, as well as other financial charges related to the work of the Chinese company Huawei itself), which increased the tensions of the relations between China and the United States, especially with China accusing Washington of pushing its Canadian allies to obstruct its interests around the world.

 China was able to use the disruption of American social networks to make (technological ideological propaganda for itself, by proving it with tangible evidence, that social networks in China did not suffer any glitch during the Facebook stoppage), regarding the work of applications for mobile phones in China.

Therefore, Chinese social networks, such as: “Weibo, WeChat, Kyukyo, Youku, Doyen”… etc., which were working normally during a period of downtime and disruption of all American versions of the web and its applications, especially those linked to the American Facebook network, the Chinese ideological propaganda focused mainly on the inside, stating that:

The social networks in China did not suffer any malfunctions during the failure of their American counterparts”

In this context, the Chinese media tried to emphasize (the good management of the ruling Communist Party authorities of the country, especially with the Chinese authorities banning American technological services, such as: Facebook and its applications inside China), which are: “Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp”, and others.  As well as (China bans the work of some other Western technology companies that have been proven to violate Chinese laws), and therefore, the Chinese citizen was not affected by any noticeable stop, with his use and use of Chinese applications alternative to the American, and from here (no one practically noticed that any of the Chinese applications stopped working within the whole mainland of China during the period of downtime and disruption of Facebook and its various applications around the world).                                                         

   Through this analysis, we understand that (China mainly focused its efforts on the inside), certainly that China does not face any similar technical problems, especially with the impact of this interruption of Facebook’s work on the accounts of millions of users around the world, as well as causing problems using the “Oculus platform” for virtual reality, which is also affiliated with “Facebook”, while (China only uses its own technological applications with a global reputation and good value, given that there were no technical problems in it, as well as observing all the ethical standards that its American counterparts neglected).

Fifth: The attitude of the Chinese people themselves towards the ban by the Chinese authorities and the leaders of the Communist Party of China of the “Facebook” website in their country, according to the Chinese Constitution

The ruling Communist Party authorities have tried to conduct (large educational and awareness campaigns for all the Chinese people about the danger of American and Western digital technologies on the identity, national culture and values ​​of the People’s State of China), as the new competition between China and the United States of America and the West is witnessing several accelerating geostrategic balances and radical internal social and political transformations. China has become more capable of changing the image of the world and the relations of competition in it in new unconventional ways, such as: the matter of “Chinese alternative technological applications in the face of Western technologies”.

This alternative proposal for Chinese digital technology, alternative to its American and Western counterparts, enhances the legitimacy and strength of governance and the ruling authorities of the Communist Party in the Chinese state, with their ability to win over the masses and Chinese public opinion with a system of cultural values ​​agreed upon among all the Chinese people with their leaders, authorities and ruling party.  Which can be understood, as follows:

The Chinese authorities have reaffirmed the depth of their far-reaching strategic view by blocking a number of American social networking sites, especially “Facebook” in China since 2009, and the Chinese authorities attributed the blocking to (three main reasons), which are:

First: Because (those American social media sites deliberately underestimate the values of China and fail to mention the China’s historical facts), such as deliberately mentioning the necessity of reviving the old revolutions in China and promoting their renewal.

Second: The presence of (gaps in the security and privacy options on Facebook, and its threat to Chinese national security).

Third: The growing criticism against China on the famous search engine website of “Google”, and its intentional publication of “pornographic materials”, which (infiltrate the privacy of children and the Chinese family).

2) The Chinese authorities also blocked the famous American website of “Amazon” for selling books, due to the intention of the “Amazon” website to provoke China despite its warning, by deliberately selling and promoting a book banned from publication in China that talks about revolutions, as if anyone clicks on a website or link of the book is on Amazon from China, the site is completely blocked for at least 15 minutes, which is an attempt by the Chinese state to maintain its security and stability and protect its history and heritage in the face of American and Western absurdity, as China officially defends itself.

 3) Hence, (private Chinese applications began to promote themselves, and the Chinese media themselves promoted them, by not disrupting them during the period of downtime and sudden failure in other American digital services), which cost heavy losses in the United States of America approaching 164 thousand dollars, losses per minute, that is, nearly $60 million, which China has not faced.

 4) As for the position of the Chinese themselves towards banning Facebook in their country, you find that “Chinaese people keenness to preserve the value system of Chinese society”, considering that American websites, such as: (Facebook, Twitter, Google), and the other applications, as from China’s point of view, they’re looking to the American and Western IT applications may (infect the Chinese value system, as it threatens the culture of the Chinese).

 5) According to the Chinese constitution, “the Chinese state itself is morally responsible for protecting its citizens from exposure to Western and American cultural invasion”, and also for closing the door on Western attempts to use these sites to foment internal political unrest against the Chinese state.

 6) Hence, we find that China, after the disruption of Facebook and the rest of the other related applications, we can analytically highlightthe (Chinese promotion of the superiority of its digital values and technological model in the face of American and Western applications), and the Chinese affirmation of the validity of its theory to follow a policy called: (Building the Great Firewall Project china)

  Or what is officially, known as: “the Golden Cover Project”,or “Golden Shield”.

   Which is one of the most important and sensitive Chinese technical projects to monitor the Internet and block the unwanted websites, and it is considered one of (the most advanced Chinese sensitive technical projects in the world).

     Based on the understanding of the Chinese technological map and the most important methods and celebrities that China adopts in the face of American and Western digital technologies such as Facebook, as we analyzed it, and from here we find that (the ruling Communist Party authorities in China are trying to take advantage of the rapid technological progress in the mainland of China to change the geostrategic map of the world in a fast way, whose nature has not yet been clear in the face of American hegemony and unilateralism), which is evident to us from the way and mechanism of the Chinese political and ethical employment of the (relationship between the technology and politics and the interaction and mutual influence between them), which represents one of the most important determinants of this new world, and the innovative non-traditional competition trends between  China and the USA.

Sixth: The relationship between (the crisis of disrupting Facebook and restoring China’s technological prestige and position) between its citizens and the world, and promoting the theory of “the superiority of Chinese technological applications over their American counterparts”

   The researchers, scholars, and the international academic community around the world are witnessing the emergence of new technological and cognitive terms that are all centered around the American-Chinese technological conflict and polarization at the present time in its political form, such as the term of (Techno-Politics).

    This new term of “Techno Politics” refers to (the relationship between political and technological affairs in its changing form), in a way that can be applied to the current conflict and competition between China and the United States of America over “fifth generation networks and the United States’ ban on the Chinese company Huawei”, as a result of the struggle over the acquisition of technological applications and their relationship  The nature of competition and political polarization between Washington and Beijing, but in terms of digital and technology, which we can apply and understand on the part of China during the crisis of the Facebook disruption, as follows:

The crisis of disruption of Facebook and the rest of the applications associated with it, such as: (WhatsApp, Instagram), and others, has restored China’s technological prestige and position among its citizens, and demonstrated the depth and far-sightedness of the policies of the Communist Party of China, emphasizing that:

   “China’s blocking of many American social media sites is not in vain, as the Chinese state sees great importance in “not leaving the personal information of its members in foreign hands that may one day exploit that information, which is our primary task in preserving the Chinese citizen, as one of the important ingredients for maintaining China’s national security”

This also reminds us of a crisis that occurred a few years ago, a crisis occurred between “the American Google company” and China, during which the two parties exchanged accusations that took a political nature, and ended with the consent and agreement of the two parties to transfer the “Google” engine service to the city of “Hong Kong”, where it directs you to Google’s Hong Kong site directly, if you try to open the site in any of the other provinces and provinces of China.

On the other hand, China is trying to promote other Chinese search engines competing with the US, such as: Baidu”, which was launched by China in 2000, to be the first search engine in the country, and also a strong competitor to the American company “Google”.

We can also recognize the “Youku website” in China, which is the Chinese alternative to “YouTube”, as “Youku” is the most largest and important site that provides the service of uploading and publishing videos on the Internet in China, and the site is characterized by the ability to upload unlimited videos, as it allows users to upload full movies and complete episodes of Chinese, Korean, and American series. And the site as well allows the Chinese people to follow up on many (non-Chinese films and series, as they are accompanied by Chinese subtitles on the screen), outperforming the services of the YouTube American site.

We also find that the “Weibo” site in China, as the Chinese alternative to “Twitter”, which is blocked in China, and the word “Weibo” in Arabic means (small tweets or short posts), and according to the “Weibo site’s statistics”, its Chinese users are daily writing more than 100 million microblogs, outperforming the famous Twitter social networking site.

Here, we also find the “QQ” application in China, with taking into consideration that “QQ”, is considered one of the largest chat programs in China, and an alternative to the famous chat programs, such as: (MSN & Yahoo), which the Chinese do not accept to use.

We also find the “WeChat” applicationor “Weixin” in Chinese, which is the most used application in China for social networking, where the parent company revealed a new report to it, which showed that it has so far more than 400 million active users and they are constantly increasing.

With the intensification of the Chinese accusations against the United States of America, which I consider to be the most violent of all, was the accusation of the Chinese Vice Foreign Minister “Xie Feng” to the United States of America publicly, of “trying to eliminate the Chinese regime”,  In text, he said:

“There is a campaign by an entire government and an entire society that is being waged to bring down China”

  This was reported by the well-known Chinese newspaper, “China Daily”, during “Ms. Sherman’s visit to Tianjin province in China”, on July 26, 2021, who is considered the most high-level ranking senior official in the American administration of President “Joe Biden” to visit China.

  Finally, we find that through the previous comprehensive analysis of the Egyptian researcher to analyze and understand the nature of the work of Chinese technology companies in the face of their American and Western counterparts, we can now accurately understand (the role or employment of the political and value but also the ideology of Chinese and American technology companies and all other digital platforms associated with them to play real and independent geopolitical roles).

    Therefore, the talk about (the disruption of the Facebook network around the world, the role of China and the exchange of accusations between all concerned parties is closely linked to national security and its link to digital technology and the giant Chinese digital technology projects globally in the Silicon Valley region), especially with the connection of advanced technology networks and companies at the present time with governments, which applies to “Facebook” and its connection with the US federal government and various political institutions as I mentioned, and also with the association of Chinese companies working in the technology sector with the government, this shows us with evidence (the seriousness of the relationship between digital technology, politics and national security) for both China and the USA in our case.

  Hence, what most analytically caught my eye, academically and researchly was (Chinese President Comrade Xi Jinping’s meeting with Apple CEO “Tim Cook”, at rates that exceed his meeting with presidents and leaders in the whole world).  This is a confirmation of what I  have previously presented in this close connection between the governments of countries and giant technology companies, and even (transcends their borders because of their connection with armies and all national security files around the world, which is almost applicable to the American and Chinese cases and the Chinese alternatives applied to digital technology in the face of American and Western competition, in order to preserve  on its national security from any penetration), and this fully proves and confirms our theory about (the relationship between politics, technology and national security, the limits and extensions of influence between each other).

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