Bungee Jumping in the Gravity-Free Galactica

Galactic travel is now another gravity free upside down  bungee jumping fad, this time going up, all strapped in rocket-powered-fridge with a side window. Congrats, Branson and all the others lined up passengers, not aware that a half billion-dollar ticket still buys no peanuts for the passenger.

The craze to go higher and higher is a natural born human instinct; therefore the flea circus of the anxious wannabe frequent flyers of techno-Flash-Gordon-age gathered outside the space-terminal admiring the ‘right-stuff’ ready to add a once in a lifetime adventure to vaccine passport.

Our remains of days of our tik-tokish, instagramic paranoia age, where only instant photos measure our hysteria; rocketed rises or meteoric falls, anything else is simply not exciting enough, unless gross-body alterations, additions or surgical morphing looks or falling from sky, preferably without parachute ensure extra emojis.  

The current historic maiden flights, jumping in and out of space, the sympathetic and smudged online audience in the sprawling tent cities across the nation is all thumbs up, and hopeful of getting much larger tents, and extra open spaces to stretch legs later when the populace gets a deluxe free ride to Mars. Unknown still are the facts that six months of space travel to an oxygen-less desert in capsule, a size of a dish-washer a solid proof of failed policies of humankind now forcing to eject ‘John’ with a body bag  to arrive as ‘John-Doe’ by the time of landing.

MIT Predicted in 1972:  That Society Will Collapse This Century. New Research Shows, We are on Schedule, according to media. However, The MIT Study of 1972, a lingering nonsense, like so many other studies predicting dystopia, needed are the plain one page summarized studies of honest economies in hands of real value creation experts and skilled political leadership, and only those bold enough to sacrifice themselves on broken promises. Humankind problems only solved by humankind rules and not by deep dark crypto tyrannies.

The cruelty of this shenanigan can only be measured as proof of logical failures when dead bodies are piled up and thumbs ups and thumbs down literate populace utterly scared to speak even with few words to avoid disrupting their local tribal parties like hitting beehives and special interests attacking like wasps. The real hardcore economy on the other hand is now an invisible notion, hidden and mysterious, banned from serious analytical discussion, left for books, case studies, and dark chambers to figure out. Couple of needles of vaccines and some other highly potent substances will hold the sunset a bit longer. Checks are already in the mail to cash out the future.

Quincy’s genius now audible in layering vocals of the blue eyes touching high notes; Fly me to the moon, Mr. Sinatra

Branson and Bezos are both legendary extreme entrepreneurs and space travel is a great afternoon adventure for the super-rich to get high on super-speed, good luck to the space travel industry. National opinions around the world on super-taxing super rich and stealing their wealth will never make nations rich or solve their chaos on their midsize economies. Needed are fair and honest tax systems, fair laws for all and honest tabulations for justice. Currently not one single national leader or groups of nation strong enough to stand up the institutionalized tax loopholes managed by the nation’s top advisors is where some revolutionary adjustments called for. Needed are the midsize economy uplifts and national mobilizations of entrepreneurialism to create a thousand new more like Bransons and Bezos…

Study more on Google, and who is supporting such philosophies and who is blocking, but why?

The rest is easy

Naseem Javed
Naseem Javed
Naseem Javed, a Canadian born in a printing publishing family of small merchants, settled over two centuries surrounding the Red Fort in Chandni Chowk, Delhi, India. Educated and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, and arrived in Canada fifty years ago. He spent years at the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics and learned how to create and develop global-stature organizations and events. Acquired global experiences, serviced dozens of Fortune 500 companies as a senior advisor over 25 years, and learned how to commercialize, monetize, and popularize complex ideas globally. Later, in 2000, Naseem took a sabbatical when he noticed markets lost the art of value creation and adopted value manipulation when one million dollar turnover factories traded as 100 million dollar operations in stock exchanges. He took all his high-value knowledge and experiences, placed them in a shoe box, and almost free for the world's 100 million Small and Medium Enterprises. He developed The National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols. The rest is history. Now highlighted as a corporate philosopher, the Chair of Expothon Worldwide, and recognized authority on new economic thinking, where the mobilization of small and medium business entrepreneurialism is tabled as the savior of already struggling economies. Expothon has been sharing weekly information with some 2,000 senior officials at the Cabinet level in around 100 countries for the last 50 to 100 weeks. The narratives are an open challenge to current economic development and offer pragmatic solutions and new thinking on mobilizing the untapped talents of the national citizenry. He is a world-class speaker and author, gaining global attention. https://expothon.com