Youth Economist Compilation: For the youth by the youths


For the past year, Youth Economist has brought to you an amazing assortment of articles on various domains of finance, economics, politics, business, entrepreneurship, and technology written by 50+ journalists from around 20+ countries worldwide. Hence, to make these mind-boggling topics available to you in greater detail, we have compiled our book The Youth Economist Compilation, which is the first in the series of multiple books that will be published by us in the near future. The tagline “By the Youth, For the Youth” written on the first page shows our pledge to promote economics and associated fields among the new generation of budding economists.

After a vote of thanks to the authors and all the people involved in the creation process, the first section of the book covers fundamental topics in core economics. The section details the various applications of machine learning in economics and these are followed up by a number of articles relating to the effect of COVID 19 on various branches of economics. The economics section also encompasses a structured discussion on green-collar jobs and their effects, before moving to articles on climate action and its impact on economics. The next section brings to us a brief insight into global economic scenarios in various countries like China, Lebanon, and the United States. Finally, we conclude with an article on the nature of bitcoin as an asset.

Following Economics, we have around articles in Politics, written by our amazing writers. This section highlights global political scenarios and reflects on the overall impact caused by significant political events. Some highlights of this section are discussions on the Biden presidency and its impact on the US- India relations as well as a discussion on the repercussions of silencing Trump. We focus on global scenarios like the Myanmar coup, the diplomacy behind the vaccines, and even the “Lula effect” on Brazil. It answers many burning questions of the youth like the effect of memes on politics, the freedom of the press,” Slacktivism”, economic diplomacy in current affairs, and even articles on the gamble of private education.

Our third sector is Finance, which has seven articles. For all the finance nerds out there, this section is going to be really lucrative. It covers many significant as well as quirky topics like the history of bitcoins, soaring gold prices, and more. It has detailed sections on the economics of organized crime, delving deeper to depict scenarios with proofs and statistics. It ends with detailed discussions on economic recession and the inequality in wealth distribution among nations- two fundamental topics in finance.

The next fields we cover are Business and Technology. Business as a section includes five articles detailing various ways in which social media apps can help develop businesses. It includes an overview of the rising payment platform Stripe and a discussion on change in payment services. The technology sector is a follow-up to the business sector. The Youth Economist compilation consists of articles that discuss complex concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning in a simplified manner for the ease of understanding of youth. It includes topics like enterprise AI and the growing influence of technology on economics. But it also includes interesting and mind-boggling ideas like a simplified discussion of MIT’s new PizzaGAN, which is a machine learning-based pizza maker.

Lastly, we go over to entrepreneurship, another budding field of the twenty-first century. It consists of various ways in which Genz’s consumerism has shaped the fate of start-ups. It consists of discussion on tech start-ups like meeting platforms, the dominance of Ed-tech company Byju’s in India, and more. It highlights the unique entrepreneurship ideas that have emerged in the face of the pandemic, with an insight into the face mask market. The section concludes with an overview of ClubHouse, which has been sending waves in the tech sector.

The book is available on Amazon as an ebook as well as a paperback. It is a must-read for youngsters keen to gain more knowledge in economics and finance!