5 Ways Technology Is Improving Construction Site Safety


The construction industry remains one of the deadliest jobs even in the 21st century. Regulations have been put in place by government agencies and worker unions to ensure extra safety and awareness is enforced. This includes running safety drills, wearing the right safety gear, regular training, and having a health & safety inspector on-site. 

More has to be done and there’s where technology comes in. There have been improvements every year to make construction sites safer for workers, and with every tech advancement, come better ways to protect workers, thus reducing construction site accidents. Here are 5 innovative technology used in our world today to keep sites safe, organized, and workers protected.

#1 Drone technology

The use of aerial vehicles or drones in job sites includes site surveys and structure inspections. It’s also used to create videos of construction time-lapses. When it comes to making construction sites safer, drones have been used to inspect and identify hazardous areas, take photos of work progress and inspect areas that are dark and dangerous. Data from these drones can prevent workers from entering dangerous locations that are not visible from a vantage point.

#2 Power-assist suits

Power-assist suits and exoskeletons help workers lift and carry heavy objects and tools for an extended time. This prevents them from experiencing stress and strain on their body. These suits also reduce injury and fatigue in the human body as it helps workers maintain better posture. Panasonic and Daewoo are some of the brands that manufacture these suits specifically for construction workers.

#3 Virtual reality

Virtual reality enables designers and engineers to simulate construction site environments, enabling them to identify the best possible scenarios for materials and resources. VR is also used to train workers on handling equipment and tools. Machine operators can learn how to use new tools and heavy equipment in a safe, controlled environment.

#4 Superior first-aid equipment

Technology has improved medical equipment used to rapidly treat injuries on construction sites. For instance, SAM XT’s tourniquet uses an innovative design that is engineered for rapid application, enabling workers to be properly and quickly aided to stop bleeding. Life and death are sometimes just a matter of a few seconds of difference. This tourniquet is simple and fast to use with a simple click and twist.

#5 Site sensors

Site sensors are deployed at different sections of construction sites to monitor variables such as noise levels, dust particles, temperature, and volatile organic compounds. This data is used to ensure workers in construction sites are not exposed to hazardous situations or materials. It can also help emergency evacuation take place faster. Sensors mounted around construction sites will alert workers if there are risks from exposure to dangerous chemicals and high levels of debris and dust.

The technology mentioned here is just some of the most frequently used ones in the construction industry. As tech evolves, so would the equipment and tools utilized to ensure better safety and security for workers.