Russia’s Indigenous Peoples receives Nornickel`s grants


The grants were awarded to 6 projects by family (tribal) communities, 2 projects by non-profit organizations, and 20 projects by municipal and public institutions. The winners’ public initiatives address a wide variety of social issues: revive national languages, create a culture of environmental protection and hold environmental campaigns, develop infrastructure across Taimyr settlements, preserve historical heritage, etc.

The Russian company Nornickel is a global leader in the production of the mineral nickel. Taimyr Peninsula has been the homeland for indigenous peoples of the Arctic for generations and are the principal sites for the company’s activities. Small indigenous peoples of Taimyr have preserved the traditional way of life, culture and economy of the northern peoples, including reindeer husbandry, hunting, fishing and gathering. Healthy and productive ecosystems, both on land and water, are the basis of indigenous peoples’ culture and identity, supported by the Company.

“For our community, participating in World of Taimyr is an opportunity to gain support and train mentors, as well as a unifying experience. Obviously, we’d like to win and get a grant, but taking part has already proved useful: the support experts helped us mould our idea into a proper application. Things like this matter to our organization,” said Alexander Shirokikh, chair of the family (tribal) community of northern indigenous minorities Iydyna (“Moonlight”).

Local authorities have also noted the competition’s role in developing and promoting the territories. “The competition and the support for public initiatives really make a difference for non-profit and municipal organizations of Taimyr. The grants will not only help preserve long-standing traditions and practices, but also foster the territories’ development through generating jobs, advancing tourism, and promoting distance learning,” said Tatiana Druppova, Deputy Head of Education and Culture of the Taimyrsky Dolgano-Nenetsky Municipal District.

“The projects that ended up winning are all very advanced, distinctive and vibrant. Their authors were able to identify and design social technologies that will invigorate the region and produce sustainable and positive changes. The construction of ethnic and sports facilities, establishment of family and linguistic clubs, support for crafts and creative workshops, environmental campaigns, cultural festivals and cross-pollination with the neighboring regions — all of these are important initiatives that will foster the development of the Taimyr territory,” said Larisa Zelkova, Senior Vice President of Nornickel.

The award ceremony will take place at the beginning of April during the celebration of Taimyr’s 90th anniversary and Reindeer Herder’s Day. Starting 1 June, the winners will start bringing their projects to life.


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