The Tension of the Sino-US High-Level Strategic Dialogue in Alaska


Top Diplomats from the United States and China on Thursday (18/3/2021) engaged in a verbal battle in their first face-to-face bilateral talks since Joe Biden took office as US President. The bilateral talks mark the opening of a two-day meeting in Anchorage, Alaska. This incident adds to a long list of bilateral unrest.

“China’s actions pose a threat to a rules-based order designed to maintain global stability,” said US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, at the opening of the meeting in Alaska. “The US side will discuss our deep concerns regarding China’s actions, including in Xinjiang,” Blinken told the Chinese Communist Party’s top diplomatic official Yang Jiechi and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, referring to Washington DC’s accusations of Beijing committing genocide against the Uyghur minority.

“It will be discussed in dialogue on the issue of Hong Kong, Taiwan, cyber attacks in the United States, as well as economic pressure on our allies,” he added. Beijing also responded sharply. “Beijing is firmly against US interference in domestic affairs. We will take firm action in our response,” Yang said.

Tensions between Washington DC and Beijing remain high after relations turned into chaos during Donald Trump’s presidency, during which an intense trade war has ravaged the global economy and disputes over everything from defense and technology to human rights issues in Hong Kong.

Despite the continuing tensions, White House National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, said the US did not want conflict. “But we welcome stiff competition (between the two countries),” he said.

Meanwhile, Yang asked Sullivan to let the US first leave the Cold War mentality and said that Beijing also wanted no confrontation and conflict. “Most countries in the world do not recognize US values as global values,” Yang said, quoted from the China Daily News.

Cooperation between China and the United States will benefit both, while fighting will hurt both, and cooperation is the only correct choice for both parties. Sino-US cooperation can accomplish many major events that benefit both countries and the world.

The confrontation between China and the United States is certainly a disaster for the two countries and the world. The two countries have the responsibility to find a way to get along with big countries with different political systems and make historic contributions to human civilization.

US government politicizing economic and trade issues, but the vast majority of US companies in China continued to make profits. Instead of leaving the Chinese market, they increased investment in China. This fully shows that the nature of Sino-US relations is mutual benefit and win-win results. At present, China and the United States have broad room for cooperation in fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic, promoting economic recovery, and tackling climate change.

The two sides can cooperate in a responsible attitude to the two countries and the world. Of course, this kind of cooperation must be two-way, mutually beneficial, and balance the concerns of both parties. While the Chinese side emphasized China’s fundamental development goals in the dialogue. Internally, it is to satisfy the people’s yearning for a better life. Externally, it is to contribute to the development and progress of all mankind.

Understanding of policies and development prospects, China is accelerating the construction of a new development pattern and continuously expanding its opening to the outside world, which will create more opportunities for win-win cooperation for countries in the world, including the United States.The world is now highlighting how the United States and China will negotiate on key issues, will they will make concessions or not?

Raihan Ronodipuro
Raihan Ronodipuro
Raihan Ronodipuro holds a Master of Public Administration degree from the prestigious School of Public Policy & Management at Tsinghua University, China. His academic journey was propelled by the esteemed Chinese MOFCOM Scholarship, leading him to successfully attain a Master of Law in International Relations from the School of International and Public Affairs at Jilin University, China. With a rich background, Raihan has also contributed as an Associate Researcher in the Department of Politics and Security at the Center for Indonesia-China Studies (CICS). Currently, he plays a pivotal role as a member of the International Relations Commission within the Directorate of Research and Studies for the Overseas Indonesian Students' Association Alliance (OISAA) for the term 2022/2023.


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