Pandemia’s Box: Perspectives on a New World Order

Dieter Brockmeyer’s book, Pandemia’s Box;  a Diplomatic World Institute  book series, offers a unique glimpse into the new world order where ‘Wholistic Innovation’  connects  the various elements of how  one  can see things from a different perspective. A profound inquiry into   Dieter Brockmeyer’s book provides a broad overview on the interactions between technological change and epochal innovations as catalysts that initiate and sustain growth. The  book covers the main topics: Why Wholistic Innovation; Corona-Leanings; Global Situation; Pandora’s Box;  The Big Picture; Close Up; and  Out of the Box,  in a balanced fashion.

Dieter’s book has followed a very important structure for all to realize the magnitude of the pandemonium that the Covid 19 virus has unleashed on humanity. Seeking out the right sort of compromise to tackle the biggest challenges facing the world today   is the author’s practical suggestion.

While technology has become an extremely powerful tool and a game changer in the world today, Dieter Brockmeyer’s book rationally opens up the possibility of outdated technology   being replaced by more balanced and new technological trends.  This must read book makes a few   main arguments. Firstly, that technology will remain the driver of unknown change in human history in the upcoming decades. Secondly, the discourse on    development; how innovation may be linked to positive changes to which Pandemia’s Box lends a credible assessment of the long-term effects for neighboring sectors and the long term perspective that is essential to enable transformation.

Pandemia’s Box evaluates the relationship of global cooperation with a balanced bilateral and multilateral approach. ‘Degrowth’ and ‘Deglobalization’ ties will determine the balance in ‘The Big Picture’ while there are new challenges to meet and new opportunities to seize which will have new consequences. With this view in mind, Dieter has raised numerous questions such as: why wholistic innovation; what does our planet need; what do our societies need; how can we improve the quality of life; and how must industries change to accomplish all this.

The Pandemia’s Box is strongly recommended for readers and it will be no surprise that Brockmeyer’s book becomes a bestseller mainly because of the burgeoning ideas analogues to its own subject matter. It will be interesting to see how readers will respond to this first book of Dieter Brockmeyer which is one of those rare reads that will change one’s perspective on global transformation of technology   that hinges on ‘Wholistic Innovation’.

Srimal Fernando
Srimal Fernando
Research scholar at Jindal School of International Affairs, India and an editor of Diplomatic Society for South Africa