Gender Discrimination in Pakistan


Discrimination mean social, cultural, political inequality in a society. It has required new orientation in the form of Men and Women status in a society. Before the advent of Islam the plight and conditions of women in Arab world was extremely bad. Women were at lowest ebb they had no respect. There was a trend of burying girls alive at tender ages. On the advent of Islam trend changes and highest respect to the women was given. The Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973 declares men and women equal in all respects. It further states that there shall be no discrimination on the basis of gender. In the Holy Quran in Surah ‘’Nisa’’ rights and respect to the women is guaranteed. They have been given ‘’Right of Inheritance“ and the same is being followed by the Constitution of Pakistan. Right from dawn of humankind gender inequality purports the motion that men and women are not equal biologically. Time memorial women have been treated feeble and inferior.

Although Almighty God created Adam as first human. It does not mean that women are lower in any aspect of life. Psychologically in most cases the position of men is dominant over women. An approach that men are quite able to decide a more better way than women with an intellectual, social and cultural norms have added fuel to the fire of gender discrimination. Biologically it is asserted that man is more about than women. Both psychologically and mentally.

Men are more intelligent, quick in decision making. They are bound to take risk as compared to the women. Women are generally seen quite submissive are obeying even if the circumstances are against them. Hence women in Pakistan are psychologically more stronger than men.

In Political domain women are not lower and Participator as compared with man. The youngest female Prime Minister of the World was a Pakistani lady Benazir Bhutto who got elected as Pakistani Prime Minister in 1988 at the age of 36 only.

Economic inequality has also added to gender discrimination. Sometimes husband and wife are not in position to run the daily requirements of their house need. This can result into many social problems. At times this problem ends up in a divorce. Studies show us women are less educated and are not in position to complete with men.

They are also a cause of gender discrimination. Girls are more educated usually and men are less educated. This results in their intellectual caliber which gives rise to matrimonial problems. e.g. Rearing of children and their educational requirements. Studies show that women participation in business or into projects is dismal and disappointing. This also shows their negative approach to this sector. This gender discrimination is more prominent in the province of Baluchistan where women do not have any say in their marriage and others issues . Their fate is decided by their elders. Similarly, in tribal areas same Jirga system consultation body decide the event fabric of society.

In “DI Khan ” district situated in KPK , women are denied right to inheritance and they are not allowed to raise her their voice in any case . Some of the immediate causes of discrimination are:- 

In most of the villages women are not allowed to get proper education. The reason is that the elders are against female education. This create a sense of deprivation among the girls. However situation in cities is not that much discouraging.

These are fact that females face a sense of insecurity specially in private sector. They are sexually harassed at times because of which some women retire or leave their jobs. Situation in government institutions is however satisfactory. It is however satiable that jobs of male and female must be in an environment of decency and segregation so that female should feel free and comfortable.

In most of the cases women are not properly protected and they feel themselves to be caught in an abnormal situation. Women do not feel comfortable going to the courts even for claiming their own rights. However, women usually get relief from courts if they approach on time.

Women as compared to men are not given proper medical facilities . They are not provided full family planning chart of the section of female are not allowed. In most hospitals male doctors perform checkups of women which is ethically wrong.

Rehna Gul
Rehna Gul
Ms. REHNA GUL PhD Scholar in Zhongnan university of economic and law ,in china. She earned her Masters Degree in International Relations from Hazara university Mansehra , KPK ,Pakistan .. Her PhD Research focus on Legal Issues of CPEC . She did research on Sino - Pak relationship and Security legal challenges .Her area of interest and research also include Territorial Disputes , Trade , Investment ,Terrorism ,PAK-CHINA CIVIL NUCLEAR POWERCOOPERATION , strategic relation between india , pakistan and china . she wrote many articles in other International journals.


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