Deloitte Launches CortexAI for Government Platform

As the new Administration and statehouses across the country work to tackle key priorities across the dimensions of health, economic recovery, climate and racial inequities, data and its effective use through emerging AI technologies will be key enablers. To accelerate the adoption of AI in government, Deloitte today announced its new AI platform, CortexAI™ for Government. Designed to accelerate AI deployment among public sector organizations, CortexAI for Government combines proven government and industry solutions with AI models, tools and technical architectures tailored to support public sector missions with a focus on AI quality, audit and ethics.

“AI is more than technology. Through CortexAI for Government, we will help agency leaders and frontline public servants introduce new AI solutions and execute their organizations’ missions more effectively and with reduced cost,” said Ed Van Buren, principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP and leader of Deloitte’s public sector AI practice. “We are also deeply committed to advancing the ethical use of AI so that its use in American government becomes a model for the commercial sector and the world.”

Solutions built on CortexAIfor Government already serving government clients

Several federal agencies and state governments are already using applications and solutions powered by CortexAI for Government to propel their mission, empower their employees, and better serve the public. Notably, Deloitte’s RegExplorer™, which uses AI to analyze hundreds of thousands of regulations, allows policymakers to quickly identify conflicting or out of date regulations, improve and modernize regulations, and enable meaningful reform.

“When you are trying to comb through regs at different state agencies, it takes a long time,” said Carrie Kuruc, director of Ohio’s Common Sense Initiative, speaking about RegExplorer. “When you have tech that can do it quickly, you take it in a heartbeat.”

Democratizing AI for wide government adoption and deployment

CortexAI for Government provides a combination of on-platform, mission-oriented applications and solutions and in-platform models, tools and curated data sets. Designed specifically to meet the needs of government clients, CortexAI for Government can deploy and scale no matter where an agency is in their AI modernization journey. 

Key features include:

  • Mission and Business Solutions — Powers AI-driven mission and business solutions for government executives, such as cyber reconnaissance for enhanced cyber security and anticipatory government risk analytics for the public health sector.
  • Trustworthy AI for High Stakes Decisions — Combines Deloitte’s “Trustworthy AI Framework” and Deloitte’s deep risk and audit heritage to enable AI quality, audit and ethics equity and compliance.
  • Enterprise Scale and Performance — A high-scale, high security environment built for government to deploy, monitor and secure AI solutions at scale, on-premise or in any cloud or hybrid-cloud environment, and in compliance with regulatory standards.
  • In-Platform Models and Tools — A flexible set of prepackaged models, tools, and services — including natural language processing, model training and microservices management — that range in accessibility from low/no-code required to a robust data science workbench for AI experts. 

“CortexAI for Government is an innovation platform that enables organizations to quickly operationalize AI capabilities and address specific mission and mission support needs,” said Mark White, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and lead for CortexAI for Government. “That means agencies can drive new capabilities quickly and at a larger scale, while also saving government resources.”

The platform continues to evolve to meet the mission needs of government clients. More information about CortexAI for Government can be found here.