Peace on the Moroccan (Western) Sahara requires the consensus of all parties involved, particularly Algeria


Recently Algeria is waging a mass and fierce media war against the Kingdom of Morocco, and it is a neighbor state that was unharmed by Morocco’s restoration of its Saharan provinces from the control of Spanish colonialism Rather, Morocco was a backer and prop of the symbols of the Algerian resistance during the period of French colonialism. The struggle against Morocco that Algeria quests to create anarchy through Moroccan territory by using a group of militia the so-called “ Polisario Front “ to harms Algeria first before others. Yet, Military spending costs Algeria, approximately, 25 percent of the state’s budget, or 5 percent of its gross domestic product. The sum of $ 13 billion that is spent annually on militarization was first directed to enhance the social and economic circumstances that are driving several areas to protest and plead.

However, it is irrational or a misguided view that the accumulation of arming that have lost their usefulness in years (in August 2020, Algerian government made a deal with Russia to purchase 18 “Sukhoi 35” warplanes to replace the expired MiG-25s). What is the point for Algeria to classify the fourth military force in Africa in terms of the number of armed forces, the second in Africa, and the twenty-third in the globe in terms of armament, number of warplanes, and naval power, according to the American defense website “Global Fire Power “if all this military arsenal it is unable to secure the movements and mobilities of terrorist organizations and cease up their plans ( for instance, in January 2013, the terrorist attack launched by al-Qaeda terrorists on the largest liquefied natural gas project in the country in Ain Amenas, which ended up in the killing of 32 militants and 23 hostages of different nationalities, and also the terrorist attack with a missile in Ain Amenas. Saleh, where there is the Kharchaba oil field, which is jointly invested by the Algerian groups Sonatrach, British Petroleum, and international firms Norway’s Statoil)?… In effect, The continuation of extremist strikes targeting the Algerian army throughout the year disapproves of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune’s claims that the borders must be secured  and supervised “with sophisticated equipment and devices, especially in the field of scientific and technological high-tech warfare, in a sense that ensures early detection of any threat of whatever its type and source.”  

As Henry Kissinger once mention that in foreign affairs doctrine, the acceptance of the framework of the international order by all states involved, at least to the extent that no one party feels so dissatisfied that it expresses its anger in a provocative manner. Though, All the calculations of Algeria fell at once in the face of the efficiency and sophistication of the Moroccan military due to in clearing the  Guerguerat crossing border without firing a single bullet or intimidating the Polisario Front members. Algeria did not stand it, as it planned to implicate the Kingdom of Morocco in “acts of violence” against the  Polisario bandits, to use it as an internationally strain card after it lost hope in the feasibility of the claim to expand the powers of the  United Nations MINURSO mission when the Moroccan authorities dealt wisely and calmly with the provocations of separatist Aminato Haidar. Calmness, wisdom, and consistency in the face of the Polisario Front mercenaries, elements that inflamed the Algerian authority and took it away from political and diplomatic precision by calling the Kingdom of Morocco a “Rival Enemy” and accusing it of targeting its security and territorial integrity. The rival enemy in the sense of an eternal enemy with whom there is no peace at all. It is an irrationality beyond that of silliness that does not even evoke the political logic that believes that interests exceeded hostility and ideologies.

Accordingly, here are the Guerguerat border case that reveals the true intention of Algeria and the determinations of its spiteful behavior to exploit the Moroccan (Western) Sahara issue of our territorial integrity to achieve several outcomes: the most prominent point of which is what was stated in the speech of the speaker of its parliament, “the National People’s Assembly”, Suleiman Shanin, on Tuesday, November 17, 2020, during the session devoted to voting on the Finance Bill project for the year 2021 and the bill on the prevention and combating of kidnapping crimes, that Algeria “sought to mislead  the deputies and behind them the Algerian people, that the Kingdom of Morocco poses a real peril to Algeria’s  homeland security and stability to the extent that it called on all Algerian parties to recognize the risks and work to upgraded and strengthen the country’s internal front.” The reason here is to quell opposition and put off social demands.

Thus, the government of Algeria apply the fabricated (Western) Sahara conflict around our southern provinces to export internal issues abroad and turn up the people’s attention from their socio-economic rights somewhat they remain preoccupied with the “Rival Enemy” though the government does not question the fate of their national wealth, which the government deludes Algerian people that the endowments have been spent to secure the country and protect its national unity. And from the absurdity of the President of the Algerian People’s National Assembly, his stating, “The state has become a target because of the great coherence between the constitutional institutions and the adherence of all Algerians to the constitutional track and their president, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, in addition to the presence of a strong military whose mission is to defend border security and counter everything that can jeopardize the country’s unity.” Not surprisingly, he forgot that his country (Algeria) is the one that threatens the Moroccan security and supports the Polisario Front mercenaries after it created them and militarized them. Furthermore, this speaker of Parliament did not end at this point. Rather, it went beyond him to link between the refinement of the Guerguerat crossing border from the bandits and targeting Algeria’s ambition to be the major power in the region. We are well aware of what is conceiving for our country. We have an ambitious program for Algeria to be the most powerful rivalry state in the  Northern African region that derives its strength from God Almighty Then its  Algerian people. ” Sure, Algeria aims to be the “dominant country” in the  Maghreb region, but by working to tear apart neighboring countries and undermining them particularly the Kingdom of Morocco.

In light of this, The Kingdom of Morocco considers that Algeria has tried to drive a war between Morocco and the Polisario Front as it did during the previous years. Yet, Algeria always pushing through inflaming the situation in the Guerguerat borders zone, because the Algerian regime today needs an outlet to divert attention from what is happening inside the country, especially to pass the referendum phase on the constitution and disregard the ongoing arrests and the widespread condemnation campaign regarding the deteriorating human rights condition and rule of law.

That is why we find that the Polisario front  (SADR) backed by Algeria’s money, weapons, and the media due to disrupting Morocco’s building and developing its national economy. Meanwhile, when Algeria is working to fuel conflicts between political parties within the neighboring countries such as (Libya, Mali). Perhaps, this is what Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita pointed out when he called on the Libyans to “not waste their time in finding other mediators to seek the negotiation dialogue, and concentrating on finding political resolutions to the current issues at hand,” restating that “foreign interference has blocked political settlements, because Libya today has become, unfortunately, a diplomatic bet with the respect to other states. Indeed, the Libyans are close to settling down to their political differences, but intervening external parties, including Algeria, prevent them.

Then, all Algeria’s strategies have fallen, and its aims are clear in prolonging the conflict of Moroccan (Western ) Sahara and the formed war against Morocco. Therefore, and given the repulsive hostility of the Algerian authorities towards Morocco, we have no choice but to strengthen our internal front and prepare for war as well as peace. What was once Algeria was an inferiority complex for us.

In summary, Morocco has a strategic consensus in terms of regional issues. Therefore, stable and secure Northern Africa and the Maghreb region will benefit Morocco’s long-term national goal. Both Algeria and Polisario must accept Morocco’s autonomy Initiative” in the Moroccan (Western) Sahara which is increasingly integrated into the framework of the  North African region. It is also true that Algeria has long been subsidizing the Polisario Front militarily and providing diplomatic and financial support in the African Union. On the other hand, any closer integrations with Polisario (SADR) mean more or less the end of the insubordination policy of Moroccan (Western) Sahara, which was the pillar of the kingdom’s rule since 1975. Changes will undoubtedly come to  Moroccan (Western) Sahara, with or without Polisario Front. 

Jamal Laadam
Jamal Laadam
Dr. Jamal Ait Laadam, Specialist in North African and Western Sahara Issue, at Jilin University School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA).


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