2020 VET Excellence Awards: the Winners

The winners of the 2020 Awards for VET Excellence have been honoured at the Closing of the European Vocational Skills Week. The winners come from across Europe and beyond, and they are all inspiring examples of excellence in vocational education and training (VET).

Each year, as part of the Week, the Awards for VET Excellence recognise individuals and organisations for their efforts in promoting and offering high-quality VET. The awards are a celebration of commitment to VET and are designed to highlight the quality in VET, provide visibility to the winners, motivate learners and trainers and support the development of networks and career opportunities.

The awards were presented by Nicolas Schmit, European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights. He said: ‘This ceremony closes a fascinating week. A week that showcased what vocational education and training has to offer. Participants have demonstrated that VET can be innovative. That it can be a bridge to the new digital and green world of work. Together, we will keep working to promote vocational education and training, and to make it more agile, digital and accessible to workers of all ages and throughout their whole life. We will keep making clear that VET is a unique path to employment.’

The 2020 winners are:

Companies and learners

Training at Work:   

Magnetic MRO AS, Estonia. Learner: Mr Kevin Parras

VET innovators

Innovative VET Provider:  

BIC Ljubljana, Slovenia

Teacher and Trainer:   

Mr Vitalij Kabelis, Lithuania

VET Researcher:   

Team Prof Dr Raija Hämäläinen, University of Jyväskylä, Faculty of Education and Psychology, Finland

The Entrepreneurial School Award – TES / JA Europe:

Higher College for Engineering Wolfsberg (HTL Wolfsberg), Austria

European funding for excellence in VET

European Social Fund:  

“Green Leather Manager”, Regione del Veneto – Area Capitale Umano, Cultura e Programmazione comunitaria, Italy

Erasmus+ Distance Learning:  

BLESABEE – “Innovative Blended Learning Toolkit for the Safe Pest Management of Honeybees”, Stredna Odborna Skola, Slovakia. Partner countries: SK, CZ, AT

Erasmus+ Green Dimension:  

“Energy efficiency in operation”, Staatliche Technikerschule Mindelheim, Germany

European Agencies Awards:


“Digital & Green Waves”, 2nd VET School of Thessaloniki – OAED, Greece. Team members: Eleni Fransizi, Eleftheria-Giannoula Sokolaki, Eleftheria Pigka, Sofia Tsochataridou

European Training Foundation (ETF) Innovation and Skills Award:

Centre of Excellence in Construction, Moldova

2020 Special Awards: Distance and E-learning

University Institute for Sciences and Techniques for Rehabilitation (ISTR), Lyon University, France

Bursa Coşkunöz Education Foundation, Turkey