A Note To Whoever Wins On Tuesday 2020 U.S. Presidential Race: Never Again Ever


By American Presidential election day this coming Tuesday ,November 3, at least 85 million citizens would have casted their early votes.That already breaks the 1908  eligible voter turn out record.

Well, through the virtues of international courier DHL, my absent ballot  from Mauritius just barely made it to the rightful local voting precinct   on this past Friday for early  Presidential voting along with an unprecedented millions of  fellow American voters. I hope every other American in Africa and elsewhere abroad did the same as absentee voters.

It is a proud day to be an American in  confirming the extraordinary  fight within our American   societal soul when our societal  back is against some societal threatening wall. We rise hopefully just in time and fight back the poltical and cultural evil trying to overwhelm us and enslave us in the wicked tryanny of dictatorial governance with its glaring symptoms of an attempted facist state.

No matter the outcome though of Tuesday or however it takes to tabulate the voting results, let us not sit on our laurels, that is, this incredible electoral feat. There will be great work which needs to be done and accomplished to get our democracy back and to continue on the road of making it more authentically inclusive to match its dramatic  demographic transformation away from its not too distance White Supremacy governance past.

So, let us, shaken incredibly from our civil society slumber,  regain our pride observed in the though far from perfect though still  transformation moment — the  Obama -Biden 2008-16 years– in getting back on the  1950s-1960s bandwagon of being what a democracy is supposed to be: for us, we the people no matter who or what we are.

And let us rebuild from here never again allowing any one again in the White House or any house attempt to divide us and tear us apart and steal away and destroy our democracy   through manipulating our naive and intentional phobias and  bigotries.

And let those who come into power know their feet shall be held to the fire like never before to be  truly committed to justice for all not just for a very few. And be accounted for healing the  breaches in public confidence in government and in civil society kick started with the fall of President Richard, reinforced in the fall of  President Bill, and now there has been President Donald reminding us of our need to heal and recover from our 50 years of moral decay trauma in elite public  governance in America with its grave private sector and civil society rotten unethical  leadership parallels.Those we elect to Presidential  and Congressional  power and next appoint to federal benches, must restore and expand the  use instruments of diplomacy rather than war .We  Americans must  ,become and remain , a respectful inclusive empowering global partner shedding , for good, our imperialistic Cold War indeed colonial obsolete arrogant view that  we are an exceptional super power to be worshipped and bowed down to in ethnocentric  deference. We need allies in the spirit of equal partnership in pursuing  common good positive global goals of justice and peace not in the spirit of treating other nations and global government bodies like  our foot stools and boot licking  servitude stoogies.

And let us heal and transform into equality for everyone, our broken internal divides. They  have sustained their shattered states of being and too well remaing  since the 1970s and especially since the 1990s making us think we  Americans are superior or inferior to one another  due to our ancestry,  color,class, gender, religion, age, or education. We have seen and learned much painfully in the past four years  ,as super large hormone injected chickens coming home to roost,what happens when we are not genuine in our democracy proclamations,  when we indulge in cosmetic and symbolic rather than authentic justice policy implementations, thus playing with inequalities rather than really dealing with them and ending them.  It provides space for the governance leadership horror which has nightmared our  nation and world this four year long night feeding on our worst prejudices, fears, and proness to violence and otherwise harming others and self. 

Rather than pretending  such does not exist , we need to expose and get rid of the big money interests which have come to erode and taint  our free press, our free elected officials,  our impartial  judges and justices, our free worship communities,  our nonpartisan federal civil service,and the access to quality employment,  heathcare, education, and legal services. Our children, youth, and older citizens deserve much better care and love and much more material support and more than that more attention and appreciation.

And whoever comes to power needs to know from those of us now wide eyed and awakening waiting in long lines to cast our votes and defying false massive mail voting fraud claims  in mailing in our ballots anyways  that we will no longer be sleeping at our wheels.  We will never again indulge in taking our freedoms for granted;  just to be exploited by charismatic reality show and otherwise  dictatorial cult like leaders who come in as high as the White House and living in more everyday houses.

We will be demanding that those seeking political office will not just come around when they need our votes.We will no longer tolerate their hypocritical smiling faces ,giving  them our  donations and votes  they plead for and have no results except broken promises and no answered phones. We will demand each day they somehow show they are working on our behalf rather than vacationing with wealthy special interest sponsors. Never again will we allow ourselves to be used as pawns by those who take oaths to represent us who actually like in the worst most corrupt so called first, second,  or third world countries, waste time, space, and tax dollars while we the people suffer massively,  in COVID-19  pandemic  and other wise ill health and unnecessary death, low or no education, or just substandard education, joblessness or lousy paying jobs,  overpriced poor housing, unjust incarceration, law enforcement brutality, and ruthless exploitation by banks and consumer businesses.

In doing this we will take advantage of this grand unprecedented performance at the polls to make justice for all a real thing and democracy, that is, we the people, the real thing for once and for all. Let us never allow this to happen to  us again.Never.Ever Again. Don’t do it again. Let us not let such a close call to losing who we are happen to us again.Never. Ever Again.

Prof. John H. Stanfield II
Prof. John H. Stanfield II
Director ASARPI: The Institute for Advanced Study of African Renaissance Policies Ideas Mauritius and South Africa former University of Mauritius SSR Chair of African Studies


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